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Doubts and Dragons

Doubts and Dragons

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Published by Nina Ferrell
These doubts and dragons of our sleepless nights are the wonderings about the how of our manifestations.....
These doubts and dragons of our sleepless nights are the wonderings about the how of our manifestations.....

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Published by: Nina Ferrell on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do you sometimes, perhaps often, wake up suddenly around 2 -3 am inthe morning, heart thudding, and all kinds of dire things jump to yourattention? The things that you manage to suppress, not think about,push out of your awareness during the day, but during the night whenyou are at your most vulnerable, not being able to repress and deny,your doubts and dragons wake you…These doubts and dragons of our sleepless nights are the wonderingsabout the how of our manifestations. It is our equivalent of saying toSource "Yeh, I know YOU know this corner, but I am at THIS place everyday, so let me have the steering wheel for just a few seconds, I'll giveit back I promise"… and at that point we go into "where's my stuff"mode and crash the car. Again.There is something you can do with your dragons and your doubts –there is, truly, a part of you which sees your safety as its job, thereason for its whole existence, and it is very reactive in its functioningit reacts to stuff in your life that you have lived through, thinkingentirely in similarities, and it goes "Ah, where have I seen this before?A = A = A = A…" – and it makes all kinds of silly connections, andbefore you know it, that doubting part of you is standing in your way,blocking your view to the dream or project or plan you had felt so goodabout, and you turn back, feeling that you will never get there…ever….You can say to this part of yourself, at any time when you can find aquiet moment to yourself, when you can relax and go inwards (if youmeditate, this is really easy to do – if you don't, you can do it too!) –"Doubting ___________ (insert your name there) – I understand that youhave been doing your best to protect me from getting hurt and beingbetrayed. I acknowledge the immense value you have in my life, but Ifeel that you can be used with much greater success elsewhere. I nowassign you to watch over the excellence of my work, to assist me bybeing on my side and cheering me on. I understand that this is new toyou, but we will do this together, one step at at time."And then KNOW that you have turned a page, that from now on thatpart of you will be focusing more and more on being your ally and notthe dragon that comes knocking when you should be sleepinghappily…And you will be on your way to manifesting what you want for yourself,being able to get out of the way and to ALLOW (with your lovingdragon by your side) those amazing things to come to you,unhindered.

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