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Services Provided by Planned Parenthood

Services Provided by Planned Parenthood

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Published by Exit Exit
These are the services provided by Planned Parenthood.
These are the services provided by Planned Parenthood.

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Published by: Exit Exit on Apr 08, 2011
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Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading sexualand reproductive health care provider and advocate.For 94 years, millions of women and men haveturned to Planned Parenthood for vital sexual healthcare services, sex education, and sexualityinformation. Today, the work of PlannedParenthood is carried forward by more than 30,000staff members and volunteers. In 2008 (the latestyear for which we have figures), PlannedParenthood provided more than five million peopleworldwide with the means to make responsiblechoices about their sexual and reproductive health.(Planned Parenthood Federation of America[PPFA
] is a founding member of InternationalPlanned Parenthood Federation, whose affiliatesserve tens of millions more.)
 Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Services
The core of Planned Parenthood affiliate medicalservice is contraception and accompanying healthcare, education, and information. In 2008, weprovided nearly 11 million medical services for threemillion people, and helped to prevent approximately595,000 unintended pregnancies. Seventy-twopercent of our clients have incomes at or below 150percent of the federal poverty level. As of March2010, our more than 840 clinics are operated by 88affiliates, which have a presence in all 50 states andthe District of Columbia (PPFA, 2010a; PPFA,2010b; PPFA, internal documents).
Sexuality Education
In 2008, more than 2,000 affiliate staff and volunteereducators provided educational programs to morethan 1.2 million people of all ages and in a variety ofsettings — from preschools to universities, fromprisons and social service programs to religiousinstitutions and civic organizations. Programsfocused on more than 28 different content areas,such as AIDS/HIV and contraception/family planning— including abstinence, family life education,parent-child communication, puberty education,safer sex, sexual orientation/homophobia, sexualityeducation, sexually transmitted infections, teenagepregnancy, and women’s health (PPFA, 2010a).
 In addition to the education programs, numeroustraining programs were provided by approximately100 affiliate staff and volunteers to nearly 50,000professionals who work with children, teens, andyoung adults. Those trained included teachers,addiction counselors, group home staff, nurses,physicians, prison staff, rehabilitation counselors,religious leaders, and social workers (PPFA, 2010a).
Information Services
Providing information to help people makeresponsible choices has been our mission since1916. In 2009, PPFA websites receivedapproximately 18 million visits. PPFA also producedand distributed nearly one million consumer healthpamphlets. The Katharine Dexter McCormickLibrary responded to more than 10,000 researchand information requests from researchers, sexualhealth professionals, and the general public (PPFA,internal documents).
Through Planned Parenthood Online (PPOL), thePlanned Parenthood Action Network advocates fornew policies at the federal and state levels that willadvance comprehensive reproductive health careand responsible decision making. In all, more thanfour million activists, supporters, and donors are keptabreast of the latest policies and proposals affectingfamily planning and have an easy way to contactmembers of Congress via e-mail, fax, or postal mail(PPFA, 2010b).
International Activities
Planned Parenthood works around the world toincrease access to sexual and reproductive healthinformation and services. We provide health careand education through local partners and advocatefor sound U.S. foreign policies that affect sexual andreproductive health and rights globally. Ourinnovative international programs build partnershipswithin and across regions to share ideas, expertise,and experiences in linking health services andeducation with advocacy.
In 2008, PPFA-supported partners served 1,078,000individuals in 11 developing countries withreproductive health care and education. In addition,we worked to raise awareness of internationalreproductive health and rights issues and mobilizesupport for responsible U.S. laws and policies. Wecreated briefing sheets, talking points, and a widevariety of other advocacy materials, posted themonline, and distributed them to Planned Parenthoodaffiliates and activists.
Affiliate Medical Services Summary*
Contraception — 35 percent of services in 2008
 Reversible Contraception Clients, Women** 2,263,776Emergency Contraception Kits 1,436,808Tubal Sterilization Clients
Reversible Contraception Clients, Men 109,823Vasectomy Clients 2,9793,813,875
STI/STD Testing and Treatment — 34 percent of services in 2008
 STI Procedures, Women and Men 3,272,264HIV Testing Procedures, Women 324,671HIV Testing Procedures, Men 95,562HIV Testing Procedures, Gender Not Reported 28,8393,721,336
Cancer Screening and Prevention — 17 percent of services in 2008
 Pap Tests 915,716HPV Vaccinations 60,064Breast Exams/ Breast Care 826,197Colposcopy Procedures
43,285LOOP/LEEP Procedures
2,613Cryotherapy Procedures
Other Women's Health Services — 10 percent of services in 2008
 Pregnancy Tests 1,111,355Prenatal Clients 9,433Midlife Clients 12,016Infertility Clients 1681,132,972
Abortion Services — 3 percent of services in 2008
 Abortion Procedures 324,008
Other Services — 1 percent of services in 2008
 Primary Care Clients, Women and Men 20,235Adoption Referrals to Other Agencies 2 ,405Other Services, Women and Men
Total Services
10,943,609*Patient Care Provided by Planned Parenthood Affiliate Health Centers in 2008

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Scribd added this note
The US government can't decide on the budget. At the center of the disagreement is the federal funding for Planned Parenthood. This could result in a US government shutdown tonight (April 8, 2011) at midnight.
Scribd added this note
The US government can't decide on the budget. At the center of the disagreement is the federal funding for Planned Parenthood. This could result in a US government shutdown tonight (April 8, 2011) at midnight.
Ephraim Davis added this note
Sorry, only to see their products here. Libertarian philosophy is great on paper but in the real world we've done it before,that period is known as the Victorian Era, it occurred before the labor rights oriented progressive era. And planned parenthood is funded via gov and donations, so its not just govment run. On the topic though, do you rail against Lockhead Martin too?
Ephraim Davis added this note
Hey Bob Smith people do get it, first tax rates for corporations in this country are among the lowest in the 'developed' world, we need to change that, 2nd you are not advocating cutting real fat, like the defense budget and 3rd the gov has more employees than manufacturing because companies lack economic patriotism, they flock to low wage countries only to sell them here.
Bob Smith added this note
Don't we have normal health clinics that will provide most of these services...do we need government to direct our lives in everything we do...just another welfare program that hands out abortions with tax payers dollars. Cut it and no one will notice...
Susan Jenkins added this note
So don't invest in proper birth control for the needy and pay to raise the children that result>
Scribd added this note
The US government can't decide on the budget. At the center of the disagreement is the federal funding for Planned Parenthood. This could result in a US government shutdown tonight (April 8, 2011) at midnight.
christine_schirmer added this note
With apologies for bringing in partisanship and female reproductive health into your news feed, thought it was worth sharing. Less than 3 percent of the services are those currently being debated with 80 percent being the treatment and prevention of disease.

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