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Evaluation Spoken Version

Evaluation Spoken Version

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Published by nbell2

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: nbell2 on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluation. Raw text.
.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products?
Our trailer partly uses the narrative code of Todorov¶s theory of equilibrium. The theory isbased on how that there is a state of equilibrium then a disruption occurs, then there is anattempt to restore equilibrium and a new one is created. There is a clear state of peace as theboys are firstly depicted as happily playing a game the voiceover matches this.Disequilibrium is shown when the noise comes and their ears bleed. There is not a cleareffort to restore equilibrium and neither is there a new one shown, we deliberately did this inour trailer as it would not entice the audience to see the film in the cinema if they knew whathappens in the end.
The start of our trailer was going to contain the conventional green still with information of what audience the trailer is suitable for. However after further research into when this isused, we found that this green still only appears at the start of trailer which is being viewedon the internet. There is no need for information for cinematic trailers like ours; it just goesright into the footage.
Our Trailer conforms to convention of withholding great character development, only making the characters develop when it is necessary for the clarity of the story, this is used inthe Grudge film trailer. In our original script the split screen was much longer and includedmore character development we decided that this development was not needed and the splitscreen was too long for the trailer to keep the audience¶s attention. With not so much focuson the split screen we were able to include more footage of elements of horror, such as theblood dripping on the controller.
The editing of our trailer does conform to the basic conventions of film trailers containinglots of quick cuts and sudden change of scene. Our first draft, constructive feedback fromour focus group suggested that the cuts were quicker and more edgy. Two of the suggestedchanges were when the character Mark goes to hit his girlfriend and the other was when thedoor was slammed. We decided to cut Marks scene so the hit goes right into the blood. Wedid the same with door as soon as the slammed. With consequential feedback from thesechanges we found that the trailer had suspense and action of a conventional horror trailerslike The Crazies or The Fourth Kind.
We were very restricted with the lighting we used in the production of our trailer as we only had the choices of natural daylight, domestic lighting or the light from the video camera. Themost effective shot that conforms to the convention of dark and eerie lighting in horrortrailers would be the shot of Travis¶ eye. I find that this conforms to the convention of dark and eerie lighting of horror trailers as all the focus is directed on the eye which creates moresuspense and fear as the lighting allows the viewer to only focus on the eye.
Our trailer conforms to the convention of all film trailers, ending with a cliff-hanger wenoticed this in the trailers for Dawn of the dead when the question is weather the dead break in and attack and also in the trailer for Drag Me to Hell where the question is weather thecurse kills her or not. Our trailer ends on the question of whether Abdullah is caught by thevirus or not. We did this by having the last shots of Abdullah shouting that the virus cannothim, but then having a shot of the red light being reflected in his glasses. The other questionswhich could be asked from our trailer are weather the virus spreads further and there is aglobal endemic or weather its not the Xbox, it could be something else.
We conformed to the conventions of film trailers and horror trailers in particular, of having avoiceover we found that the use of a voiceover is most effective in the Saw series trailers. Atfirst we recorded our actor Abdullah performing the voiceover on the video camera, howeverwhen we uploaded this audio onto Garage band we could not edit the audio and change the
pitch, which is what we wanted to do because we found the original audio too high pitchedand not scary enough. To be able to edit the pitch and add an echo effect to the voiceover file,we had to record the voiceover on the Apple Mac and then edit it on Garage Band. I feel thatthis voiceover is the element which fits the most to conventional horror trailers.
In our research and particularly looking at the final destination trailers, we had found thatwe needed to have some kind of non-diegetic music to create tension and suspense. Weresearched where we could find music and came across a website that let us downloadcopyrighted music for free and legally. We found two pieces of music one named µtwistednerve¶ which we used for our trailer and the other called µfatal ending¶ which we used for ourten second teaser trailer and the menu of our DVD. Both pieces contain conventionaldisturbing discordant, jolting, dynamic sounds which we hope manipulate the nerves of theaudience as they view the trailer.
In trailers, we found that costume should be in keeping with the character representations.In order to get the audience to suspend their disbelief , actors should be costumed accordingto their age, class and personality type as audience verisimilitudes is more likely then. This istrue in The Grudge as the protagonist does wear the costume of a typical female studentrespectively. This is also true in our trailer Mark, Richard, Sam and Abdullah were styled intypical everyday wear for teenage boys such as µhoodies¶, polo shirts and chequered shirtswhich are currently trendy. We went against the idea of using a µdamsel in distress¶ as theonly girl featured in the trailer was also wearing a chequered shirt. It is on trend for girls andit is not the conventional way women are presented in trailers, as we found that in most,women are dressed very provocatively, such as the characters in the trailer for µScream 4¶ asone woman is shown in her underwear exploiting females so males will watch the film, whichis what we didn¶t intend to do.
We did not have the chance to conform in the similar area of make-up. Typical conventionsof horror film make up contains a lot of prosthetics with very high quality products which aredesigned to react in certain ways with studio lights. Luckily the time we were buying ourprops was around Halloween so fake blood was being widely circulated and we were lucky enough to be able to purchase 4 tubes of fake blood and 2 tubes white cream make-up for£1.98. we only used fake blood with no other make-up to cover up blemishes and to enhancefeatures of actors faces, I believe makes the film more accessible for the target audience. Idon¶t want teenagers to see the trailer and think that it is a typical horror film such as TheHouse Of Wax (2005) wax where a group of beautiful teenagers get graphically murdered.Our actors look more like the target audience poses more fear in the trailer as the fact thatthe actors look like they could be regular people you would see on the street, gives the trailera sense of realism which turns the attention away from the bad quality of the fake bloodused.
We wanted the trailer to end in a conventional way after our research, we found that weneed to show the title of the film and after have some information of roles of the crew, asseen at the end of the grudge trailer. After watching the trailer for µThe Ring¶ we thought of making the title more scary by animating it, we did this on final cut express as I created thetitle on Photoshop using the same font which I downloaded witch used for the ¶28 days¶ filmseries and put this graphic on top of the footage of the red light. At first we thought this hadworked however we found that after watching it on a TV, you could see where the graphichad been put onto the video footage. Because we really wanted to title to be animated so itwould fit conventions, I went onto Photoshop and made a still of the graphic blended withthe red light and one with no red light and played these really fast in our trailer so it appearsas if the red light is flashing. We also made a conventional last still at the end of credits, thiswas fairly easy to make on Photoshop and we also included a fictional website for our filmtrailer and made it stand out in red and green.
Altogether, I believe that our trailer has a balance of conforming and contesting typicalconventions of both film trailers generally and more specifically horror films. It conforms toimportant and essential conventions but also goes against them in a way where an advantageis gained in promoting the film.

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