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Published by annu_yalamanchili

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Published by: annu_yalamanchili on Apr 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Operating ConcernDefinition
operating concern
represents an organizational unit in your company for which the sales market has a uniform structure.It is the valuation level for Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).
ou structure an operating concern by selecting
ou should ask yourself at what level your analyses should be performed, such as the sales organization,region, product, or customer level.
andvalue fields(only in costing-based Profitability Analysis)
ou should ask yourself which values and key figures should be analyzed, such as revenues, sales deductions,costs, or quantities.
as well as
(only in account-based Profitability Analysis)This structure may vary greatly from one company to the next. For example, the structure of total production costs in amanufacturing company differs from that in a wholesale or retail company. Consequently, you need to "model" CO-PA inCustomizing by defining the characteristics and value fields that you want to analyze.The system then generates the necessary
database tables for CO-PA transaction data
and access programs based on howyou defined your operating concern.
ee also:
For information on the procedure for defining an operating concern, choose
efine Operating Concern
Characteristics for Profitability
All the characteristics in the operating concern are used in the line item. However, you can restrict the characteristics for a
profitability segment
that forms the basis for valuation. This is because it is unnecessary and impractical for a profitabilitysegment to use characteristics that are almost always populated and each has a different value.
ou should deactivatesuch characteristics when creating a profitability segment. Otherwise the data volume of the profitability segments is toolarge and hampers system performance.One characteristic that should not be used in profitability segments is the sales order in repetitive manufacturing.
ou specify in Customizing which characteristics are to belong in which profitability segments. For more information aboutthis function, see
efine Profitability Segments Characteristics (Segment-Level Characteristics)
COPA - Deactivation of Operating Concern
Posted: Jan 18, 2011 12:20 PMReply 
Hi,In our SAP environment there are 4 controlling areas (and 4 company codes). My goal is to configure and activate COPAwith one common Operating Concern for all of them. The issue is that currently 1 of these company codes has activeOperating concern. I cannot use it as a global one, as this operating concern is using company code currency (GBP),while for the new Operating Concern I need to use global currency (USD). Other company codes use EUR currency aslocal.What is the best way of deactivating existing operating concern without causing issues for other modules (SD, FI, CO...).A helpful fact is that currently COPA is not being used for reporting by finance team in the company code where it isactive, so the loss of reporting functionality or tracebility in COPA is not an issue.After having deactivated the operating concern I will activate the newly configured for all controlling areas.Please advise the best way of handling this.
Thank you,KarolAjay
Maheshwari Posts: 5,198Registered: 3/21/08Forum Points: 12,352 
e: COPA - Deactivation of OperatingConcern
Posted: Jan 18, 2011 12:41 PM in responseto:Karol Reply 
Hi KarolIt is not just deactivation of COPA, but re-assignment of your existing Contr Area to thenew op Concern...Refer Note 199959_Change assignment of KOKRS to Operating concern.... This notedeals with the same situation... Follow the steps mentioned there in....It is definetely anightmare...Moreover, in your case, there will be a change in currency as well...I would suggest you to have 2 Op Concerns, rather than going for Just one...BR, Ajay MKarol Posts: 168Registered: 3/27/07Forum Points: 0 
e: COPA - Deactivation of OperatingConcern
Posted: Jan 18, 2011 1:07 PM in responseto:Ajay Maheshwari 
Hi Ajay,Many thanks for your reply. I read the note you mentioned and it does not look easyand safe solution, which confirms what you said.I am wondering if there is another way to have one common COPA for all the sites.Maybe I could use the existing operating concern and change its currency from GBP toglobal currency USD. I think it is possible to change the operating concern currency butthen all existing transactional data in copa will be changed from GBP to USD withoutexchange rate just 1:1.I do not know which steps are required to change the currency of operating concern,but I think it is not an issue for us from a business perspective, as COPA is not used byany department at the moment and no reports are generated. Is is only a technicalissue for me how to best run this. I would not like to have separate operating concernsas common analysis and comparison would not be possible.Thank you,KarolEdited by: Karol on Jan 18, 2011 1:08 PMAjay
Maheshwari Posts: 5,198Registered: 3/21/08Forum Points: 12,352 
e: COPA - Deactivation of OperatingConcern
Posted: Jan 18, 2011 2:09 PM in response to:Karol Reply 
Hi KarolI dont think currency in Op Concern can be changed just like that... Better raise an OSSmsg and check with SAP...As far as existing COPA data is concerned, you can just archive that.. It wont be anissue...What you said about 1:1 currency translation, it applies to Contr Area currency... I amnot sure if it applies to Op Concern currencyPlease raise an OSS msg to SAP and check or check service.sap.com/notesAjay M

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