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Growing in Christ - Chapter Five Homework

Growing in Christ - Chapter Five Homework

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Published by David Woo
My GIC homework: GIC is a discipleship course.
My GIC homework: GIC is a discipleship course.

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Published by: David Woo on Apr 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SOLOMON’S PORCHGROWING IN CHRISTLESSON 5 Sunday, April 3, 2011Who is one person in the world that you trust the most? Why?
I trust my brother P because he understands many of my struggles in this life, particularly in HongKong. I also trust my brother M because he trusts me with issues that he dares not share with anyoneelse. In general, I trust those who trust me, and I trust those who can shed light on my own experience,my joys and struggles.
Has there been a time when you doubted God to work in a specific situation or circumstance inyour life and then in the end it all worked out?
I’m sure there are many, yet I can’t recall them rightnow. Perhaps the most recent bout has been the healing of my left hamstring, because I had receivedprayer for it several times before the last time, when God, indeed, did heal my hamstring. Noaggravations.
Do you believe that you need the Assurance of Guidance? Why do you need guidance from God?
Absolutely; I live an uncertain life; my thoughts, ways, expectations and knowledge, by themselves, aretenuous at best. I know I don’t know how to negotiate this life by myself. Even we, as people, can nomore negotiate our lives as a body than a bunch of frogs can negotiate their lives from a well. We needthe Father because He knows more; in fact, He knows all. He is the ultimate systems thinker; the Lordof all creation whose thoughts and ways are higher than our own.
Have you asked God for wisdom lately? If so, describe a situation in your work / life in whichyou are seeking God’s guidance. If not, why not?
I’m seeking God’s guidance in relationships, in particular how to subdue my desire for a girl because Iknow my brother also desires her, and my brother and I know this. Furthermore, I seek the HolySpirit’s guidance in ministering to my mom, because I would be a fool to talk to my mom about thedeep issues, the obstinate hurts in her heart without the Spirit’s anointing to speak well, with love, toher so that healing may come to my mom, and that her faith would increase. In general, I seek God’sguidance because I don’t know much about my own condition. I also do not know much about humanrelationships.
When we have asked God for wisdom and there is no answer, what do you think may be thecause of that?
My ears may be stopped by sin; I may be asking the wrong thing; or God has already answered but Iam not looking hard enough; or the answer may be held up in the heavens because of warfare and Ineed to pray more.
What are the methods of God’s guidance?
His word; His spirit directly and indirectly through others
How can you show God that you trust in His guidance?
By persevering in faith when God, seemingly, doesn’t answer; and by obeying when he does answer,

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