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REAPER Quick Start

REAPER Quick Start

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Published by Larry Wright

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Published by: Larry Wright on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quick StartGuide
For more inormation,see the PDF UserGuide, the REAPERPower book, or visitorum.cockos.com
AudioClick on audio ino at right side o menu bar, orOptions
DeviceVST plug-ins Options
VSTCongure MIDI devices Options
MIDI DevicesControl surace Options
Control Suraces
Set edit cursor Click timelineDene loop selection Click and drag timeline,
clearsDene time selection Click and drag empty track area,
clearsLink loop/time sel Options
Loop points linked to time selToggle loop playback 
or use Transport BarSet time sel to item
+double-click on itemMove time selection
drag with mouse,
ignores snapSnap to grid Magnet button on toolbar, right-click or settings
Recording and Playback 
Create / save le File
New Project
/ Save
Insert track 
or double-click below lasttrack Name tracks Double-click track name areaInsert click source Select track, Insert
Click SourceInsert synth track Insert
Virtual instrument on new track Arm or recording Click on trac
record arm buttonAssign track input
Right-click track 
record arm buttonMonitor track input Right-click track 
record arm buttonRecord start/stop
, or use transport barPlay/stop project
, or use transport barPause project
, or use transport barRecord new take
Record on track with existing take,
or lanesOverdub time/items Options
Record modeTape style recordingOptions
Trim content behind items whenrecording
Render Audio to File
Render project to le File
Master MixRender selected tracks File
StemsConsolidate mediaor exportFile
Consolidate/export tracksRender items with FX Right-click item
Apply track FX as new takeRender items or use byanother application
+drag item to render new item,
+drag to export existing le
Show/hide mixer View
Mixer, or
Insert FX, envelopes Track control buttons, right-click or optionsCreate sends Drag/drop rom track I/O button to destination track Create submix Insert track above submix tracks, click older buttonSave/load track templateTrack 
Save/insert track template
Extended Mixer
Show extended mixer(sends, FX inserts,more)Drag top edge o mixer upwardsCustomize mixer view Right-click empty mixer space, or MASTER label
Go project start
or use transport barGo project end
or use transport barGo next/prev track 
Zoom in horizontal
minus key or mousewheelZoom out horizontal
plus key or mousewheelZoom in vertical
+mousewheelZoom out vertical
+mousewheelZoom to time sel
Zoom to project
or double-click scroll barScroll horizontal
+mousewheelScroll vertical
Quick StartGuide
For more inormation,see the PDF UserGuide, the REAPERPower book, or visitorum.cockos.com
Item Editing
Import media itemView
Media Explorer, or Insert
Media File, ordrag+drop into REAPERMarquee select items Right-dragMove Item Drag item, or cut+paste,
ignores snapCopy Item
+drag item, or copy+paste,
ignores snapEdit item position, loop,ades, pitch, etcRight-click item
Item properties, or
Edit item start/end Drag item let or right edgeLoop item Drag item right edge urther rightEdit item adein/out Drag item ade handleChange ade shape Right-click ade,
+right-click or crossadesCrossade itemsEnable auto-crossades (toolbar) and drag items, orselect items and time
 Move crossade
+drag crossade edgeSplit items Select item and place edit cursor
Move splits Drag shared edge between itemsDelete part o Item Select item and time
Edit item volume Drag down rom top edge o itemGlue items (as new le) Select items, right-click 
Glue selected itemsTimestretch item
+drag item edgeSlip item contents
+drag itemTape style editing Options
Trim content behind items when editing
Takes and Comping
Display takes in lanes
Split at edit cursor Select item, then right-click, Split Items
Select take Click takeNext/previous take
Crop to active take
Explode takes Right-click item
Explode...Select next/prev take
Play all takes
Play all takesAdd FX to take Right-click item
Show FX chainCreate take envelope Right-click item
Take envelopeFree Item Positioning Right-click track number
Enable ree item pos
MIDI Devices and Editing
Assign MIDI controls toREAPER actionsActions
Show action list
MIDI panic Actions
Send all notes of 
Reset MIDI hardware Actions
Reset all MIDI devicesAdd MIDI track control Right-click track number
Show MIDI controlOpen MIDI editor Double-click MIDI itemOpen in-line editor Select MIDI item
Explode pitch/channelRight-click MIDI item
Item processing
Track and Item FX
Change FX order Drag and drop up/down FX chainFloat individual FX Double click FX name in FX chainSave/load FX chain FX chain window
Save/load FX ChainAdjust wet/dry FX mix Wet/dry control, top right o FX window (Wet %)Bypass one FX Uncheck box in FX chain or FX windowBypass track FX Click track FX bypass button (next to FX button)Bypass all FX
+click any track FX bypass buttonFX parameter envelopes,MIDI learn, track knobsMove FX knob, click Param button
Automation Envelopes
Create track envelopes Track env button, or
or volume,
or panCreate/delete env points
+click /
+click envelopeEdit env segments Drag segmentEdit segment curvature
+drag segmentFreehand draw envelope
+drag in envelope lapeSet automation mode Track env button

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