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Unwin Trust Fellowship Report 2003

Unwin Trust Fellowship Report 2003

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Published by: lscm4book on Apr 10, 2011
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Unwin Trust UK–Australian Fellowship 2003
Publisher–Bookseller Cooperation in theUK Book Industry
Lorien Kaye
Acknowledgements iii1. Introduction 1
1.1. Summary of findings 2
2. Context: The UK industry 3
2.1. Industry snapshot 32.1.1. Controversy over non-traditional channels to the consumer 52.1.2. Balance of power and market dynamics 72.2. Discounting, pricing, promotions and margins 82.2.1. Why the high level of discounting? 92.2.2. Pressure on margins 102.2.3. Other negative consequences of discounting 122.2.4. The future of discounting: Crunch time? 13
3. Collaboration and cooperation in the UK industry 16
3.1. Industry-wide collaboration 163.1.1. A new cross-industry forum 163.1.2. Generic book promotion 183.1.3. Supply chain 203.1.4. Industry information 243.2. Business-to-business cooperation 283.2.1. Bookseller input into publishing decisions 283.2.2. Sharing information 333.2.3. Promotions and developing authors 343.2.4. Supply chain 353.2.5. Working together on range: Title selection and core stock 35
4. Conclusion: Relationships as the basis of collaboration 38Appendix A: List of meetings 42Appendix B: Resources 44
I would first like to express my immense gratitude to the Unwin Trust for giving me thisremarkable opportunity. The three months of the fellowship were rewarding beyond measure,allowing me to increase my understanding of universal book industry issues, and to gain aninsight into the UK market. Particular thanks to Unwin Trust trustee John Taylor who lookedafter the organisational side of things (and gave me a wonderful whirlwind tour of London onour first meeting). Special thanks too to Patrick Gallagher, who provided enthusiasm, support,guidance, the loan of a laptop and invaluable introductions to UK publishers.In Australia, Susie Bridge, Mary Drum, Lisa Highton, Kathleen Mapperson and MichaelWebster also gave me introductions to their counterparts in the UK. Mary Drum, David Gaunt,Robert Gorman, Jeff Higgins, Juliet Rogers and Michael Webster talked to me about theAustralian experience of bookseller input into the publishing process before I left.Most importantly, thanks to the many people in the UK industry who were so generous ingiving me their time and sharing their knowledge. All are listed in Appendix A. Thanksespecially to those who referred me to their colleagues.Thanks to Brian Morris and Mary Ellen Jordan for feedback on the report. And thanks to IanRobertson, for sharing the UK adventure and for being a constant source of support andencouragement.

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