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What have you learned from your audience feedback

What have you learned from your audience feedback

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Published by Kathryn Peers

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Published by: Kathryn Peers on Apr 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Getting audience feedback was a great way of developing and improving our media product toits highest potentialand making it what the public, especially our target audience, want.We initially put our teaser trailer on YouTube in the hope that people would comment with constructive criticism,however we only got two replies, both from people who knew about the trailer through us.Even though this was great feedback, we needed more. We needed feedback from a range of genders and ages, butmost importantly from our target audience, the 16-24s. Therefore we created a short questionnaire which weprinted off and gave to family, friends and peers to complete. Our friends and peers made up the majority of feedback; because they are the target age group to watch a horror film, it was vital to hear their suggestions andthoughts on our teaser trailer.We couldnt put each questionnaire on our blog, so for evidence we took a photograph of the completed sheets,then typed up the results onto our blog, and summarised the feedback to find out what was good and what neededimproving.
They suggested we should show our villainmore and add music to create atmospherebut overall liked the trailer saying it wasfull of suspense. It was great to hear that itwas suspenseful as that is an importantpart of a successful horror trailer and ourinitial idea for genre was the horror-suspense sub-genre.This person liked the makeup which was great, it was important to make theinjuries look realistic to it believable. They also suggest the use of sound,which we were planning on doing; we just hadnt found the write piece of music for our first draft of the trailer.

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