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Published by movingdisplay2965

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: movingdisplay2965 on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revelations,Realizations,Denial &Delusions
On a walk through the woodswith a friend he wishes wasmore, the conversations turnstoward their pasts. She askswhere he was born. With hisanswer, a look of confusionwashes across her face. Anunsettled laugh escapes herlips, and she asks if he’s joking.
For the rst time, he begins to
understand the importance of his answer...“I was born in Bethlehem.”Down playing therealization as merecoincidence, his thoughtsreturn to the moment.A lyric by his favoritemusician repeats in
mind as he tries to ush
the thought from hisconsciousness.
The soundtrack of his life seemingly set on random, coincidences about hisexistence slowly reveal to him the truth about his purpose.Unable to concentrate on his schoolwork, his thoughts turn back to thatafternoon and the look on her face. He remembers telling her about an ideahe’d read...an idea he plans to make his own. He begins to hatch out a planin his notebook.The numbers add up. No longer just tools for calculation, they appear to him as symbols, life directives given by Godthat provide meaning and insight into his existence. They appear at seemingly random moments, drawing attentionto what is important.
The numbers 9 and 7 hold supreme signicance. Combinations of the two reveal divine inspiration.
It’s late, but he’s still awake.He lights a blunt then pullsslowly on it, pursing hislips as he inhales. As thesmoke intrudes his lungs,his mind clears. He puts onhis headphones, and musicinvades his mind.The music was made for himto understand. He repeatsthe chorus over in his mind,slowly as understands its truemeaning. The musician’svoice is a cry for salvation.He knows. He has to be thissalvation.

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