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Is marriage still relevant in this society, are we sending our daughters to G.H.E.T.T.O University? Can I tell what a real man is? All of this plus a lot more in this April issue!
Is marriage still relevant in this society, are we sending our daughters to G.H.E.T.T.O University? Can I tell what a real man is? All of this plus a lot more in this April issue!

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Published by: Talia 'thewinner' Rice on Apr 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Blueprint To Doing You Successfully 
State Of
Females in
Hip Hop
In This Issue:
Is Marriage Still Relevant? Pg. 3
In 2011 are people still wanting to get married? Is it as importantas it was back in the day?
Grown Woman Mentality in a Little Girl’s Mind
Pg. 4
The affects that we as young parents are putting into our daughters. Are we doing more harm than good when we teach themthe realities of their world? What kind of views are we putting onthem and will they grow up attending the G.H.E.T.T.O. Univer-sity with honors?
 Cover Story: In This Corner
Female Hip Hop Beefs Pg. 5Females and Their Raunchy Verses Pg. 6What Makes A Man A Real Man? Pg. 7
The controversial topic of what really makes a man, a man and
what society’s perception is.
 Black Women and Reality Shows Pg. 8
As the ratings began to rise at an alarming rate what price willblack women go to make money
ignorance, greed, ghetto antics?
 Random Ish Pg. 9
The Chris Brown situation
The Things We Do For Love, Attention and Affection Pg.10Diamond Hustla for April Pg.11
Diamond Hustla:
Hustlas we don’t sleep, we rest with one eye
Ok so I could not read this list of intelligent blackwomen authors and pick one for my Diamond
Hustla. I’ve read a lot of these women's’ work. They
keep inspiring me to continue to write so I can be onone of these lists. Looking through the list thoughthere is one that makes me raise an eyebrow. Iwould not consider putting her name on any list
unless it has ‘hoe’ in it somewhere. I’ll let you figureour who I’m talking about. Here is the list of 40 Influ-
ential Black Female Authors:1. Alice Walker 2. Buchi Emecheta3. Chimamanda Adichie4. Gloria Naylor 5. Grace Ogot6. Ida B. Wells7. Karrine Steffans8. Kola Boof 9. L.A. Banks10. Maya Angelou11. Nikki Giovanni12. Nnedi Okorafor 13. Phillis Wheatley14. Sister Souljah15. Sonia Sanchez16. Terry McMillan17. Toni Morrison18. Chika Unigwe19. Zadie Smith20. Zane21. Zora Neale HurstonTo see the rest of the list go towww.Blackvoices.com! 
The 40 Most Influential Black Female Authors Of Our Time
Diamond Publicationz
I’m on the web!
 Www.diamondpublicationz.wordpress.comEmail me with questions or comments:diamondpublicationz@gmail.comOr follow me on Twitter:@diamondp79!
As a fictional writer I am always looking for ways to make my characters believable andmemorable. For awhile I took the bus becausemy car was down for the count. Let me tell you Isaw a lot of crazy ish on those buses. The onetrend I did see was how people acted to get at-tention and how they talked to their significantother. I came to the realization that people dosome crazy, incomprehensible things in the nameof love or what they assume is love.I do not think anyone know what the truedefinition of what love is or know what it lookslike. Because if they did, people would not runaround acting a hot mess.Love is never to be about material ish, yetpeople walk around with nice clothes but anapartment or Section 8 home with their lights, wa-ter or heat cut off. Women, not all, assume that if a man is paying your Section 8 rent, governmentassisted utilities, nails, shoes and car he mustcare deeply. Men have it misconstrued too.Those toys you buy (i.e. big body trucks with thenice shiny shoes, latest shoes, iPhone, etc) youcan argue until your face is blue and say it is notfor the ladies, but it is (but I know how you have
to keep up your thuggish appearance so I won’t
tell).Being loud gets you nowhere but maybecussed out! I am tired of women turning up thevolume on their mouths once a man is within their vicinity. Girls blurt out how good they can givehead or how flexible they may be among all their other business in public. Look Simpletons, stopputting your business out there and if you are go-ing to talk all loud please sound like you hadhome training!Love is to compliment a person, not turnthem into something they are not. I have fallenunder this one in more than I can count. You see
someone you are feeling and you go into ‘please’
mode.Everything that person likes, you all of asudden have an interest in. You keep doing it un-til you look into a mirror one morning and do notrecognize who that person is anymore. It is justtoo much to let that person see the real you be-cause you just know they will not like what theyfind. People have changed religions to impresssomeone. How are you explain that to God?Belittling + a beat down does not = love. Ido not care how you package it no one (male or female) deserves to get beat by the person that issuppose to be their partner, best friend and lover.
I’m seeing it more and more, especially with
teens. The abuser convinces the abused that if 
they beat them it’s love. Ha, you going to hell for 
that one
real talk!I can go on and on about what people per-ceive love to be and the tricks and cartwheelsthey do to lock a relationship and say the have
someone at home. You don’t have the plague if 
you are single, it is ok. Stop allowing the media,your environment and ignorant ass Simpletonstell you how to act or love. Listen to that intuitionthat keeps tapping at your mind. It will save you ahell of a lot of heartache, stress and time if youdo.
The Things We Do For Love,Attention and Affection
Is Marriage Still Relevant? 
Does anyone get married anymore?Pretty much everyone I know is married (shoutout to Danielle Knight and Terrance Holiday for tying the knot this past Saturday! I love black
love, it’s so beautiful
) so if I had to go off of mysituation I can say yes, people are still gettingmarried. However on a larger scale getting mar-ried does not seem so appealing. With over half of marriages ending in divorce no wonder peo-ple are not rushing to walk down that aisle. Whythough?
Here’s what I think.
 Marriages are not looked at in the sameway as our grandparents and family beforethem. It was more sacred, respected back then.Love ruled and everything else fell in line. Notsaying there were no problems in the marriagebut couples back then knew how to ride or diefor each other. These days marriage is ap-proached the same way as a business contractis. The word prenup is thrown out of lips beforethe ring is warm and fitted on the finger! Withmore materials being obtained forget about
unity, oneness and sharing; it is about ‘getting’and keepin’ mine!’ Why get married if you com-
ing at it already as if someone is trying to robyou? What happened?I can think of four things that might an-swer that question. One, no one dates any-more. Couples im-mediately go from 0to 60 with a snap of a finger; not givingtime for a love to de-velop. Like everything else marriage has to beinstantaneous. Two, people move in with eachother and play husband and wife so what is thepoint of going through with a wedding?Three, people are postponing marriagesometimes indefinitely to focus on a career.Nothing is wrong with that, handle your busi-ness
nuf said.Lastly men and women want too damnmuch! Chilli comes to mind. People focus somuch on this list they create that this barrier comes between that list and reality. No matter what, even if Jesus came down and pointed outtheir soulmate, they will not be happy until aperson fit every criteria.Whatever flaws or hang-ups you have,do not let it deter you from happiness. A personshould not complete you, you should already bewhole going into the relationship however in the
words of Madea ‘Don’t get to the end of your lifeand realize you haven’t experienced love’.*sidebar* Why is it that when I Googled ‘whyaren’t people getting married?’ all the articles
that came up were about why black women arenot getting married? That sounds like the begin-ning of an article. Maybe next month.

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