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Goodbye Round Robin

Goodbye Round Robin

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Published by roylepayne

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Published by: roylepayne on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Megan JonesFebruary 26, 2011Content LiteracyGoodbye Round RobinYou are asked to respond to the following questions. Feel free to use your textbook asyou reflect on the information. The point of the assignment is to know what you havelearned from this text.1. Share in your own words the authors’ explanation of reading. Why is itnecessary to understand this? The author believed that reading is language, acognitive process, and a social activity. It is important to realize that readingincorporate several different ideas to fully understand how students learn, whystudents read, and how to help them to become better readers.2. What is round robin and why is it used in many classrooms? Round robin readingas defined in the book, “ the outmoded practice of calling on students to readorally one after the other.” It is used in classrooms for is the easiest way to havestudents read, requires little effort, preparation, and was more than likely how theteachers themselves read when they were in school.3. Is oral reading important? Share the reasons discussed in the text. Oral reading isincredibly important, it is a main form of communication and helps teachers toseeif students are using the language correctly. The text listed the following twelvereasons to use oral reading: to whet students’ appetites for reading, to share or perform, to help beginning readers better understand how speaking is related tothe other language arts and to their lives, to develop listening comprehension andvocabulary, to assist students in developing numerous skills associated withreading, to promote language learning for students whose first language is notEnglish, to build confidence, to further develop comprehension, to determine thestrategies used when reading, to provide a means of sharing reading progress withself and others, to provide children with additional reading time necessary for ongoing reading growth, and to address national reading and language artsstandards. As you can see oral reading is incredibly important, it effects severalaspects of a student’s life.4. What are some of the problems associated with round robin reading? Oneproblem, that personally affected me as a student was that it was a source of embarrassment. I am a slow reader and stumbled over words often and did notlike the pressure that reading aloud put on me. Round robin also createdproblems with limiting a student’s reading development and listeningcomprehension. When listening to other students read I would sometimes getlost, fall behind, or start day dreaming. Because I was not as focused on readingwhen I was younger, I believe it is because I learned incorrect reading strategiesand habits.
5. How can oral reading be used when working with struggling readers? Describetwo of the strategies shared and how you might use these in the classroom. Oralreading is an effective tool to help children with reading problems to becomestronger in reading by providing an avenue to monitor their own reading progressand growth as well as helping teacher to properly assess their struggling readers.Two reading strategies that I would use to help my struggling readers would be todo read-alouds and paired readings. I selected both of these not only because Ican use them in my 8
grade classrooms, but because I think they are tools thatare important for the rest of the students’ lives. I think using read alouds tomodel how I, the teacher, read instructions and word problems will help studentsto better handle word problems (for they are the most difficult for all students). Ithink paired reading will be important when giving task and working on projects,having two students work together will not only help their reading improve buttheir social development as well.6. Why is oral reading important for comprehension? Describe two strategies youmight use to develop comprehension. Comprehension is the foundation of reading, and it can be a complex process. Oral reading is important for comprehension because you are using a variety of strategies helping students toconnect to the text creating a deeper understanding of what is being read anddeveloping better comprehension of the text. Two strategies I will use to helpdevelop comprehension in my math classroom are the following: Rapid Retrievalof Information (RRI) and Look for signals. I chose these two strategies because Ifeel like they are the most important when it comes to solving word problems.RRI and looking for signals are both used when students are required to read awork problem, find the important information, know how the information is beingused, and understand what they are looking for. I really like the idea of teachingRRI to my students. Helping students learn to find the quality informationthrough all the ‘mubo-jumbo’ is a great tool. The two strategies will definitelyhelp in solving math problems as well as to help create better comprehensionskills.7. What are the key words to remember when using oral reading for sharing andperformance? Describe two of the strategies shared and how you might use thesein the classroom. The two key words to remember sharing and performance arepreparation and audience. Students will need time to prepare their presentationsfor the appropriate audiences. Revised Radio Reading and the Poetry club aretwo strategies I plan on using in the classroom. Revised Radio Reading will beused when I need students to read out of their text, read instructions, or wordproblems. It will allow for students to all practice (silently) and then for one of them to perform for the class. In one of my observations, I had a teacher whomade their students read a word problem three times, then had a student read itout loud, and then as a group read it sentence by sentence to discover theimportant information. Poetry club will have to be altered a bit to be used in mymath classroom. Not only will I have students find and read mathematicalpoems to the class but I think I would like to tap into their creativity and have

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