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chapter 6 notes

chapter 6 notes

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Published by roylepayne

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Published by: roylepayne on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Megan JonesFebruary 16, 2011Chapter Six - Notes
Chapter 6 – Why Ask? Questioning Strategies in the Classroom
Intro Questioning is importantClassroom instructionusally follows aparticular cycle of questioning IREInitiate, respond, andevaluateI think this is veryimportant, part of ourchecking forunderstanding.I can see how this cycleis followed, and how weshould break from it.The ‘evaluate’ I think iskey, it helps promotediscussion, to ask morequestions.Creating QualityQuestionsStudies show thatstudent have littlepractice responding toquestionsHigher-Order QuestionsBloom’s taxonomy:Knowledge,Comprehension,Application, Analysis,Synthesis, EvaluationI think that this is verytrue. Even talking tostudents about theirlives they don’necessarily even knowhow to answer thosesimple questions.Shocking!How questions becomemore difficultI think the hardest partfor me is designingmath questions that arehigher order. Math is alot of recall, skill andapplication. But to getstudent to analysis andevaluate a problem will
Heading/Subheading Information of interestReaction of information
be the trick.Questioning Techniques Asking, prompting, andprobingQUILT: Questioning,Understanding,Improve, Learning andThinkingNotice/NamingIdentityAgencyFlexibility and TransferKnowingFred Jones: Praise,prompt, leave……..always keep the studentworking and motivated. I have to remember Iquestion students toimprove their learning.Good questionsconcepts. Math I thinkwill be different. Mightnot always ask abouttheir reading. I’mtaking this as a contentway to ask questionsnot just towardsreading.Strategies at Work Questioning the Author– to question theinformation and buildcontent.Questioning the authorin English – this is likeusing Poe, or othersourcesRequest – The teachercan also answerquestions from thestudents, to start theI think that this couldbe really fun to questionthe author of peoplewho write the problemsor even create theformulas.Again could be veryuseful for my classroom.But I keep hitting thiswall in my mind of:when will I have time toteach all of thesereading strategies whenI have to focus on mycontent?This is a great idea aswell. To request thestudents to ask ME
process.Question/AnswerRelationship - requiresthe teacher to modelthe different levels of questions. Should notbe confused withBloom’s taxonomy. Away for the students toalso make connections.Some of these werementioned in SocialStudies or Sciencequestions. I like it.I think all relationshipsare important with inthe classroom. Hahah,bringing in mycounseling class. I feellike there are so manydifferent terms we aretrying to remember whycan’t we just learn HOWto question and now theexact type of question?What about questioningin Math?Using Questioning forStudySQ3R, SQ4R, SQRQCQSurvey, Question, Read,Recite, Review,ReRread, Compute,Question essential for inclass discussion.In Mathematics: Arethey able to work withthe given information,like vocabulary. Canthey apply certainconcepts and theorems?Questioning throughReciprocal Teaching inthe MathematicsClassroom: Usingpresentations and usingthe student’s priorknowledge.I have had severalclasses in which I couldfully participate in theclass discussion withoutreading the assignment.Although I hadbackground knowledge Iwas still capable.The scenario in the bookis just a “duh” for me.It’s how we teach ourentire lessons.Checking forunderstanding, goingback and forth andsuch.How we teach, Yes. I’vegot this everyone has toask questions in theclassroom to be a betterteacher.

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