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On Fundamentalism

On Fundamentalism

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Published by Dr.P.Madhu
fundamentalism, creationism
fundamentalism, creationism

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Published by: Dr.P.Madhu on Apr 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On Fundamentalism
 Fundamentalists, especially religious fundamentalists arealways at odds with truth. Fundamentalists are so calledbecause they take their respective religious sacred text to befoundational, fundamental, and irrefutable. Unfortunately,fundamentalisms of all sorts stand on corroded roots.Fundamentalism is fundamentally flawed. Linguistically, textsare incapable of any permanent meaning, for, meaninghappens when one means it. They happen more according tothe meaning makers and their world than that limited by thetext. No text can remain the same text with same meaningfor all ages. Words and meanings are not primordial. Theyare constructed as meaning making proceeds. They increaseexponentially as they are combined with new senses andmeanings. In other words, words and their associatedmeanings are historically conditioned. This feature of textlets no text to be sacred or permanent.Fundamentalism is fundamentally flawed also because, thatwhich is presented as fundamental is anthropogenic. Nothinganthropogenic is universally true. Anthropogenitivalfoundations are limited within human attempt to sense orperceive. The attempts are limited by human biology andtheir historical ontologies. Human sense perception issubjective and subjected to human conditions.
Fundamentalism is fundamentally flawed because the sourceof ‘sacred texts’ fundamentalists revere is presented throughanthropomorphic entities. Source of the sacred text is oftenpresumed to be the anthropomorphic entity, ‘God’.Anthropomorphism of God is always socio-po-morphismstoo. A culture or a social setup makes its anthropomorphicgod with exalted/ idealized characteristics of its own. For thisreason, God is presented as culturally constrained accordingto mores of its makers. The anthropomorphic god speaks thelanguage of ‘we/us’ vs ‘them’, believer/non-believer.Fundamentalists are fundamentally flawed because theypresent their God as an alien creator. Availableunderstanding, which is sufficiently conclusive, reveals thatthis universe is not created by one of another powerfulperson. It is absurd because the very idea of ‘person’ isflawed. The idea of ‘person’ is a political instrument todemand rights and respect for small and big ‘persons’. It is aconvenient legal, political and social entity having nothingontologically substantive to it. With the idea of person weassume dignity for all ‘individual’ humans. Outside thepolitical/legal purpose, the idea of person or individual doesnot stand scientific scrutiny. ‘Persons’ did not exist beforethe on-setting of the universe. Why should ‘God’ be what weinvent in our due-course of time: person/ individual? TheUniverse is ontologically non-dual with its elements. Auniverse non-dually linked with its elements does notnecessitate an alien personal God to create it. Further,‘creation’ is not a one time affair. Creation is an ongoing
process. Also, there is no start of the time having a person(God) alive outside it!Fundamentalism is fundamentally flawed because what aretaken to be fundamental are not so much fundamental.Fundamentalist essentialize aspects of historical ontologyand misrecognize them as the fundamental truth. Thus, forexample, the socially constructed aspect of gender relation ismistaken as if it were God ordained gender stratification.Take the case of Christian fundamentalism. It presents theGod as blood thirsty creditor to whom we humans areindebted and He needs to be repaid in ‘pure’ blood. Therepayment is done through the bloody human sacrifice of Jesus. Those who pay blood money through claiming thesubstitutionary sacrifice of Jesus is salvaged, if not they arecondemned to hell. Debtor-creditor metaphor isconsequential to the historically ordained culture of debt andcredit. The ideology drawn the historical/cultural reality of debtor-creditor is made primordial!I have not touched upon the internal contradictions of theholy texts and religious conventions. The above givenarguments are powerful enough that it becomes redundantto work out the internal contradictions of the texts taken tobe ‘sacred’. The internal contradictions and theirinconsistency with known scientific understanding is plenty.Any argument or analysis from whatsoever side if donesincerely it reveals the corresponding fundamentalistargument/belief is flawed. So much pathetic the

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