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Proe Mechanism Les13

Proe Mechanism Les13

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Published by sonirocks

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Published by: sonirocks on Apr 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Objective: 
In this lesson, we will learn about the bearing connection. 
A bearing connection is kind of a mix between a ball joint and a slider. It has 1 translational degree offreedom, and 3 rotational degrees of freedom. Do not confuse this with a typical ball bearing assembly,although each individual ball in that assembly might behave in this way.
http://sharptechdesign.com/Tutorials/Mechanism_WF2/MDX_WF2_Less...1 of 5 05-Apr-11 8:59 PM
 There are very few real-world examples that come to mind when you think of this connection type. In mostcases where a ball joint may be used, there are other components and connections that can provide fortranslational degrees of freedom. You could use bearing connections to simulate in one object what multiple objects might accomplish whencombined together. Because of this, we will demonstrate how to set up a bearing connection with two components in anassembly that do not represent an actual object. Open up the assembly entitled
. It consists of a single component, shown below. Assemble in the
component. Be sure to turn on the display of datum axes and datumpoints. In the placement window, click on
, and then select a
connection type. Theplacement window looks like the following. 
http://sharptechdesign.com/Tutorials/Mechanism_WF2/MDX_WF2_Less...of 5 05-Apr-11 8:59 PM
 This window is a little misleading. The only thing is says for references is “
Point Alignment” 
. This looks likeyou would align a datum point or vertex to another datum point or vertex. In actuality, you align a datumpoint or vertex to a datum axis, curve or edge. In this case, we will pick on the
datum point and the
axis, as shown inthe following figure.When we do this, the point snaps over to the axis. Click on
to complete this assembly, and then go to
Applications, Mechanism
. We can see the symbol for a bearing connection looks like the one for acylinder, except it only has a single straight arrow. 
http://sharptechdesign.com/Tutorials/Mechanism_WF2/MDX_WF2_Less...3 of 5 05-Apr-11 8:59 PM

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