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Week 3-14

Week 3-14

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Published by AM Lucas

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Published by: AM Lucas on Apr 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Week 3/14- 3/18
Monday AM8:48- 9:50
Morning Meeting
DimeAnn ArborPhonics -an9:50- 10:20
10:20- 10:58
10:58- 11:10
11:10- 11:30
St. Pattys Day book Monday PM12:39- 12:50
Afternoon Work 
Dividing in half- counters and line on white board12:50- 1:10
Afternoon Meeting
-What does half mean?-Divide 6 children into two equal groupsAre the groups the same size? How do you know?-1/22:02- 2:40
2:40- 2:50
2:20- 3:20
Writers Workshop
Tuesday AM8:48- 9:00
Morning work 
-Put out counters and math journal, instruct students to divide counters in twoequal parts and trace-Students who finish early can do additional worksheet -Brief lesson introducing half 9:00-9:20
Morning meeting
-Phonics with poem: Our Presidents find sight words-Practice counting on by spinning one student around9:20- 9:50
9:50- 10:20
Writers Workshop
-Show another example/ model from Try This-Modelmaking revisions by giving directions to a partner10:20- 10:30
-Students should divide their snack in half 10:30- 11:30
Tuesday PM12:39- 12:50
Afternoon Work 
-Echo writing- students finish Ann Arbor, Michigan for handprint project 12:50- 1:10
Social Studies
-Ann Arbor (PowerPoint and complete worksheet)1:10- 2:05
2:10- 2:40
2:50- 3:20
Writers Workshop
-Bring up topics students have chosen so far, and discuss other ideas students have.Record their ideas by writing How To ______________ on big paper.-Model instructing readers how to do a somersault.-PowerPoint of Try This. Model making a balloon stick to the wall by followingdirections.-Students return to seats and we write how to make a balloon stick to the walltogether (Ill use the document projector). After a few steps, hopefully students canfinish independently and I can work with a few students at the back table.Wednesday AM8:48- 9:00
Morning Work 
-Echo writing: students finish Ann Arbor, Michigan for handprint project 9:00-9:35
Morning Meeting +
-Read-aloud Give Me Half -Our Presidents poem (find sight words)-Practice counting on by spinning one student around-Count by 2s using students feet -Quick passing 3D shape review-Coin exchanges:-Use poster I made as visual aid-Trading: MODEL this with adult first. Give some kids on the carpet a handful of coins. You dont want to carry that big pile of coins to the store. Do you want totrade any of your pennies for these nickels/dimes?-Kids say I want to trade you 5 pennies for 1 nickel. I say, I will take your 5pennies and give you 1 nickel.-Social Studies:-Michigan map+ worksheet -Great Lakes State-Upper and lower peninsula9:35- 10:00
Writers Workshop
-Continued revision: students practice reading their How-To directions with apartner.-Model this with adult.-Assign partners (# 1 and #2) and spread out around the room. Partner #1, readone step and let your partner do it, then read the next step and let your partner doit. PRETEND to do the steps. Think: Would I do the right thing if I follow thedirections the writer is giving?
Followed by independent work time. I will work with Dalen, Dion, Makayla.

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