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Prussian Army, 1 April 1813

Prussian Army, 1 April 1813

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Published by airfix1999
From the famous Nafziger collection
From the famous Nafziger collection

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: airfix1999 on Apr 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prussian Armyl April l8l3
 1st Corps: General der Kavallerie von BlücherChief of staff: Generallieutenant von ScharnhorstQuartermaster General: Generalmajor von GneisenauAdjutant to C-in-C: Major Graf von GlozBrandenburg Brigade: Generalmajor and Generaladjudant von RöderBrigade: Colonel von Tippelskirch1/Garde zu Fuss (805)2/Garde zu Fuss (805)3/Garde zu Fuss (805)Normal Infanterie Batailon (805)von Wedell Freiwilliger Jäger Battalion (500)Garde Jäger Battalion (805)Leib Grenadier Battalion (805)1st East Prussian Grenadier Battalion (805)3/Leib Infantry Regiment (805)Brigade: Oberst von Katzeler1/,2/,Brandenburg Hussars (2)(300)1/,2/,Brandenburg Uhlans (2)(300)1/,2/,3/,4/West Prussian Uhlans (4)(60l)Artillery:Guard Foot Battery #4 (278)6pdr Foot Battery #9 Von Grevenitz (148)6pdr Horse Battery #8Lower Silesian Brigade: Oberst und Flugeladjudant von KlüxBrigade: Major von Jagow2/1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment (805)3/1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment (805)Fus/1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment (805)2/2nd West Prussian Infantry Regiment (805)3/2nd West Prussian Infantry Regiment (805)Brigade: Oberst von Mutius1/,2/,3/,4/Neumärk Dragoons (4)(60l)2/,4/1st West Prussian Dragoons (2)(300)Artillery:6pdr Foot Battery #7 (278)6pdr Horse Battery #7 (148)Upper Silesian Brigade: Generalmajor von ZiethenBrigade: Oberst von Pirch ISilesian Grenadier Battalion (805)1/1st Silesian Infantry Regiment (805)3/1st Silesian Infantry Regiment (805)Fus/1st Silesian Infantry Regiment (805)1/2nd Silesian Infantry Regiment (805)3/2nd Silesian Infantry Regiment (805)Silesian Schützen Battalion (805)Brigade: Major Laroche von Starkenfels1/,2/Silesian Uhlan Regiment (2)(300)Combined Silesian Hussar Regiment (4)(60l)2/,4/1st Silesian Hussar Regiment3/,4/2nd Silesian Hussar Regiment
Artillery:6pdr Foot Battery #8 (278)6pdr Foot Battery #13 von Held (278)6pdr Horse Battery #9 von Tuchsen (148)Reserve Cavalry Brigade: Oberst von DolffsBrigade: Oberst von Werder1/,2/,3/,4/Garde du Corps (4)(750)Guard Volunteer Cossack Squadron (1)1/,2/,3/,4/Guard Light Cavalry Regiment (4)(600)Guard Volunteer Jäger Squadrons (2)(300)Guard 6pdr Horse Battery #4 von Willmann (148)Brigade: Oberst von Jürgass1/,2/,3/,4/Silesian Cuirassier Regiment (4)(60l)1/,2/,3/,4/East Prussian Cuirassier Regiment (4)(60l)1/,2/,3/,4/Brandenburg Cuirassier Regiment (4)(60l)6pdr Horse Battery #10 (148)Reserve Artillery:6pdr Foot Battery #1l (139)1/2 l2pdr Battery #3 (94)Park Column (99)Pioneer Company (162)Army Corps: Generallieutenant von YorckChief of Staff: Oberst von RauchQuarter master General: Oberst ValentiniAdjutant to C-in-C: Rittmeister Graf BrandenburgInfantry: Generallieutenant von KleistDivision: Generalmajor von HünerbeinBrigade: Oberst von Steinmetz1/1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment2/1st East Prussian Infantry RegimentFus/1st East Prussian Infantry Regiment1/2nd Pommeranian (Colberg) Infantry Regiment2/2nd Pommeranian (Colberg) Infantry RegimentFus/2nd Pommeranian (Colberg) Infantry RegimentFus/2nd East Prussian Infantry RegimentEast Prussian Jäger BattalionBrigade: Oberst von Horn4th Combined Infantry Regiment1/,2/,Fus/Leib Infantry Regiment5th Combined Infantry Regiment1/1st West Prussian Infantry Regiment2/,Fus/2nd West Prussian Infantry Regiment6th Combined Infantry Regiment2/1st Silesian Infantry Regiment2/,Fus/2nd Silesian Infantry RegimentCavalry Brigade: Generalmajor von Corswandt1/,2/,3/,4/Lithuanian Dragoon Regiment (4)2nd Combined Dragoon Regiment1/,3/1st West Prussian Dragoons (2)1/,3/Brandenburg Dragoons (2)2/,3/2nd Leib Hussars3rd Combined Hussar Regiment

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