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October newsletter

October newsletter

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Published by: Stephanie Felgemacher-Toms on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Just a reminder!Every
, students
receive a new “words of theweek” worksheet that is to
be worked on at home and
returned the followingTuesday
. At times, studentsare forgetting their work or handing it in incomplete. If possible, please read over 
your child’s Green Words of 
the week duo tang to ensurethat work is being com-pleted.Also, every
,students are receiving amath journal question that isto be worked on at homeand then
returned the fol-lowing Thursday
. If possi-ble, please read over your 
child’s math journal to en-
sure that there are 4 answersto the math journal ques-tion.Thank you for your support,Mme. Toms
L’équipe P4
Happy October! Ihope that you all had arelaxing and fun filledlong weekend withfamily and friends. Thismonth the studentshave been working veryhard in class and arereally following theclass rules and routinesthat have been imple-mented. They are eager and excited to learnnew topics and ener-getic to get things done.There is a lot going onin the classroom as wellas around the school. Ihave managed to getthe class website up andrunning on the schoolsite. If you have access,the website is a goodtool if you have anyquestions regardingdates or work relatedquestions. I am goingto be posting a class cal-endar that will not onlyhighlight key eventsaround the school butalso within the class-room. Test dates, pres-entation timelines aswell as gym days willbe posted each monthfor students and parentsto view. Please use thissite as often as you can.If you have any ques-tions or concerns,please feel free to con-tact me at the school or through a note in theagenda.
News from Portable 4October 14th, 2010
Contact with the teacher…
If at any time throughout theyear you need to speak with meor would like to book a teacher/parent conference regarding aconcern or a question, I encour-age parents/guardians to let meknow
ahead of time
in order to
get your child’s file ready. We can
schedule conferences
before orright after school.
You can use
your child’s agenda for communi-
cation purposes as I will be sign-ing them daily. You can also callat convenient hours such as be-fore or after school (905) 665-2001.
M m e . T o m s
Happy October 1Homework Reminders 1Contact with the teacher 1
What’s going on in P4
2The Agenda 2
L’équipe P4
 Page 2
We have just finished our firstunit on Data Management. The stu-dents learned how to create bar graphs, pictographs, stem and leaf plot diagrams and Venn diagrams.They also learned how to create andread double bar graphs. We have nowbegun our unit on Place value. Thisunit will have students reading num-bers from 0.1 to 10000 as well asmoney amounts. Students may havesome games to play with you at hometo reinforce what we are learning inclass.
The students have begunwriting their own autobiography.Last month we focused on what is abiography and an autobiography.Students read several different exam-ples and compiled a list of things thatwere common in all of our readings.The students are now writing a 5paragraph autobiography. They willgo through the writing process of draft, edit, revise, edit polished copy.At the end, students will presentthemselves to the class.
The students have beenlearning a lot from our habitat unit.We have looked at different types of habitats, producers, consumers(herbivores, carnivores, omnivores)
the food chain and have recently begunlooking at adaptations. We are nearingthe end of our science unit and studentswill have a chance to research an ani-mal and then present that animal insome form to the class. More details tofollow about this research.
Social Studies:
This month we willbegin our first social studies unit, theMiddle Ages: Medieval Times. Thisunit entails a lot of reading, writing aswell as art and drama. Students willlook into a different era of time to seehow people lived in the Middle Ages.
Physical Education
: The students havebeen competing in cooperative gamesand relays thus far in phys-ed. We havebeen looking at safety as well as appro-priate dress. We have asked students towear appropriate clothings (track pants,slushy pants etc. and running shoes ongym days. They do also have the optionto change if they choose to do so. If students are not dressed for phys-ed,they will be walking or jogging duringthat time so that they are still receivingexercise. This month we are focusing
on volleyball, as this year grade 4’s have
the option to tryout for the junior boys/girls volleyball team.
: Our first unit of study is per-sonal safety. We have discussed safetyin the gym but will also be looking atsafety and rules in the classroom, thecommunity as well as the home.
Our art portfolio’s have become a
hot interest topic in the class. Studentshave divided their portfolio into 4parts: pictures of them and their fami-lies, collage of their interests, shapesand objects. The students will be usingwarm and cool colours to completetwo sections of their portfolio whileusing actual photos and magazine cut-outs to complete the other two sec-tions.
The students really enjoy mu-sic class. We have been looking atverse and chorus of a couple of songs,one being the theme song from theOlympics. This month we will be tak-
ing our music back in time…
This month we arefocusing on concentration and focuswhile in role.Every day, the studentsare asked to write down eve-rything that is written on our homework board. If theyhave completed the work,the will have a checkmark beside that item, if not thenthat work should be donethat night and returned thefollowing day. They onlytime that work is not re-quired to be done for theStudents (and parents)have been working very welltogether to ensure theagenda is being signed daily.Thank you! Just want toremind everyone that theagenda is a very importanttool to ensure success andopen communication be-tween, students, parents andmyself.following day is when thereis a date written beside thathomework item.Thank you for your con-tinued support with thistopic.Mme. Toms
News from Portable 4 Page 3

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