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Infinity Network E-Zine Spring 2011

Infinity Network E-Zine Spring 2011

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Published by MadQueen
Spring 2011 Release of The Infinity Network's Quarterly Occult EZine.
Spring 2011 Release of The Infinity Network's Quarterly Occult EZine.

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Published by: MadQueen on Apr 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial No-derivs


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ht t p:/ / TheInf init yNet wo r k.o r g 
We believe in one which is KHAOS from which ONE came.We believe in one from which all subjection and illusion of polarity sprang forth.We believe in injection and possession together as one, separate they are an illusion.We believe in two forces of masculine and feminine when cohabitated revealing the veil.We believe in one ascension of no end, one infinite current.We believe in one suffering.We believe not in light nor dark but the center itself.We believe in one love, one perfection, and one will --to be made eternal, primordial, and since yesterday.We believe in one church of flesh to celebrate the sun, moon, lord, lady, saints, earth,all principles including birth, marriage, the ultimate physical destruction and the end.
The Infinity Network aims to showcase the current thoughts, techniques, philosophy and perspectives of today’s occult practitioners of all paradigms. The articles contained herein are written by actual practicing occultists. As a hub of collaboration; we do not censor ordisregard valid submissions based on the practitioner’s point of view. We have created a creative, open, and autonomous forum forinformation, collaboration, sharing of perspectives and announce events and projects to other occultists; fostering meta-thinking,creativity, and ultimately creation. We are all on different platforms of realization, it is with that spirit that we encourage thepresentation of differences, which upon dissection, prove that there really is no difference at all……
Enter The Infinite Current.
Co nt ent s
Process of Evolution pg 1My Redefinition of Occult pg2A Paradigm on Learning the Occult Sciences pg6Discordia Zone pg11Kallisti pg12All Roads Lead to Chaos : A Story of Manic-Logic pg14Infinity Network Chaos Rite pg15Invocation of Weapons of Art pg15Defensive Techniques pg16Time Cube Psychosis pg20Musings on Gravity,The Atom and Four Sided 3D Shapes pg22Kiki Covers It- Book Review : Women of Power pg24Beyond Good and Evil pg26Random God Generator pg 28Meditations on The One pg 29Grounding and Centering pg 30Featured Blog Post: Glassgow Necropolis pg31Magick: The Chimeron Method pg32Fibonacci Mantra pg33Wilds Tea Leave Reading Guide pg 34Prayer to The Holy Death pg 35MemberShort Story Submission: The Tower of Shalandar pg36Contact information and Submission Guidelines pg38
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1 -http://evolution.spruz.com 
Submitted By: AnonymousSince time began we have evolved, increasing in complexity and making survival seemingly improbable. As thedemands of the world increase so do ours as its cohabitants. This bondage is stagnation on some levels and changebecoming increasingly rampant on others.A Few things that are constant and might provide some insight on what is happening. There is change, there isincrease in speed, yet there is still suffering that does not have to take place. Thomas Ligotti said there are four ways todie. There is one slow, one fast, one that is silent or without, and there is one that is ultimately painful. It is obviouswhere we are going and how it is going to feel.In the age where communication is powered by technology and media individual influence has a much higher impact.Every expression and intention is amplified then dispersed possibly to every corner of our world. When things arevirtual, nothing is immediate but everything is instantaneous. While it is easier to hide intentions, have ones that arebenevolent, on the other hand it is easier to make your intentions known and use this towards contributing positively.These are the other two newer forces that will become constant. There will be increased complexity leading toautonomous communication as well as a fulfillment of one of the longest forgotten basic primitive desires or needs,clanning. The other is increase in power of the individual inside of the new network.This new network aims to be THE new network. An Infinite Network of power, change, speed, and autonomy. Thisnetwork is a hive as we function inside it and there is an egregore which is our queen. This egregore is humanity as asingle, conscious entity. The key word is Conscious. The Infinity Network is a conscious contributing, dominant forceinside the new hive that others have already began to build.
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By: Seth A. MorisThe word occult (Latin for "Hidden") bring many images to the mind, from candles in the darkness to strange alien sigilswritten in blood. "The Occult" is generally used to denote a certain branch of spirituality I will refer to as magical traditions.The difference between a magical tradition and a religion is the emphasis placed on the importance of personal powerversus subservience to a higher being. While magical traditions emphasis prowess of manipulating the world via various rituals,ceremonies and talismans, many religions tend to focus far more on appeasing some sort of god-like figure, gaining this god form’sfavor, and following this god form’s rules on how one should go about living life.Now, what is magic? This has been something defined and re-defined by hundreds if not thousands of people who considerthemselves magicians, witches and sorcerers. For the sake of this article, we will refer to magic as:"An act of expert manipulation inwhich one gains a result that one chooses.”In what is considered "the occult", and many magical traditions, magic is a very controlled sort of concept. In varioustraditions of ceremonial magic physical materials such as metals and gemstones are assigned certain absolute properties. Iron may be representative of Ares or war in general, while silver is representative of the Moon-Goddess.Not only do certain physical materials have certain absolute properties but at the same time these properties (as claimed by ceremonial magic traditions) can only be harnessed at certain times, in certain ways, and only by certain people. This places amassive limit on who can practice magic (in this paradigm) and generally makes working magic somewhat restricted to the rulesand laws set forth by these traditions.Even the pseudo-tradition of "chaos magic" may claim that they are above such absolutes, but at the same time tend to haveset beliefs of the nature of the world and engage in what I call the "Subjectivist's Paradox", which is stating that "There are no rules."This is a rule unto itself. Perhaps a "better" way of expressing one's views as a chaos magician might be "I do not think that one canhave objective knowledge, and maybe there are no objective truths." Once one abandons a sense of magical agnosticism, it is thismagician's opinion a "chaote" moves away from chaos magic and becomes a static, albeit paradigm shifting, ceremonial magician.But, suppose what you thought of as "the occult", as magical traditions, and as methods of performing magic were all partof a very, very small slice of the grand pie of the magical universe.First, the Veil. What is the Veil you ask? The Veil is the illusion that says there is not magic in the world. It says that magic isat very best confined to "the occult" (which, is not very hidden at all) and religion. The Veil is a psychological barrier between actualpower and a magician. It claims that there are powerful magi, but they are people like Aleister Crowley, Peter Carroll, and Jesus of Nazareth. What it keeps from you is that these figures maybe powerful, but there are even more powerful godforms, magi, and cultsthat are ever present in today's society.You probably belong to a cult of at least a few god forms, and don't even know it.Let us continue by redefining a few commonly known terms.

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