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November 2010

November 2010

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Published by Pastor Jon Miller
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Published by: Pastor Jon Miller on Apr 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Second Glance…
 by Cortney Walcott 
Wampler Thanksgiving
When Phil andJudith were first married,it was tradition that Phil
and Judith’s uncle, Jim,
went rabbit hunting onThanksgiving morning.Following the hunt theWampler family gathered
at Judith’s aunt anduncle’s house, Jesse and
Ruth Prather.Thanksgiving was spentthere for many yearsbefore Robert andDorotha Prather took it
over. The Wampler’s
spent manyThanksgivings in thePrather home before itgot passed on to Judithan
d Phil. ―The family wasoutgrowing Mom’s houseso I was the next in line,‖
says Judith. About fouryears ago Judith decidedto pass the Thanksgivingtradition on to her twodaughter-in-laws, Debbieand Mary Beth. NowDebbie and Mary Bethalternate years hostingthe traditionalThanksgiving dinner intheir homes.Like most American families, they celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner and allthe trimmings. Usually the host of the dinner will prepare the turkey and the other family members bring
the ―trimmings‖ while Judith is expected to bring the buns. The women usually prepare the meal while
the family visits with the sound of a football game coming from the living room. At noon the familygathers around the table to enjoy a family dinner. Because the family is too large to sit at one table,additional tables are set up so the family can eat together. Dessert follows with squash pie andpersimmon pudding.
As Judith thinks of their families’ Thanksgiving traditions, she reflects and says, ―
God has blessedus with a great family and friends to share it with. I looked back at all the earlier years and remembered
Pleasant Times
News from Mt Pleasant Christian Church -http://mychristianchurch.org- November 2010
what a wonderful time we had together. Especially theThanksgiving it snowed so much that we didn't think wewer
e going to make it back home. Wonderful memories!‖
May we all make wonderful memories this Thanksgivingand remember what the holidays are truly about.
by Pastor Jon Miller 
This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, one ofmy favorite holidays. For many this is justanother day off from work, a day to eat a bigmeal with family, or the kick off to the Christmasshopping season. Historically Thanksgiving Daywas a day when the Pilgrims gave thanks toGod for their survival in the new land and theassistance the Indians gave them. The Bible hasa lot to say about living a thankful life, not justone day a year, but every day that we are alive.
This Thanksgiving let us direct our thankstowards God. We are accustomed and even
trained as young children to tell people ―thankyou‖ when they do something nice for us. Too
often we fail to train our children to have thesame attitude of gratitude towards God. YetGod has done so much for us. The Apostle Paul
said, ―Giving thanks always for all things unto
God and the Father in the name of our LordJesus Christ
.‖ (Eph 5:20).
Notice that the thanksare given to God. The Psalmist said that we areto enter into the presence of God withthanksgiving. (Psa 95:2). Every time we go tothe Lord in prayer we are entering into hispresence and our hearts should be inclined togive thanks to God for all that He has done.
This Thanksgiving let us be reminded that we
have a lot to be thankful for. One time in Jesus’
ministry he went into a village and was met byten lepers. Jesus told them to go showthemselves to the priest and while on their waythere they were all healed. Only one of thehealed lepers came back and thanked Jesus forwhat he had done. This led Jesus to ask a
profound question when he said, ―Were not tencleansed? Where are the nine?‖ (Luke 17:11
-19). The lepers could easily represent every oneof us. Before we met Jesus we were dying fromthe disease of sin and we have been cleansedand healed by our Lord and Savior. Even if we
don’t get another prayer answered we still
haveso much to thank God for. The Apostle Paul saidthat Father has blessed us in Christ with everyspiritual blessing in the heavenly places. (Eph
1:3). That’s why whether we have little or much
of what this world has to offer, we still have a lotto give God thanks for because of what he hasdone for us in Christ.This Thanksgiving let us not stop offeringthanks. After the parade and football games andthe leftovers are put away there is a naturaltendency in our human nature to forget aboutThanksgiving until next year. The Bible instructsus to live as though it is Thanksgiving every day.Paul said he would not cease to give thanks toGod in his prayers and that he would ALWAYS
give thanks (Eph 1:16, 5:20). Let’s make a newhabit to use the words ―Thank you‖ not just when
someone holds the door for us but every timewe pray.
I don’t know everything about the situation or 
circumstances that are affecting your life rightnow. This may have been a really hard year foryou, it may still be hard. There is something thatI do know though, and that is that God loves youand He is a good God. Even though things mayappear difficult right now God has a plan to workit all out in order to bring you to the perfect placethat He has in store. In the Bible when things gotbad for Job he refused to curse God and die likehis wife encouraged him to do. Instead he kepthis focus on God and in the end, God blessedJob with more than he had in the beginning.
That doesn’t mean that God is going to give us
perfect health or great wealth, but it does meanthat those who are in Christ are eternallyblessed and have a lot to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving and May the God of allMercy be with as you grow in the knowledge ofChrist Jesus.
Thanksgiving Suggestions and Ideas:
 If you know a single person make sure that theydon't spend Thanksgiving alone. Let thembecome part of your family for that day.Spend one hour as a family at a shelter ornursing home volunteering.If you can afford it, take a single mother or fatherto the grocery store and pay for theirThanksgiving Day groceries.Pay for a "SHARE" monthly groceriesANONYMOUSLY for a family or two.Make two of each of the pies you make and giveone away to a busy mother or senior citizen thatcan't bake this year.Be creative, there are so many ways to use yourabundance to help those in need. Yourabundance may be that you have a family thatloves you and you can even share that with alonely widow or widower who never had anychildren of their own. They can become anadopted grandparent for your children forThanksgiving Day or any day for that matter.Often it is just a matter of using yourorganizational skills to check and double checkto make sure the NONE will be lacking in yourchurch or neighborhood for the holiday season.Consider starting with your Sunday School classand make sure that each one will have a placeto go on Thanksgiving instead of being alone.Call one of your neighbors and see if they cancome over for a piece of pie or have dessert withyou this Thanksgiving Day.Share your abundance of clothes and blanketsthis year. Gather some extra blankets and eventhe coat that is a little too small. Maybe bringthat extra pair of gloves that you never reallyliked and take them to a homeless shelter.Make some sandwiches and cookies and takethem to the homeless people in your town.Get some empty shoe boxes and put a fewseasonal treats and treasures along with someThanksgiving cards in them. Then they can behanded out at the nursing home thisThanksgiving. While you are there you can askthe director if there are any people who mightneed a visit or some fresh flowers to cheer themup this year.If you love the tradition of Thanksgiving Footballgames, that's great. BUT make sure you don'twatch them alone. Invite a single person over towatch the game with you. Not everyone willeither want to or be able to travel home for theholidays.

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