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Published by Garland Culbreth

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Published by: Garland Culbreth on Apr 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AnaranthasAnathas looked up at the trees as he walked. This part of the Kythian forest was new to theyoung fox. He looked ahead at Tlepenaras, and wondered where he was leading. Tlepenaras hadcalled this place Anaranthas when he'd uncovered the hidden entrance to this grove and told Anathas toleave his cloak by the hidden door. Anathas had never heard of it before. His ears were erect as hewalked, taking in every minute sound around him. The wind rustled in the leaves, and the treesswayed, but he heard no birds. His tail flicked about in this unfamiliar place. His eyes darted hitherand thither, observing every detain of the grove. The trees were very old and tall. The road was pavedwith a stonework unlike anything he'd seen, and large stones were placed at intervals along it. Theywere very old and most had crumbled with the passing of time, but Anathas could see that they hadbeen carved in the likeness of dragon's heads.As they walked deeper into the grove, the road began to climb. Not long after, they passedthrough a parting in the trees and Anathas caught his breath. The trees gave way to a circular clearingseveral yards wide, paved with the same strange stonework as the road. Around the edge of theclearing were seven large carved stones, one for each of the Kythian clans, fox, wolf, dog, lynx, puma,leopard, and lemurs. In the center of the clearing was a raised square platform. A flight of seven stepsascended to it. Behind this platform rose the majestic figure of a dragon. Anathas could almost feel apresence from it. It's head and eyes were downcast, as if looking at something on the platform.Anathas followed its gaze. In the center of the platform was a small pedestal which held a sword fast.Anathas was amazed at the detail of the sword's carving. The hilt was fashioned in the likeness of twosmall talons. The grip looked like it was wrapped with band of leather, and the pommel formed arounded point.As Anathas stared, Tlepenaras broke the heavy silence.“This is Anaranthas. The sacred grove. It is here that the dragons first met us and taught us language.Their gift to our race. They raised the seven stones around the circle to commemorate the meeting, andour friendship.”Anathas was speechless.“It is here that Sanathras met Telran, the last dragon, before she died. And it is here that has receivedhis sword.” Tlepenaras gestured for Anathas to climb the platform.“I do not understand.” Anathas said, confused.“You will.” Tlepenaras reassured him. “Climb.”Anathass did as he was told.As he came to the top of the steps, he got a better look at the sword. It stood as if it had beenthrust into the stone of the pedestal. He approached it slowly, admiring the incredible work. His gazeshifted to the dragon's head, now above him. He almost felt as if its stone eyes were looking into his,gently but irresistibly urging him to take the sword. Anathas still did not understand, but he lookedback down at the sword and after a short hesitation, grasped it with both hands.Around him, a deep, powerful hum arose. His aura emanated from his arms, without hiscommand. It focused on the stone sword, which began to glow red brighter and brighter. A vortex ofred fire surrounded him and shot up into the sky, forming a twisting pillar. There was a thunderouscrack, and the sword came free of its prison. The light faded, and vortex dissipated, and Anathas heldhis sword up into the air.It was stone no longer. The blade was unfathomable black and pearled red when it moved. The

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