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Published by jessspardoe

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Published by: jessspardoe on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real mediaproducts? (i.e. of music magazines)
Title/Masthead: For the title font of my magazine I didn¶t try and reproduce one that already exists, I used my imagination and typed in words related to µmusic¶ onwww.dafont.com. I wanted to use a bold font so that it stood out on the page, but I also didn¶t want it to look boringso I settled for a block font made up of tiny squares. I added an effect to the font on AdobePhotoshop Elements 5.0 it made the squares look slightly embossed so they stood out more onthe page.The title µUnplugged¶ appears on every page of my work; this represents the consistency of thetheme of my magazine. This is a convention I have copied from many existing magazines, they try to repeat the magazine title on at least the contents page, this spreads awareness and advertises the name of the magazine without the reader realising, and this is sometimes referred to as flash advertising.I decided to use a brick design background from a photograph I had taken for my double pagespread images, this emphasises the slightly urban/country contrasting look that µindie/alternative¶ has come across. The coral brick colour causes the black studded title tostand out well against it, the highlights of the studs are also noticeable which adds a twist to my title that I haven¶t seen before in magazines.The tag-line beneath the title says µyour new reliable fresh music magazine¶, this is simply stating that it¶s new to the market which could cause the audience to pick it up and take a look ina shop. The colours blend in with the rest of the black and white writing across the front cover so that my theme ties in.
Page Layouts: I definitely took inspiration from this NYLON magazine below (left) for the layout of my magazine, I like the central image with text around the sides of the page; I changed mineslightly though as the writing is surrounded by black boxes which makes it stand out a lot more.Also I used three people as my main feature rather than just one - this is only because my µband¶ consists of three people. I was originally going to have some brightly coloured writing acrossthe middle of the images like the NYLON magazine, but it didn¶t look right across the image asthe colours in it were already bright. The colour scheme differs hugely from the NYLON existingmagazine to my coursework magazine; I chose to go with colours that fit the season to make theaudience notice it more in a shop, however this could have been a similar idea with the cover featuring Zooey Deschanel as the cool blues and whites look like winter themed colours.However I specifically chose clothing and modelswith toning hair colours tobe used on the µUnplugged¶ magazine cover, I think thisworked well as the black and white text boxes stand out compared to the bold,bright colours used in the
imagery layout. This is because I have arranged the text boxes to be scattered surrounding thephotograph to keep the attention focused on the main feature of my magazine.
Costumes/Props: My costumes were not inspired by any existing magazines, I simply asked themodels to bring their own clothes so that we all looked slightly different but in the same kind of style. As you can see in the cover image above, we all wore tights but different tops so thismade us all seem as if we have a different edge to each of our styles. The clothes used are found among real bands in real magazines such as NME or Billboard; they are casual rather than over-dressed or formal. The only props I used in my photos were a bench outside and a bench sofainside; other than that the photos were just taken around the garden and house land. Thecostume and hair all linked into the colour scheme of corals and blues, although I used many different tones of this.
 The image above is an example of one of the shots I took on self-timer for my magazine, it shows clearly the similarity yet differences within the fashion of my photo shoot. I decided touse a consistent theme of a vintage/grunge look by firstly choosing a sleeveless denim jacket,checkered shirt and vintage woolly jumper. I then paired each item with a different style of tights; fishnet, grey woollen tights and black opaque. I think the costumes all work really well together and were well suited for the setting of my photos as they were outside, around a housein the countryside.

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