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Are Several Massive Earthquakes Scheduled for 2011?

Are Several Massive Earthquakes Scheduled for 2011?

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Published by Jeremy James
The approach of a deep-space object known as Elenin has been confirmed by NASA and is certain to exert considerable geophysical stress on the earth's crust in latter half of 2011. Massive earthquakes appear inevitable. This paper examines the evidence.
The approach of a deep-space object known as Elenin has been confirmed by NASA and is certain to exert considerable geophysical stress on the earth's crust in latter half of 2011. Massive earthquakes appear inevitable. This paper examines the evidence.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Jeremy James on Apr 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why Several Massive Earthquakes in thePeriod
September-November 2011
mayProvoke a Global Crisis:An Examination of the Evidence
by Jeremy James
It has long been suggested that Noah’s Flood, which occurred around 2500 BC, wascaused by a large or very dense celestial object passing close to the earth. Thegravitational effects ripped open the more vulnerable parts of the earth’s fragile crust,causing enormous earthquakes and catastrophic volcanic activity, both on dry landand in the ocean floor. The torrential rain which fell across the planet, drowning alllife forms – other than those preserved by God’s providence in Noah’s ark – wascaused by the return to earth of the countless billions of tons of sea water which wereblasted into the upper atmosphere by these huge submarine eruptions. The generationof colossal tidal waves would have added substantially to the volume of water circulating around the planet for several months.There have been rumours over the past few years, based in part on reports by a smallnumber of professional astronomers and historians of ancient civilisations, that a largecelestial object passes periodically through our solar system, causing major geo-physical disruption. The evidence in support of this has been somewhat tenuous andseems to be based more on speculation than hard fact. However this should not blindus to the possibility that such a phenomenon may occur – after all, it would beperfectly consistent with the execution of God’s judgment on mankind as recorded inGenesis.1
The key question is the periodicity of this event. We know that Halley’s Comet has aperiod of about 76 years, meaning that it travels along the full length of its orbit in 76years. We last saw it 1986 and will see it again in 2061.Halley’s Comet was neither sufficiently large nor sufficiently dense to creategravitational effects of the magnitude needed to create geophysical disturbances onearth. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this comet is that it was just aboutvisible to the naked eye at its perigee (point closest to the earth).
NASA Website
Recently NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories posted a very disturbing applet on itswebsite. This shows the projected orbit through our solar system in 2011 of a deepspace object known to astronomers by its technical name, C-2010 X1. Its trajectorytakes it very close to the earth and on several occasions into alignment with the earthand the sun. The mass of the object is not known (apparently), and while it may be acomet, there is speculation that it could in fact be a brown dwarf. This is a celestialobject whose mass is not sufficiently dense to cause it to collapse under its owngravity and initiate the nuclear fusion common to all visible stars. Notwithstanding, itwould appear to be extremely dense, possibly quite small, and almost completelyinvisible. This is why it was not discovered until December 10, 2010, allegedly by aRussian astronomer named Leonid Elenin. For this reason the object is sometimesreferred to as
.Analysis of its trajectory suggests that Elenin has an orbital period of 11,750 years.What evidence have we for believing that such an object exists and that it may causemajor geophysical disruption on earth in 2011?Well, the answer to this would seem to lie in the NASA website applet. This may beaccessed by anyone atNASA online display of Elenin Orbit. [All orbital imagesbelow are taken from the NASA website.]If one ‘rewinds’ the orbital display to certain key alignments over the past 18 monthsnotably where Elenin lines up with the earth and the sun the dates closelycorrespond with high-magnitude earthquakes here on earth. The biggest of these were:Haiti 12 January 2010 7.0 magnitudeChile 27 February 2010 8.8 magnitudeNew Zealand 3 September 2010 7.4 magnitudeJapan 11 March 2011 9.0 magnitudeLet’s compare these events with the trajectory of Elenin as displayed on the NASAwebsite. Starting with Haiti, we can see that Elenin is still out of the picture (beyondthe orbit of Jupiter) but that the earth, Venus and the sun were in alignment the day
the earthquake (11 January 2010) – see image below (The red line shows thealignment):2
Next, Chile. The NASA applet shows the earth, the sun and Elenin in close alignmenton the day
the earthquake (26 February) – see image below:3

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