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The Goodluck Principles

The Goodluck Principles

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Published by Olamide Opesan
A review of Nigeria's President Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's possible campaign strategies and Tactics.
A review of Nigeria's President Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's possible campaign strategies and Tactics.

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Published by: Olamide Opesan on Apr 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Goodluck principles
The Goodluck principles. A review of Nigeria's President Dr.Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's possiblestategies and Tactics.
From Sun Tzu's the Art of War to The Prince by Machiavelli, most leaders worth their salt havecertain principles that guide their leadership style. With the intrigue and complex power dynamicsthat are peculiar to the Nigerian political terrain, it is almost mandatory that any President thathopes to be successful in his role abide by some certain power principles else he or she beoverthrown by external forces ranging from "cabals" to "uniformed men." Below is my attempt atenumerating some power principles that have been embraced by Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan. Like them or hate them, they have succeeded in helping him defeat some formidableopponents and emerge as the likely winner in the upcoming elections.Principle 1: Never outshine the master. Even when he is ill and/or incapacitated, do not assumeauthority until you are instructed to do so. It is foolhardy to assume authority over one's masterexcept in extreme cases, such as death. And even in cases of death, wait for directives from themaster's wife before you assume leadership. #Yar'AduaPrinciple 2: After assuming leadership, stay humble. Placate all those who are uncomfortable withyour ascent to the position of authority by adopting a meek and mild approach. It is better to appearweak and harmless to your enemies than to alert them of your strength in advance. Distract theminto complacence by playing dumb. #IBBPrinciple 3: Strategize. However, do not make this obvious. Continue to distract your enemies intocomplacence by acting as though you have no strategy. Garner support from all quarters, includingthe enemy's camp. But make sure the enemy does not know that you have infiltrated his camp until itis too late and until this enemy is defeated. #AtikuPrinciple 4: After you have eliminated your primary enemy in a landslide defeat, prepare for yournew enemies. Given that you have demonstrated that you are not a pushover by defeating yourprevious opponents, come out of your den and roar from time to time to scare away your new enemies. Scare them further by flaunting your power through expensive campaigns and rallies.#Presidential aspirantsPrinciple 5: Campaign, campaign, campaign. From Nnewi to Damaturu, campaign. Fill the TV screens, air waves and social media outlets with your thoughts and campaign jingles. Decorate theentire country with your posters. Let it be obvious to all those who care to observe that you are in therace to win it and that you can back up your vow to win with cash. Most importantly, make peacewith your old enemies. Call them your father, if necessary, lest they consider aligning with your new enemies. #Presidential campaignPrinciple 6: Focus. Know your voter base. If the few in the middle class and in the intelligentsia donot support your candidacy, ignore them. Concentrate on convincing the ruling class and thegrassroots about your candidacy. Lure the grassroots with age old campaign tactics by distributing

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