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Diversity Journal | Corporate Generations at Work - Mar/Apr 2010

Diversity Journal | Corporate Generations at Work - Mar/Apr 2010

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Published by: Profiles in Diversity Journal on Apr 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Profiles in Diversity Journal
March/april 2010
OuR DieRent gra-os   workorc. ts s raly o  mployladscap o oday.Wl mc as b dbad ad wr abo callgs o graoal “drc,” ar w makg oomc o  da a compas wll o b abl o apq ads ad bavors?O  srac,  may o sm so. i s q aralo ocs o  callgs posd by mldg s drgraos. B  raly s a  oppors arlk ay w av s bor. t ky s ablg all m-ploys o drsad ad rspc ac or or  valy brg ad o rcogz  smlars amog m.or sac, r as b a lo o mpass o G-rao Y’s vocal dsr or work-l balac. t r ss xbly s a major dsr or all. dg ways o pro-vd  wll lmaly lp mployrs rcr, gag adra al across all or graos. noably, w add-d xbly, baby boom ad radoals mploys—wos soal kowldg s vwd as bdrock—may coos o rma   workorc logr ad pass alogr xprc ad kowldg o r yogr cor-pars. ts ss as bcom v mor prssg d o coomc crss, wc as casd may o posporrm.Prcpo s a callg, owvr. employs wllo r carrs may sll prcv work-l balac as aard prvlg. Grao Y,  may ways, av  asa xpcao. dg ways o brdg bo ss o vwss mpora.Morg s a cv way o dspl s prcp-o ad g back o raly. Mos popl k oly o radoal morg, w somo wo s cosdrdmor sor  r carr gds somo w. B ml-graoal workorc o oday allows or mor-g  “rvrs.” ts occrs w mploys rom yog-r graos sar w ors  abrc o r syl,cldg w cologs ad commcao modsdsgd o ac prodcvy ad job sasaco.t oppors ar bor s. As al maagrs, ’smprav a w cra a clr wr dr gra-os ar o oly vald b ar also dsrd. Oly ww mbrac s drc ca w rly arss  alw ac ad vry mploy, rgardlss o r gra-oal qss.
By Jennifer L. Blevins
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer 
AXA Equitable
Changing Perceptions
Multi-Generational Workforce Offers More Opportunity than Challenge
1922 – 1945
Traditionalists, Veterans,Silent Generation
1946 – 1964
Baby Boomers
  
Profiles in Diversity Journal
March/april 2010
FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, four generations are actively together in the workforce. As shown in the chart below, when youwere born determines which generation you belong to, and each generation carries different traits and attitudes about how one fitsin the workplace. Having these four generations working together can become a major challenge for leaders: how to harness thetalents of each generation and create unified teams in order to optimize bottom-line effectiveness.
Profiles in Diversity Journal 
asked about the challenges in recruiting, developing, motivating, and melding the four generations. Theresponses are as different as the generations themselves.
1965 – 1980
Generation X
1981 – 2000
Generation Y,Millennials
tWO iMPORtAnt eVentS  or sory aracg or workorc oday:  cory’s cracoomy combd w mdcal advacms arcrag a workorc a s lvg logr ad/or avgo work o r rrm yars. ts combaoas ld o or graos workg sd-by-sd or frs m  sory. t vard backgrods adxprcs o s graos callg s o rcogz,rspc, ad arss s drcs o cra cvad ssaabl workorcs.A Sodxo, or irgraoal employ nwork Grop (-G) cras  oppory o dca, val,ad gag s drcs, ad ocs o  smlar-s. W av lard a ac grao was o b r-spcd ad l a y brg val o  orgazao.t grop as xprcd prcdd rs, wovr 550 mploys jog  js  frs sx mos.Or -G mgs or program rag a dcasad blds awarss arod ac grao’s q a-rbs ad  sorcal vs a av sapd rlvs. ts drcs cld wa movas m, rwork c, ad ow y wa o b rwardd. Oc acgrao drsads s drvrs, y bcom a morcv ad fc workorc.-G also rcogzs  prsoal sss a may bacg ac grao. Or grop works w “Lworks”o provd prsoal cosl-ao ad programs o lpm osd o work, so y ca b mor ocsd ad pro-dcv a work. Praps orG Xrs ar lookg or parg sklls, or or Baby Boomrs d ldr-car asssac. Or work gropprovds m w rsorc lks o asss m  rprsoal ds.t “val-add” o or rgraoal work am s  cross sarg o sklls. Or GYs ar r-sd  larg ow o avga rog larg orgaza-os qckly, wl or tradoalss was o lar ow o w. -G commcas o or mmbrs rogradoal mal, b also rog acbook, twr, adlckr. -G wll b rodcg a Socal nworkg 101wbar o s mmbrs   ar r. t grop wllb rodcg “spd morg” a or mgs o asss  rasrrg o s graoal sklls ad xpr-cs. Pal dscssos wll lp ac grop alk abosaos ad solos  r work vrom.-G wll co o work w or mmbrs o d-vlop ways o sar ad dca. As a orgazao awll b vyg or op al, w ms b prpard o craa vrom wr popl wa o work.
By Jane Buttermore
i-Gen Chair; Vice President of Operations, Metropolitan Schools Market 
Building Knowledge, Understanding, and Skill-Sets
Profiles in Diversity Journal
March/april 2010
in MY Lie, work adamly ar o. i am par o aamly bsss, ad o o  major callgs or may small bssss, cldg amly bssss, s bssssccsso: ow wll  bsss co w al owr was o rr? tr ar may mporapcs o prparg or sccssl bsss sccsso.i my cas, w srv  facal ds o amlsad bssss;  callg o drsadg  dso cls s o  mos mporac. My gradarsard  bsss ovr 60 yars ago. h was a pro adrsadg s cls’ ds ad dcag mo ow o proprly prpar r facs. how coldmy dad ad i sp  ad srv  ds o cls woad sablsd a clos prossoal rlaosp w my graddad ad co  bsss?O  srac s appars o b a callg, b my crcmsac,  s wa maks or bsss srog adprospros. Wa s r  or bsss s a wsrv amls. So wl my gradar was abl o work w amls w  sard   bsss  1949,os moms ad dads ad cldr, wo arally bcammy ar’s cls. Ad os cldr ad cldr ady bcam my cls. So, w i jod  bsssfv yars ago, r graos o McKas wr srvgr graos o or amls  or ara.Wa i fd s a i av a coco o amlso my grao ad ca rla o r ds. ty av dmadg jobs, sppor a amly, ad/or av amorgag, ad fd m o joy mslvs   as-pacd world o  21s cry.no oly ca i srv popl o my ow grao,b bcas o or ml-graoal pracc, w acac or. i lard rom my gradar ow o work w a oldr mal wo may o b sd o wom  workorc. i was abl o lp my gradar s ayog sgl wom oday ac may o  sam plagsss a sgl m ac. My ar as b abl oadap w cagg cology ad commcaosyls bw graos.havg a sgl dagr as a bsss parr asmad my ar mor kowldgabl o  yogrgrao ad ow o mark o, ad work w, m.So wl i may rs om o fx dr or my rds orsrggl o fd m o da, i av lard ow o work w may dr yps o dvdals.
By Meghann McKenna, CLU
New York Life Insurance Company 
Generations in a Family Business
Meghann McKenna, CLU, is a New York Lie agent based in Bozeman, Montana. She has qualifed or the MDRT—an international, independent association o  the world’s leading lie insurance and fnancial services proessionals—since the start o her career in 2004. She also serves as the chairwoman o the board or Special Olympics Montana.

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