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plan de recuperacion primer periodo nivel basico

plan de recuperacion primer periodo nivel basico

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Published by diego9347

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Published by: diego9347 on Apr 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PLAN DE RECUPERACION PRIMER PERIODO NIVEL BASICOTEACHERS: Diego Fernando Urrea López - Claudia Patricia Ortega – AdrianaHenaoLogro:
Los estudiantes del nivel básico comprenderán y expreso en textos narrativostodo lo que es de mi interés, basado en mi entorno familiar, social y escolar.Los estudiantes que no alcanzaron el logro propuesto para el primer periodo de losniveles básicos de los grados octavos, novenos y decimos deberán estudiar lossiguientes temas vistos durante todo el periodo:
Present SimplePresent continuousPast SimpleWh questionsVerbs: regulars and irregulars
Además, desarrollara las siguientes actividades:1. Revisar los temas vistos en clase.2. Explorar los temas de las páginas 6 al 15
Estudiar el vocabulario de estas páginas del student`s book.4. Desarrollar el taller. Anexo.
Preguntarle al profesor en el transcurso del periodo sobre las dudas queencuentres en el taller.
Con el docente revisarás el taller para aclarar dudas.¨El conocimiento es poder. Ármate¨
NAME: ________________________________________________________ 1. Order the sentences
She/last week/went/to Cartagena:Last month/father/my/ a car/bought:They/did/sweep/house/?/the/:Didn´t/we/do/task/the/last Monday/:Did/what/eat/you/last/Sunday/?/
2. Re- Write the text in past.
My name is Thomas, I am eleven years old, I live in Canada. Every day in themorning I wake-up at five thirty, then I take a shower and I go to school. Myschool is very big and beautiful; it has many classrooms and many students.My mother´s name is Clarice, she has two jobs, as a secretary and as ahousewife, she does many activities in the morning, she practices basket-balland swims. In the afternoon she prepares my lunch and cleans the house.My father´s name is Robert, he Works as a police- man so he has to gets-upvery early every day, he is tall and handsome, he comes back home at 9:00p.m. every day, he eats dinner and after he goes to bed.
5. Write the questions
Eje. What/drink: what did she drink last Monday?Where/go:When/brush your teeth/How/go to schoolWhy/practice socceAnswer the questionsWhat did you do in class yesterday?Where did you go last vacation?What did your mother eat last Sunday?When did you talk to your dad?Why did you watch news?
6. Blue color regular verbs and red color irregulars verbs
Paint go thinkBuy drink eat mixShout scream arriveDo jump playjogRead cut walk
1. Makethequestions
_________________________________ I played soccer yesterday________________________________ I went to Pereira plaza last Sunday________________________________ Because I like it
2. Find the mistake
They didn’t slept at the house yesterdayDid we swimming in the poo last week?She play soccer in the afternoonShe wrotes a letter in Spanish class.
On my last vacation my family and I went to California. Every day in themorning we ate corn flakes and my father ate bacon with eggs and drankorange juice. My sister washed the dishes, my grandmother swept the floor andcleaned the bedrooms, and I swam in the pool. In the afternoon we rode bikesand went to the beach. At night I watched tv. and my brother jumped rope andplayed soccer. Mother and father read magazines.
1) Did my family and I go to Brazil?2) Did I go to California?3) Did we eat corn flakes?

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