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Interrobang - April 11th, 2011

Interrobang - April 11th, 2011

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Published by interrobangfsu
The April 11th, 2011 issue of the Interrobang features farewell comments from FSU President Joe Scalia, a look at Mother Mother, and a review of Sucker Punch.
The April 11th, 2011 issue of the Interrobang features farewell comments from FSU President Joe Scalia, a look at Mother Mother, and a review of Sucker Punch.

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Published by: interrobangfsu on Apr 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 43 Issue No. 29 April 11, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Art in paradise 3
School is out for Prez 10
London is Shore in for a good time 14
Dan Rodo is in his second year of television broadcasting. He said,“I am outgoing and love to jokearound. I don’t like taking lifetoo seriously. In my spare time Imake videos for YouTube andplay hockey. My family lives inTexas and I tend to travel there alot. I love making people laughbecause laughter is the best med-icine for anything and every-thing!”
1. Why are you here?
To get educated in the televisionfield.
2. What was your life-changingmoment?
When my family moved away toTexas.
3. What music are you currentlylistening to?
Blink-182 and
by RebeccaBlack.
4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Judging somebody never gets youanywhere. Be yourself and followyour dreams always.
5. Who is your role model?
Jimmy Fallon and Rebecca Black (because she knows all the days of the week).
6. Where in the world have youtravelled?
I have been to a lot of countriesbecause as a kid my dad would goon business trips all the time.
7. What was your first job?
Cutting grass for an old couple onmy street.
8. What would your last mealbe?
9. What makes you uneasy?
People who are uneasy.
10. What is your passion?
Creating videos that make peoplehappy.
Do you want Fanshawe to know 10Things About You? Just head onover to fsu.ca and click on the 10Things I Know About You link at the top.
Volume 43 Issue No. 29 April 11, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
10 Things I Know About You...
Dan Rodo likes making people laugh.
Vaughan Scriver, left, and Elliott Corston Pine were the inaugural winners of the FSU Leadership Award to pro-mote leadership among the student body. The two award recipients demonstrated leadership qualities in manyways on and off campus. Each award recipient received a plaque and $1,000.
Now that theend of the yearis approachingfast, what areyour plans forsummer?
“Just relax,maybework, hangout withfriends and do a lot ofart, because we I’ll havetime.”
“My plan isto go backhome forsummer,meet girls, meet moregirls and enjoy theherb.”
“I’m actuallycomingback inMay to fasttrack and study hard.”
Fasal Hussain
“Get a joband startworking.”
“Work andskydive ona drum set.”
Question ofthe Week
Question ofthe Week
First Run Film
Rainbow Cinemas
$3.50 students$5.00 guests
Your Highness
FSU Poker Night 
Forwell - 6:30pm
SEXtoy Bingo
OBS - 9pm
14Year End Bash
Forwell Hall - 9:30pmNooner - Forwell Hall
Live Music
Last Day of Classes
Paper Rock Scissors
Forwell Hall - Noon
Free Movie Series
Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
D1060 - 8pm
Rodo is into Black
Elyse Stewart’s “Pop-Tabular Bowl” was the first place winner in theRecycled Art Contest on Wednesday, April 6 in Forwell Hall. Stewartreceived $100 for her win.
Volume 43 Issue No. 29 April 11, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Calli Mitchell builds her post-disaster housing model.
by April 15, 2011
A brand-new arts residency pro-gram saw three Fanshawe fine artgrads traveling to Barbados for four weeks in January.Joscelyn Gardner, professor of fine art at Fanshawe, is one of thefounders of Art Connections, aninternational non-profit residencyprogram. Gardner is a Barbadianand former professor at theBarbados Community College, andthis program was a way to intro-duce young Barbadian artists toother emerging artists from aroundthe world, she explained.“Because I (now) teach inCanada, we thought we wouldwork with Canadian artists to startwith. Fanshawe’s fine art programis one of the well-recognized onesin Canada,” she said. “Because Ihave a link here, because I’mteaching here, we started here.”She worked with two colleaguesto select top graduates from the lastfive years of the fine art program.They ultimately chose three gradsto send to Barbados: JoshPeressotti, a 2008 graduate; JessicaMassard, a 2007 graduate; andDaniel Glassford, also a 2007 grad.“It was my first time out of North America, so it was interest-ing (to) … go to a whole differentcountry,” said Glassman. The cul-ture shock hit him as soon as hestepped out of the airplane. “Theairport was totally different. Youland on the strip and you walk outof the plane. The whole airport wasopen and there were people every-where. It was just unusual.”The difference in culture extend-ed far beyond the airport. “I think Ilearned a lot culturally about howart operates in other parts of theworld,” he said. “Just how hard itis to get arts supplies in Barbadosversus how it is in Canada, howthey run their gallery systems – everything is completely different.Just understanding how all of thatoperates was a real eye-opener.”Glassman said he brought manyof his art supplies with him after doing some research about thematerials that would be availableto him in Barbados. “(I found that)it was much cheaper for me tobring it from Canada than pick itup there. They get charged duty oneverything, so it’s like twice the(price) and they have very littlesupplies.”“You can understand why theyoperate differently than we do, intheir processes and stuff, becauseof supplies and what they haveavailable to them,” he said.Besides Barbados’ residents andunique processes, the island’senvironment also had an impact onGlassman’s work in January. “Mycurrent work takes its inspirationfrom how geological things form,like rocks, and how they wear away and erode. Barbados is anentire island made of coral, so Ireally tried to focus on that andpick up on the natural coral pat-terns.”The three Fanshawe gradsresided with three youngBarbadian artists – Alicia Alleyne,Tonya Wiles and Nicholas Grimes– in an old plantation home on theisland from January 3 to 31.“We were all working in thesame space, so we were interactingand talking with each other, andwatching each other work,” saidGlassman. “We’d pick up howthey operated, what their processesare, how they go about startingtheir work. It was very interesting– not necessarily technically – butmore conceptually of how theyapproach things.”At the end of the four weeks, theartists gave a presentation and heldan art show on the island.According to Gardner, every piececreated by the Fanshawe grads wassold.“I think it was a good experiencefor them, and for the people inBarbados, because it exposed themon both sides to a different cultureand way of working,” she said.“They did a lot while they werethere. They visited with quite a fewdifferent established artists on theisland, and people visited themwhen they were working on their work. They also had a critic fromFinland write about them.”Glassman echoed this statement,adding that he “definitely” foundthis to be a valuable experience. “Imade lots of connections withartists there. It helped with net-working and future endeavours.”Gardner said she is looking intocontinuing this program in differ-ent countries around the world, andadded that she is hoping to bringthe Barbadian artists to Canada.“This was an experimental proj-ect that just got off the ground.We’re determining whether to goahead with these residencies or not. (The Fanshawe grads) werethe guinea pigs,” she laughed.To read the blog written by thegrads during their residency inBarbados, visit artconnections-bar-bados.blogspot.com.
Fanshawe grads create art in paradise
Would you pay good money tosee two English teachers in a fight?This week, that’s what you’ll beable to do.From April 11 to April 15, theSchool of Language and LiberalStudies and the Fanshawe StudentUnion will be raising funds for theJapan earthquake/tsunami victims.Watch for faculty and students col-lecting donations in the hallways,in classrooms and in the SUB.Here’s what they will be doing for your donations:On Monday, April 11 in front of the bookstore there will be origamicranes, cards and mobiles, as wellhomemade cookies for sale. Therewill also be a silent auction withartwork, hand-carved hickorywalking sticks, a genuine kimono,an origami set and gift bags fromthe bookstore.On Tuesday April 12 from 12 to2 p.m. in B2001 there will be a dis-play of original post-disaster hous-ing designs created by the third-year architectural technology stu-dents as part of the KomunitasHouse Project. Pick your favouritedesign or discuss constructionissues with the students.There will be a speaker seriesthroughout the week:April 11 in D1015 at 11 a.m.:Japanese filmsApril 12 in D2013 at 11 a.m.:Japanese comic booksApril 13 in A2010 at 12 p.m.:Nuclear energyApril 14 in B2035 at 12 p.m.:Demo of new Fanshawe OnlineePortfolioApril 15 in A2036 at 11 a.m.:Japanese musicStarting April 11 and runningthrough until the 30, you will beable to add $1 or $2 donation toyour purchases at Oasis, theOutback Shack, the CollegeVariety Store, the Bookstore andthe Clothing Store. There will alsobe collection tins for donations atthe FSU Pharmacy, Fringe hair salon and Falcon’s Nest.During the week of April 11 to15 at the Oasis, proceeds from thelunch and dinner specials will gotowards the Red Cross.Last but certainly not least is thebattle of the teachers. DarrenDavid and Brian Dunphy will beshowing off their Akido skills inForewell Hall as part of the nooner during the week.With plenty of things going onthroughout the week, it is easy for you to take part and help raisemoney for the victims in Japan.
Spring for Japan Fundraiser
Campaigns by Transport Canada,Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators and theUnited Nations Road SafetyCollaboration are remindingmotorists to stop using handhelddevices – such as cell phones – while driving.May 11 marks the launch of theDecade of Road Safety, a campaignby the United Nations Road SafetyCollaboration. The campaign aimsto develop the safety of vehicles,enhance the behaviour of road users,improve post-crash care and more.The UN has invited governments,international agencies, civil societyorganizations and other stakeholdersto participate in this effort to makethe world’s roads a little safer.Transport Canada has declared2011 to be the Year of Road Safety,and they aim to raise awarenessabout road safety, in turn helping tolower road collision, death andinjury rates. To do this, TransportCanada and other road safety organ-izations are taking action to improveroad safety.The Canadian Global RoadSafety Committee launched theLeave the Phone Alone campaignon November 17, 2010, to coincidewith the third annual National Dayof Remembrance for Road CrashVictims. Leave the Phone Alone is apledge system where drivers take astand against using devices whiledriving by using social media, stick-ers and pledge forms.Statistics show that in 80 per centof crashes studied, the driver lookedaway from the road for just threeseconds before the crash. Another study found that drivers who texthave a crash rate 23 times greater than when they are not texting.It is illegal to use handhelddevices while driving, so leave themalone when you’re behind thewheel.For more information about theYear of Road Safety, visittinyurl.com/roadsafetyyear. For more information about the Decadeof Road Safety, visit who.int/road-safety. To take the pledge or to learnmore about Leave the Phone Alone,visit leavethephonealone.ca.
Keep the roads free of phones

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