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Table Of Contents

Homemade Life Preserver [4]
How to Make Boomerangs [4]
How to Make an Eskimo Snow House [5] By GEORGE E. WALSH
Secret Door Lock [6]
Magic-Box Escape [7]
A Flour Sifter [7]
A Funnel [7]
Boring Holes in Cork [8]
Self-Lighting Arc Searchlight [9]
A Traveler's Shaving Mug [9]
Homemade Snowshoes [9]
Fish Signal for Fishing through Ice [10]
Homemade Floor Polisher [10]
Tying Paper Bag to Make a Carrying Handle [10]
Equilibrator for Model Aeroplanes [11]
Repairing Christmas-Tree Decorations [11]
Homemade Scroll Saw [11]
How to Make a Watch Fob [12]
Pockets for Spools of Thread [13]
Cleaning Leather on Furniture [13]
A Baking Pan [13]
A Broom Holder [13]
A Darkroom Lantern [14]
Preventing Vegetables from Burning in a Pot [14]
A Clothes Rack [14]
Homemade Shower Bath [15]
How to Make Small Sprocket Wheels [15]
Pot-Cover Closet [16]
Aid in Mixing Salad Dressing [16]
Saving Overexposed Developing Prints [16]
An Ironing-Board Stand [17]
A Desk Blotting Pad [17]
Sleeve Holders for Lavatories [17]
Removing Tarnish [17]
Cheesebox-Cover Tea Tray [18]
Piercing-Punch for Brass [19]
Kitchen Chopping Board [19]
Carrying Mattresses [19]
A Carpenter's Gauge [19]
A Flatiron Rest [19]
Use for Paper Bags [19]
Use Chalk on Files [19]
A Homemade Steam Turbine [20] By WILLIAM H. WARNECKE
Homemade Telegraph Key [21]
Keeping Food Cool in Camps [21]
Homemade Work Basket [22]
A Window Display [22]
How to Make a Flint Arrowhead [23]
An Opening Handle for a Stamp Pad [23]
Concrete Kennel [23]
Nutshell Photograph Novelty [24]
Spoon Holder on a Kettle [24]
Repairing Cracked Gramophone Records [24]
New Use for a Vacuum Cleaner [25]
Filtering with a Small Funnel [25]
A Postcard Rack [25]
Substitute Shoe Horn [25]
Building a Small Photographic Dark Room [26]
The Versatile Querl [28]
An Emergency Soldering Tool [28]
Smoothing Paper after Erasing [29]
A Cherry Seeder [29]
A Dovetail Joint [29]
Rustic Window Boxes [30]
Antidote for Squirrel Pest [30]
Homemade Electric Stove [31] By J. F. THOLL
Glass-Cleaning Solution [31]
Automatic-Closing Kennel Door [32]
Polishing Cloths for Silver [32]
A Book-Holder [32]
Clamping a Cork [33]
Withdrawing Paper from under an Inverted Bottle [33]
Emergency Tire Repair [33]
Broom Holder Made of a Hinge [33]
Flower-Pot Stand [33]
A Line Harmonograph [34]
Cutting Circular Holes in Thin Sheet Metal [35]
Homemade Carpenter's Vise [36]
Toning Blue on Bromide and Platinum [36]
Cutting Loaf Bread [36]
How to Make an Electric Toaster [37]
Cabinet for the Amateur's Workshop [37]
Uncurling Photographs [38]
Soldering for the Amateur [38]
Washboard Holder [39]
A Mission Bracket Shelf [39]
How to Make a Finger Ring [39]
Metal Coverings for Leather Hinges [41]
Removing Plaster from Skin [41]
How to Make a Cheap Bracket Saw [42]
How to Make a Cannon [42]
Controller for a Small Motor [42]
How to Make a Simple Water Rheostat [43]
How to Build a Toboggan Sled [44] By A. BOETTE
Burning Inscriptions on Trees
How to Make Small Gearwheels Without a Lathe [46]
How to Make Four Pictures on One Plate [46]
Electric Blue-Light Experiment [47]
A Cheap Fire Alarm [47]
How to Make a Small Electric Furnace [48]
How to Make an Ammeter [49]
How to Make a Three-Way Cock for Small Model-Work [50]
Easy Experiments with Electric-Light Circuit [50]
How to Make an Interrupter [51]
A Miniature "Pepper's Ghost" Illusion [52]
Experiment with Colored Electric Lamps [53]
To Explode Powder with Electricity [53]
Simple Wireless System [54]
Stop Crawling Water Colors [54]
Small Electrical Hydrogen Generator [54]
Gasoline Burner for Model Work [55]
A Homemade Telephone Receiver [55]
How to Bind Magazines [56]
A Homemade Acetylene-Gas Generator [57]
Homemade Annunciator [57]
How to Make a Box Kite [58]
Lubricating a Camera Shutter [58]
Simple Open-Circuit Telegraph Line [59]
How to Make a Thermo Battery [59]
How to Discharge a Toy Cannon by Electricity [59]
Simple Electric Lock [60]
Direct-Connected Reverse for Small Motors [60]
A Handy Ice Chisel [61]
More Uses for Pipe Fittings [61]
Sealing-Wax Bent While Cold [61]
Homemade Pottery Kiln [62]
How to Make a Small Medical Induction Coil [63]
Mechanical Trick With Cards [63]
How to Make a Rain Gauge [64]
How to Make an Aquarium [64]
Homemade Pneumatic Lock [65]
A Homemade Water Motor [66] By MRS. PAUL S. WINTER
How to Make Silhouettes [68]
How to Make a Galvanoscope [68]
Lubricating Sheet Metal [69]
An Optical Top [69]
Card Trick with a Tapered Deck [70]
A Constant-Pressure Hydrogen Generator [70]
Restoring Tone to a Cracked Bell [71]
How to Make a Paper Phonograph Horn [71]
How to Make a Hygrometer [71]
How to Build a Grape Arbor [73]
How to Make a Toy Steam Engine [73]
Writing with Electricity [74]
To Photograph a Man in a Bottle [74]
A Musical Windmill [74]
Optical Illusions [74]
Barrel-Stave Hammock [75]
A Singing Telephone [75]
A Microscope Without a Lens [76] By E. W. DAVIS
How to Make a Telegraph Key and Sounder [76]
How to Make a Music Cabinet [77]
Easily Made Wireless Coherer [77]
One-Wire Telegraph Line [78]
How to Make a Water Rheostat [78]
Electric Door-Opener [78]
How to Tighten a Curtain-Roller Spring [79]
Alarm Clock Chicken Feeder [79]
Homemade Disk-Record Cabinet [79]
A Battery Rheostat [80]
Automatic Time Switch [80]
How to Make a Fire Screen [82]
Trap for Small Animals [82]
Homemade Grenet Battery [83]
Door-Opener for Furnace [83]
How to Make an Efficient Wireless Telegraph [84]
Beeswax for Wood Filler [85]
How to Make a Lathe [86]
To Use Old Battery Zincs [87]
Callers' Approach Alarm [87]
Easy Method of Electroplating [88]
An Ingenious Electric Lock for a Sliding Door [89]
Parlor Magic for Winter Evenings [90] By C. H. CLAUDY
Reversing-Switch for Electrical Experiments [92]
How to Receive Wireless Telegraph Messages with a Telephone [92]
Connecting Up Batteries to Give Any Voltage [93]
A Simple Accelerometer [93]
An Egg-Shell Funnel [93]
Handy Electric Alarm [94]
To Keep Dogs and Cats Away from the Garbage-Can [94]
How to Cross a Stream on a Log [94]
Relay Made from Electric Bell [94]
Foundry Work at Home [95]
Battery Switch [99]
An Optical Illusion [99]
New Method of Lifting a Table [99]
How to Make a Paddle Boat [100]
Peculiar Properties of Ice [100]
Return-Call Bell With One Wire [101]
Circuit Breaker for Induction Coils [101]
Spit Turned by Water Power [102]
A Short-Distance Wireless Telegraph [102]
Automatic Draft-Opener [102]
A Window Conservatory [103]
Miniature Electric Lighting [104]
How to Make a New Language [105]
How to Make a Cup-and-Saucer Rack [105]
Reversing a Small Motor [105]
To Drive Away Dogs [106]
An Automatic Lock [106]
Experiment with Two-Foot Rule and Hammer [106]
Simple Current Reverser [107]
Alarm Clock to Pull up Furnace Draft [107]
How to Transmit Phonograph Music to a Distance [107]
How to Make a Telescope [108]
How to Make "Freak" Photographs [110]
Another Electric Lock [110]
How to Mix Plaster of Paris [110]
Enlarging with a Hand Camera [111]
Positioning A Hanging Lamp [111]
A Curious Compressed Air Phenomenon [111]
Simple Switch for Reversing a Current [111]
Novel Mousetrap [112]
Polishing Nickel [112]
Homemade Arc Light [112]
Lighting an Incandescent Lamp with an Induction Coil [112]
How to Make a Jump-Spark Coil [113]
Combined Door Bell and Electric Alarm [114]
To Build a Small Brass Furnace [115]
Avoid Paper Lamp Shades [115]
Why Gravity Batteries Fail to Work [115]
A Skidoo-Skidee Trick [116]
Effects of Radium [116]
Naval Speed Record [116]
How to Enlarge from Life in the Camera [117]
Steel Pen Used in Draftsman's Ink Bottle Cork [117]
How to Make a Pilot Balloon [118] By E. Goddard Jorgensen
How to Clean a Clock [119]
How to Make Blueprint Lantern Slides [120]
A Substitute for a Ray Filter [120]
Electric Lamp Experiments [120]
How to Make a Simple Wireless Telegraph [121]
To Preserve Putty [121]
How to Make a Small Storage Battery [121]
Fitting a Plug in Different Shaped Holes [122]
How to Make a Lightning Arrester [122]
A Home-Made Punt [123]
Photographers' Printing Frame Stand [123]
Heat and Expansion [124]
How to Make a Small Single-Phase Induction Motor [124] By C. H. Bell
Carbolic Acid Burns [126]
How to Make a Paper Book Cover [126]
How to Make Lantern Slides [127]
How to Find the Blind Spot in the Eye [129]
Beeswax Substitute [129]
An Optical Illusion [130]
Home-Made Micrometer [130]
Another Electric Lamp Experiment [131]
Removing Ink Stains [131]
Feat of Balancing on Chairs [131]
How to Make a Merry-Go-Round Swing [131]
Home-Made Arc Lamp [132]
Irrigation [132]
How to Hang Your Hat on a Lead Pencil [133]
Tying a Knot for Footballs [133]
Stove polish [133]
How to Give an Electric Shock While Shaking Hands [133]
How to Attach a Combination Trunk Lock [134]
Replace Dry Putty [136]
Home-Made Soldering Clamps [137]
A Telephone Experiment [137]
Wax Wood Screws [137]
How to Make an Induction Coil [138]
Home-Made Toaster [139]
Home-Made Shocking Machine [139]
Mahogany Wood Putty [139]
How to Make a Thermoelectric Battery [140] By Arthur E. Joerin
How to Make a Hygrometer [140]
Softening Leather in Gloves and Boots [140]
How to Make a Mission Library Table [141]
A Hanger for Trousers [143]
How to Make an Adjustable Negative Washer [143]
Homemade Shoe Rack [146]
How to Waterproof Canvas [146]
Building a House in a Tree Top [146]
How to Make a Lamp Stand and Shade [147]
Illuminating a Watch Dial at Night [149]
Home-Made Photographic Copying Stand [149]
Home-Made Pocket Lamp [149]
Lock Lubricant [151]
Rust Proofing Bolts [151]
Painting Yellow Pine [151]
Revolving a Wheel with Boat Sails [152]
A Fish Bait [152]
Homemade Air Thermometer [152]
Home-Made Battery Voltmeter [153]
Loosening Rusted Nuts [155]
How to Make a Take-Down Background Frame [156]
Home-Made Kite Reel [156]
How to Make Skating Shoes [158]
How to Make a Self-Setting Rabbit Trap [158]
How to Make an Atomizer [158]
How to Make a Miniature Stage [159]
A Floating Compass Needle [160]
Home-Made Dog Cart [160]
How to Make a Dry Battery Cell [160]
Uses of Peat [161]
Home-Made Lantern [163]
Tin Can Lantern
How to Make a Miniature Electric Locomotive [165]
Old-Time Magic [167]
Gear-Cutting Attachment for Small Lathes [167]
How to Make a Simple Still [170]
Homemade Mariner's Compass [170]
Brighten White Paint [170]
How to Make a Glider [171]
Boys Representing the Centaur [173]
Home-Made Ladle for Melting Babbitt [173]
Photographing the New Moon [174]
How to Make a Static Machine [177]
A Concrete Swimming Pool [178]
Old-Time Magic-Part IV [179]
Optical Illusions [183]
How to Make a Copper Bowl [185]
Cleaning Furniture [185]
Melting Lead in Tissue Paper [185]
Gold Railroad Signals [189]
How to Make a Bell Tent [190]
Simple X-Ray Experiment [190]
How to Make a Candle Shade [191]
A Putty Grinder [191]
Home-Made Small Churn [192]
Home-Made Round Swing [192]
The Disappearing Coin [193]
How to Keep Film Negatives [194]
Home-Made Match Safe [194]
An Electric Post Card Projector [195]
A Handy Calendar [196]
The Fuming of Oak [196]
How to Make an Electrolytic Rectifier [197]
The Rolling Marble [197]
A Gas Cannon [197]
Old-Time Magic-Part VI [198]
The Magic Knot [198]
A Good Mouse Trap [198]
Finishing Aluminum [198]
How to Make a Sailing Canoe [199]
A Home-Made Hand Vise [201]
Proper Design for a Bird House [201]
Boomerangs and How to Make Them [202]
How to Make Water Wings [202]
How to Make an Ammeter [203]
How to Make an Equatorial [204]
Electric Light Turned On and Off from Different Places [205]
How to Make a Bunsen Cell [206]
One Way to Cook Fish [206]
Hardening Copper [206]
Packing Cut from Felt Hats [206]
Homemade Gasoline Engine [206]
Dripping Carburetor [208]
A Merry-Go-Round Thriller [209]
How to Make and Fly a Chinese Kite [210]
Home-Made Vise [211]
Home-Made Changing Bag for Plate Holders [212]
Home-Made Asbestos Table Pads [212]
How to Make a Ladies' Handbag [213]
Removing Wire Insulation [213]
A Small Electric Motor [214]
Moving a Coin Under a Glass [214]
Improving Phonograph Sound [214]
How to Make Paper Balloons [215]
A Simple Steamboat Model [216]
To Remove Grease from Machinery [216]
Making Photo Silhouette Brass Plaques [217]
Aligning Automobile Headlights [217]
Telescope Stand and Holder [218]
How to Make an Electrical Horn [218]
Driving a Washing Machine with Motorcycle Power [219]
Home-Made Aquarium [219]
Protect Your Lathe [219]
Frame for Displaying Both Sides of Coins [220]
How to Make a Developing Box [220]
Staining Wood [221]
Sheet-Metal Whisk-Broom Holder [221]
How to Make a Camp Stool [222]
A Small Home-Made Electric Motor [222]
Rocker Blocks on Coaster Sleds [223]
Drill Lubricant [223]
New Way to Remove a Bottle Stopper [224]
Imitation Fancy Wings on Hinges [224]
How to Make a Child's Rolling Toy [224]
How to Make a Portfolio [225]
Gear for Model Work [225]
A Home-Made Vise [226]
Cardboard Spiral Turned by Heat [226]
A Workbench for the Amateur [226]
Repairing a Worn Knife Blade [228]
How to Make a Leather Spectacle Case [228]
Waterproofing a Wall [229]
Polishing Flat Surfaces [229]
Rubber Tip for Chair Legs [229]
Adjusting a Plumb-Bob Line [229]
Drier for Footwear [229]
Repairing A Roller Shade [229]
A Shot Scoop [230]
Removing Grease Stains from the Leaves of a Book [230]
Tightening Cane in Furniture [230]
Cleaner for a Stovepipe [230]
Mounting Photo Prints on Glass [231]
Dropping Coins in a Glass Full of Water [231]
Hollow-Grinding Ice Skates [231]
How to Make a Bicycle Coasting Sled [231]
Spelling Names with Photo Letters [232]
Holding a Loose Screw [233]
A Checker Board Puzzle [233]
A Home-Made Rabbit Trap [233]
Old-Time Magic - Changing a Button into a Coin [234]
Buttonhole Trick [234]
How to Remove Paper from Stamps [234]
A Dovetail Joint Puzzle [236]
Radiator Water [236]
Springboard for Swimmers [237]
Taking Button from a Child's Nostril [237]
Brass Frame in Repoussé [237]
Finding the Horsepower of Small Motors [238]
Illusion for Window Attraction [239]
Cleaner for White Shoes [239]
Crossing Belt Laces [239]
How to Make a Candlestick Holder [240]
A Home-Made Duplicator [240]
Paper-Clip Bookmark [241]
Aerating Water in a Small Tank [241]
Imitation Arms and Armor-Part II [242]
How to Make a Round Belt Without Ends [243]
Cheap Nails are Expensive [244]
Relieving the Weight of a Talking Machine Reproducer [245]
To Make an Electric Piano [247]
Imitation Arms and Armor - PART III [248]
Playing Baseball with a Pocket Knife [250]
How to Remove Paper Stuck to a Negative [250]
Old-Time Magic - A Sack Trick [251]
Using the Sun's Light in a Magic Lantern [251]
A Handy Drill Gauge [252]
Stove Polish [252]
A Home-Made Daniell Cell [252]
A Home-Made Equatorial [253] By Harry Clark
A Ground Glass Substitute [255]
A Miniature War Dance [255]
Saving an Engine [255]
Sliding Box Cover Fastener [256]
Water-Color Box [257]
Saving Ink Pens [257]
A Plant-Food Percolator [258]
Lathe Safety [258]
Folding Quilting-Frames [258]
A Drip Shield for the Arms [258]
How to Cane Chairs [259]
Repairing a Cracked Composition Developing Tray [260]
How to Lay Out a Sundial [261]
Imitation Arms and Armor-Part IV [263]
An Emergency Babbitt Ladle [264]
How to Make Japanese Portieres [265]
Makeshift Camper's Lantern [266]
New Tires for Carpet-Sweeper Wheels [266]
Gauntlets on Gloves [266]
How to Make an Ornamental Brass Flag [266]
An Adjustable Punching-Bag Platform [267]
Clasp for Holding Flexible Lamp Cords [267]
Protect Camel Hair Brushes [267]
Home-Made Electric Clock [268]
Method of Joining Boards [268]
Toy Gun for Throwing Cardboard Squares [269]
Photographic Developing Tray [269]
Iron Putty [269]
Rubber Bands in Kite Balancing Strings [270]
An Aid in Sketching [270]
How to Make Miniature Electric Lamp Sockets [270]
How to Repair Linoleum [273]
How to Make an Electric Stove [273]
Stretcher for Drying Photograph Prints [275]
A Temporary Funnel [275]
An Electric Engine [276]
Child's Home-Made Swing Seat [276]
Clay Flower Pots Used for Bird Houses [277]
Location of a Gas Meter [277]
How to Make Rope Grills [277]
A Home-Made Tripod Holder [284]
Sad Iron Polisher [286]
Making Coins Stick to Wood by Vacuum [287]
Simple and Safe Method for Sending Coins by Mail [287]
Mounting Photographs in Plaster Plaques [287]
Iron Rest for an Ironing Board [288]
Instantaneous Crystallization [288]
Decoloration of Flowers by Fumes of Sulphur [288]
How to Preserve Egg Shells [288]
Homemade Phonograph [289]
A Substitute for a Compass [289]
A Novel Rat Trap [290]
A Jelly-Making Stand [290]
How to Make an Egg-Beater [291]
Cart Without an Axle [291]
An Illuminated Target [291]
Sawing Sheet Metal [291]
Feed Box for Chickens [292]
A Book Rest [292]
Window Shelf for Flower Pots [292]
Magnet for the Work Basket [292]
Knife Made from a Hack-Saw Blade [293]
Killing Mice and Rats [293]
Roller Coaster Illusion Traveling Up an Incline [293]
Block for Planing Octagonal Wood Pieces [293]
A Letter Holder of Pierced Metal [294]
Imitating Ground Glass [294]
Draw before Cutting [294]
Making "Spirits" Play a Violin [295]
Sizing a Threaded Hole [295]
Leaded-Glass Fire Screen [295]
A Revolving Teeter Board [297]
Home-Made Pot Covers [297]
Electrostatic Illumination [299]
Balloon Ascension Illusion [300] By C. W. Nieman
A Cork Extractor [300]
An Outdoor Gymnasium Part II-Parallel Bars [301]
Combined Ladle and Strainer [302]
Cleaning Gloves [302]
Turpentine in Cutting Oil [302]
Center of Gravity Experiment [302]
Lathe Accuracy [302]
An Outdoor Gymnasium PART III-The Horse [303]
Spoon Rest for Kettles [304]
Reason for Bursting of Gun Barrels [304]
Hand Sled Made of Pipe and Fittings [305]
Emergency Magnifying Glass [305]
Bent-Iron Pipe Rack [305]
To Clean Silver [305]
Sharpening Skates with a File [306
Lines and Letters Made with a Carpenter's Pencil [306]
Insulating Aluminum Wire [306]
How to Make an Electric Pendant Switch [310]
Measure [310]
Home-Made Water Motor [311]
Device for Baseball Throwing Practice [312]
How to Mail Photographs [312]
A Mystifying Watch Trick [313]
Locking Several Drawers with One Lock [314]
Testing Small Electric Lamps [314]
How to Make a Pin Ball [314]
Cleaning Woodwork [315]
Bill File Made of Corkscrews [315]
Ornamental Metal Inkstand [315]
Holding Eyeglasses Firm [315]
Substitute for Gummed Paper [315]
Repairing a Broken Phonograph Spring [316]
Calls While You Are Out [316]
A Small Bench Lathe Made of Pipe Fittings [316]
Holder for Flexible Lamp-Cord [317]
Support for Double Clotheslines [318]
Hot Pan or Plate Lifter [318]
Venting a Funnel [318]
Lubricating Woodscrews [318]
To Make "Centering" Unnecessary [319]
Fountain Pen Cap Used as a Ruler [319]
Vanishing Handkerchief Trick [319]
Removing Glass Letters from Windows [319]
Greasing the Front Wheels of an Automobile [320]
Removing Mold [320]
To Hang Heavy Things on a Nail [323]
A Home-Made Elderberry Huller [324]
How to Make a Bulb on a Glass Tube [324]
How to Make a Sconce [325]
A Home-Made Magic Lantern [328]
A Quickly Made Lamp [329]
How to Make a Paper Aeroplane [329]
Bronze Liquid [329]
A Wrestling Mat [330]
A Pocket Voltammeter [330]
The Diving Bottle [331]
How to Make an Inexpensive Wooden Fan [332]
Combination Telegraph and Telephone Line [332]
How to Make a Miniature Windmill [333]
How to Make a Telegraph Instrument and Buzzer [334]
How to Make a Water Bicycle [335]
Electric Alarm that Rings a Bell and Turns on a Light [337]
How to Hold a Screw on a Screwdriver [337]
Homemade Electric Bed Warmer [338]
Making a Fire with the Aid of Ice [338]
How to Make a Crossbow and Arrow Sling [339]
A Home-Made Vise [340]
Temporary Dark Room Lantern [340]
Runny Paint [340]
Camps and How to Build Them [341]
Brooder for Small Chicks [343]
Faucet Used as an Emergency Plug [343]
Automatic Electric Heat Regulator [344]
Repairing a Washer on a Flush Valve [344]
Cleaning Discolored Silver [344]
How to Make a Small Electric Motor [345] By W. A. ROBERTSON
Protecting Tinware [347]
Another Optical Illusion [348]
Substitute for Insulating Cleats [348]
Electrically Operated Indicator for a Wind Vane [348]
A Home-Made Floor Polisher [350]
How to Make a Lady's Card-Case [350]
Home-Made Fire Extinguisher [351]
Crutch Made of an Old Broom [352]
Toy Darts and Parachutes [352]
A Tool for Lifting Can Covers [352]
Keeping Rats from a Chicken Coop [352]
Homemade Telephone Receiver [353]
How to Clean Jewelry [353]
Ornamental Iron Flower Stand [353]
How to Make a Coin Purse [354]
Window Anti-Frost Solution [354]
How to Make a Turbine Engine [355]
Painting A Car [357]
How To Build An Ice Boat [357]
Electric Rat Exterminator [358]
Easy Designs in Ornamental Iron Work [370]
How To Build An Imitation Street Car Line [374]
Clean Before Painting [375]
Varnish for Electric Terminals [375]
White Putty to Black [376]
Using Sandpaper [376]
An Interesting Electrical Experiment [377]
Novelty Chain Made from a Match [377]
Keeping Doors Closed [377]
Home-Made Settee [385]
Enameling a Bicycle Frame [385]
How to Make a Sewing Bag [386]
Home-Made Roller Skates [386]
Adjuster for Flexible Electric Wires [386]
Making Photographs on Watch Dials [386]
Home-Made Overhead Trolley Coaster [387]
How to Make an Electric Furnace Regulator [388]
Weatherproofing for Tents [389]
Sawing Sheet Metal [389]
A Monoplane Weather Vane [390]
How to Make a Minnow Trap [390]
A Remedy for Leaking Fountain Pens [390]
Kites of Many Kinds and How to Make Them [391]
How to Make Rubber Stamps [393]
To Light a Gaslight Without Matches [394]
How To Make a Trap For Rabbits, Rats and Mice [395]
Novel Electric Motor [395]
How to Print Photographs on Silk [396]
Removing Old Paint [396]
A Window Lock [397]
Homemade Magnifying Glass [397]
Trailer for a Bicycle [397]
Home-Made Telephone Transmitter [398]
Quickly Made Lawn Tent [398]
How to Make a Windmill of One or Two Horsepower for Practical Purposes [399]
To Renew Old Dry Batteries [401]
Blue Dye[401]
Acetylene lamp [401]
Another Electric Motor [401]
How to Make a Propelling Vehicle [402]
Ringing a Bell by Touching a Gas Jet [403]
Lead Kills Knots [403]
How to Make a Wood Turning Lathe Out of an Old Sewing Machine [403]
Reversing Small Battery Motor [405]
Cleaning Bronze Bearings [405]
How to File Soft Metals [406]
To Make a Magazine Binder [406]
Temporary Spline [406]
A Library Set in Pyro-Carving [407] By HELEN WESTINGHOUSE
Cleaning Brass [407]
A Phoneidoscope [407]
A Home-Made Yankee Bobsled [408]
How to Make a Small Microscope [408]
Freezing Pipes [409]
How to Carry Books [409]
How to Make a Hammock [410]
How to Obtain Cheap Dry Batteries [410]
How to Make a Water Telescope [410]
Substitute for a Drill Bit [411]
Drying Films [412]
Grooved Pulley Made from Sheet Tin [412]
An Electrical Walking Stick [413]
Convenient Shelf Arrangement [413]
A Shoe Scraper [413]
Fastening a Shade to a Roller [413]
Vegetable Slicer [413]
How to Make an Etched Copper Picture Frame [414]
How to Make an Easel [415]
How to Make a Wind Propeller [415]
Replacing Ball Bearings [415]
How to Construct an Annunciator [416]
How to Make a Steam Calliope [418]
Sharpening Scissors [419]
Counter Brush for a Shop [419]
A Curtain Roller [419]
Shade-Holder Bracket for a Gas Jet [419]
To Longer Preserve Cut Flowers [419]
Glass Blowing and Forming [420]
Cadmium and Solder [421]
Telegraph Codes [422]
How to Make a Cruising Catamaran [423]
Alligator Photo Mounts [424]
How to Attach a Sail to a Bicycle [425]
Removing Iodine Stains [425]
Drying Photograph Prints without Curling [425]
Piercing Glass Plates with a Spark Coil [426]
A Home-Made Still [426]
Old-Time Magic Balancing Forks on a Pin Head [427]
The Buttoned Cord [427]
Experiment with an Incandescent Lamp [427]
How to Make a Small Motor [428]
Aluminum Polish [428]
Homemade Blowpipe [428]
Substitute Sink or Bathtub Stopper [429]
Safety Tips on Chair Rockers [429]
How to Make a Toy Flier [429]
How to Make an Ironing-Board Stand [429]
A Home-Made Electric Plug [430]
How to Make an Electric Fire Alarm [430]
Home-Made Boy's Car [430]
Photographs in Relief Easily Made [431]
Wireless Tip [431]
How to Make a Wireless Telephone [432]
Eyelets for Belts [432]
How to Make a Life Buoy [432]
A Home-Made Microscope [433]
A Novel Electric Time Alarm [433]
How to Make a Phonograph Record Cabinet [433]
Experiments with a Mirror [434]
Miniature Electric Lamps [434]
How to Make a Magazine Clamp [435]
Pewter Finish for Brass [435]
Drowning a Dog's Bark with Water [435]
Cost of Water [435]
How to Make a Wondergraph [436] By F. E. TUCK
Experiment with a Vacuum [439]
The Making of Freak Photographs [440]
Hand Car Made of Pipe and Fittings [440]
How to Make a Rustic Seat [441]
Heated Steering Wheel [441]
Homemade Workbench [442] By C. E. McKINNEY, Jr
Forming Coils to Make Flexible Wire Connections [443]
Photographing the North Star [443]
How to Relight a Match [444]
Home-Made Hand Drill [444]
How to Make a Stationary Windmill [445]
Electric Anesthesia [445]
A Simple Battery Rheostat [445]
A Frame for Drying Films [446]
A Home-Made Novelty Clock [446]
Fourth-of-July Catapult [447]
How to Make a Miniature Volcano [448]
Wire Loop Connections for Battery Binding-Posts [449]
Melting Metal in the Flame of a Match [449]
Russian Squirrels [449]
Landscape Drawing Made Easy [449]
Irrigating with Tomato Cans [450]
Fountain for an Ordinary Pen [450]
Homemade Mousetrap [450]
Clear Wax Impressions from Seals [450]
A Window Stick [450]
How to Make a Canoe [451]
Thorns Used as Needles on a Phonograph [453]
Tool Hangers [453]
Child's Footrest on an Ordinary Chair [453]
Drying Photo Postal Cards [453]
Preserving Key Forms [454]
Renewing Typewriter Ribbons [454]
Drinking Trough for Chickens [454]
Ordinary Pen Used as a Fountain Pen [454]
How to Construct a Small Thermostat [455] By R. A. McCLURE
A Tailless Kite [458]
The Levitation - A Modern Stage Trick [459]
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