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Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant menu

Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant menu



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Published by eatlocalmenus

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Published by: eatlocalmenus on Aug 29, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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6125 St. Claire Ave, Cleveland OH 44103
| F oo d|M en u |H ou r s | About us |Links |
About Our Food
Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant
Call for Reservations or Information

Ethiopian food and service is as unique as is the country itself. The traditions here are authentic, and all around you are the scenery, the music, aromas, food, art, history and culture of this ancient civilization.

Traditional basket tables (MESOBS) are in the huts, to fully
experience Ethiopian communal dining. Knives and forks are absent as you
pick at the food with pieces of INJERA the T\u2019EFF-GRAIN flat bread that will
hold the various spiced meat and vegetable presentations known as WATS.
Foremost is DOROWAT chicken breast in onion-sweet, spicy barbecue-like
sauce which has no tomato. Instead it has a sophisticated spice combination
known as BERBERE: hot red peppers, ginger, rue seed, sacred basil, cloves,
cinnamon, cardamom and bishop\u2019s weed are among other spices individually
prepared and grounded together in the exotic blend. A particular favorite is
T\u2019IBS, small chunks of beef, lamb, chicken or shrimp saut\u00e9ed in onion,
rosemary and spiced butter. KITFO and GORED-GORED, other favorites
among Ethiopians, consist of raw beef mixed with BERBERE sauce.

Vegetable dishes are also varied and exotically spiced, reflecting that
Ethiopian Orthodox Christians are vegetarians for up to 200 fasting days per

Combination platters have been structured to give a broad spectrum of the variable food varieties. Desserts are limited, as sweets are not part of the culture. Hence, ice cream is known as \u201cMissionary\u2019s Delight.\u201d

Tea (SHAI) and coffee (BUNA), however, are part of the culture. The
spiced-tea water hardly needs tea leaves, and coffee is very special \u2013 coffee
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Empress Taytu Ethopian Restaurant: Home
htt ://www.hometown.aol.com/Em ressTa tu/

originated in an Ethiopian province known as KEFA. The Ethiopian coffee
ceremony is a special event \u2013 an elegant, leisurely, after-dinner social
occasion with religious overtones and roots antedating Christianity itself. The
ceremony is offered here as a gift of the ages from the land of 13 months of
sunshine, Ethiopia.

We thank you.
| F oo d|M en u |Hours | About us |Links |
Appetizer, Soup and Salad
1.SAMBUSA Crisp pastry triangles filled with
lentils or beef, spiced with onion, garlic, ginger
and coriander. A) Lentil $3.50 B) Beef $4.00
2.AMBAS HA Traditional skillet baked bread

served with your choice of: A) Ayib (home
made cottage cheese flavored with Mitmita
and spiced butter $4.50; or B) Collard Greens
prepared with onion, garlic, ginger and spiced
butter $4.00

3.SHORB A (Soup) Ethiopian Lentil-Onion soup,
a flavorful treat. A) Cup $3.00 or B) Bowl $4.00

4.FOU LE Hearty chili-like broad beans, smashed
and spiced, then garnished with fresh diced
tomatoes, green peppers and onions. Served
hot with a dollop of yogurt and fresh
AMBASHA bread. A delicious meal in itself,
with choice of olive oil or butter.Mild, with hot
Mitmita powder available upon request. $8.00

5.HOUSE SALAD Spring mix garden salad with

a colorful variety of crisp, fresh vegetables. Served with the house vinaigrette dressing. $6.00

6.TOMATO SALAD Fresh red tomatoes mixed with chopped onions and jalapenos. Served with the house vinaigrette dressing. $5.50

7.YETESENEGA KARYA Seasonal hot pepper

split and stuffed with jalapenos, tomatoes,
onions and KOTCHKOTCHA (hot pepper and
spice sauce). Pepper with peppers and
peppers! $2.25 a piece.

Combination Dinners
of four vegetable dishes; KIK ALICHA, MISIR,
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Empress Taytu Ethopian Restaurant: Home
htt ://www.hometown.aol.com/Em ressTa tu/
GOMEN and TIKIL GOMEN. $11.00 per person
9.MEAT COMBINATION a combination of four

meat stews: DOROWAT, SEGAWAT,
$13.50 per person

combination of four (4) meat dishes:
and YEBUG-ALICHA, and three (3) vegetable
GOMEN. $15.00 per person

Vegetarian Dishes

11.MISIR Split red lentils cooked in berbere sauce
and fine herbs then blended with finely
chopped onions. Medium. $9.00

12. TIKIL GOMEN Lightly spiced vegetable stew of
cabbage, carrots and potatoes. Mild. $8.50

13.SHIRO Mixed legumes prepared with ginger
root, rue seed, bishops weed and garlic before
being cooked with berbere sauce. Medium.

14.KIK- ALICHA Yellow split peas flavored with turmeric, green peppers and various spices. Mild. $8.50

15.GOM EN Chopped collard greens cooked with
onions, garlic and ginger then lightly laced with
jalapenos. Mild. $9.00

Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Shrimp

16.MINCHET ABISH Savory chopped top ground
beef cooked with a tasty combination of
seasonings and spices. Mild. $10.00

17.SEG AWA T Tender beef cubes stewed with
Berbere sauce then flavored with onions,
garlic and ginger root. Spicy. $13.50

18.FER -FER Pieces of INJERA (traditional Ethiopian bread) soaked in SEGAWAT. Medium. $8.50

19.YEB UG- ALIC HA Tender lamb pieces cooked
in spiced butter, onions, green peppers, garlic,
ginger root and turmeric. Mild. $14.00

20.TIB S Lean beef cubes saut\u00e9ed in spiced butter
with green peppers, onions and rosemary.
Specify Hot to Mild. $14.50

21.DOROWAT (House Specialty) Premier
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Empress Taytu Ethopian Restaurant: Home
htt ://www.hometown.aol.com/Em ressTa tu/

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