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Housing White Paper - A New Housing Policy and Strategy for South Africa

Housing White Paper - A New Housing Policy and Strategy for South Africa

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A New Housing Policy and Strategy for South Africa
A New Housing Policy and Strategy for South Africa

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Published by: Sustainable Neighbourhoods Network on Apr 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Department of Housing
White Paper
A New Housing Policy and Strategy for South Africa
Contents1.Preamble 2.Housing and the Economy 
2.1Introduction2.2Macro-economic Performance 2.2.1 Economic Growth2.2.2 The Distribution of Income2.2.3 Employment2.2.4 Investment2.2.5 Savings2.2.6 The Fiscal Deficit2.2.7 Inflation2.2.8 The Balance of Payments2.2.9 Policy Implications
3.The Current Housing Context 
3.1Statistical Profile of Housing in South Africa 3.1.1 Demographic profile of South Africa (1995)3.1.2 Income Profiles (1995)3.1.3 Living Conditions, Existing Housing Stock and Rate of Supply3.1.4 Access to Basic Services3.1.5 Summary3.2Existing Housing Conditions in South Africa 3.2.1 Present Housing Backlog3.2.2 Conditions of Tenure
3.3Existing Constraints to Resolving South Africa's Housing crisis 3.3.1 Scale of the Housing Problem3.3.2 Structure of South Africa's Human Settlements3.3.3 Institutional Framework3.3.4 Policy Framework3.3.5 End-User Finance and Subsidies3.3.6 Land and Planning Issues3.3.7 The Housing Construction Sector3.3.8 Sociological Issues3.3.9 Economic Issues3.3.10 Summary
3.4Opportunities Prevalent in the Housing Environment 3.4.1 Participative Policy Development Processes3.4.2 Acknowledgement of Importance of Housing in the RDP3.4.3 Well Developed Infrastructure3.4.4 Potential Resources for Housing3.4.5 Economic Factors
3.5Recent & Current Policy Development Processes in Housing 3.5.1 Housing in the Interim Phase3.5.2 Present National Housing Forum/Department of Housing Relationship:Joint Technical Committees3.5.3 Relationship with the Provinces
4.Proposed National Housing Strategy 
4.1Introduction 4.2National Housing Vision
4.3National Housing Goal
4.4Basic Points of Departure 4.4.1 Sovereignty of the Constitution4.4.2 Housing as a Basic Human Right4.4.3 The Role of the State4.4.4 People-centred Development4.4.5 Freedom of Choice4.4.6 Non-discrimination
4.5Underlying Policy Approaches and Considerations 4.5.1 Housing and Economic Empowerment4.5.2 Sustainability and Fiscal Affordability4.5.3 Hostels4.5.4 Special Needs Housing4.5.5 Urban and Rural Balance4.5.6 Housing and the RDP4.5.7 Consumer Protection and Education4.5.8 Accountability and Monitoring
4.6Overall Approach to Ensuring Housing Delivery 4.6.1 Stabilizing the Housing Environment4.6.2 Supporting the Housing Process4.6.3 Mobilising Housing Credit4.6.4 Mobilising Savings4.6.5 Subsidies4.6.6 Institutional Arrangements4.6.7 Land4.6.8 Coordinated Development
5.Key Substantive Appoaches and Interventions 
5.1Stabilising the Housing Environment 
5.1.1 General Strategy5.1.2 Prioritization of Reconstruction Areas
5.2Institutional Arrangements 5.2.1 Government5.2.2 Role of Provincial Government5.2.3 Role of Local, Rural and Metropolitan Government5.2.4 Statutory Advisory and Policy Execution Bodies5.2.5 The State Corporate and Parastatal Sector5.2.6 The Private Sector5.2.7 Community and Civil Society5.2.8 Non-Governmental organisations
5.3Subsidies 5.3.1 Eligibility5.3.2 Focus on the Poor5.3.3 Tenure5.3.4 Market Anomalies5.3.5 Subsidy Mechanism5.3.6 Subsidy Programmes3.5.7 Levels of Subsidy5.3.8 A National Subsidy Standard5.3.9 Subsidies and Rural Housing
5.4Savings 5.5 Housing Credit5.5.1 Major Banks5.5.2 Non-Traditional Lenders (NTRLs)5.5.3 Facilitating the Provision of Housing Credit
5.6Housing Support 5.7Land and the Housing Development Process 5.7.1 Overall Policy Approach5.7.2 Substantive policy approaches5.7.3 Land Development and Land Use Control5.7.4 Land Registration and Tenure Systems5.7.5 Mechanisms for Resolving Conflicts - Land Delivery Process5.7.6 Policy Approach: Disposal of Publicly-owned Land for Low-incomeHousing
5.8Infrastructure, Service Standards and Tariffs 5.8.1 Institutional Framework and Role of Sectors5.8.2 Standards5.8.3 Technology Choice and Infrastructure Costs5.8.4 Cost-Recovery and Tariffs

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