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College Comp 2 (Tribes)

College Comp 2 (Tribes)

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Published by Hailey Jo Johnson

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Hailey Jo Johnson on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Johnson 1Hailey JohnsonCollege Comp 2Theme #54/9/11Finding Your Wolfpack According to Ken Robinson in
The Element 
, ³For most people, a primary component of being in their element is connecting with other people who share their passion and a desire tomake the most of themselves through it´ (103). This quote, from
The Element,
really made methink about what my life is really missing. I do have a support system within my family butthat¶s different than a tribe. I don¶t have a group of people who encourage me and share the sameinterests. I am missing or have yet to discover my tribe. According to Sandy, a tribe is defined as,³A group of people who share similar interest, values and beliefs and who are willing to supportone another´ (³Ten Ways to Find Your Tribe´). I hope that finding my tribe in college will helplead me to my passion.No matter what you call it; a tribe, posse, crew, gang, network, clan, community, or wolf pack, it is essential to have one. According to Marc, ³One of the most fundamental human needsis the need to belong´ (³How To Build Your Tribe ± Finding µYour People¶´). Besides having atribe just because they make you feel like you belong, a tribe can help you succeed. If you find aREAL, tribe they will encourage and push you to strive at your passion or in finding your passion. When you are being pushed to strive you usually do higher qualities of work. If you finda tribe in college, who is going into the same field as you, you can study and even learn from
Johnson 2them. Also, many people don¶t even discover what they truly want to do with their lives untilafter they discover their tribes. Most people find these tribes while enrolled in college. Tribeshelp you to discover your true passion which leads to your career. Isn¶t that what everyone¶sgoing to college for, to find a career? As stated in ³Finding Your Tribe,´ ³You suddenly begin to³discover´ yourself amount these people´ (Sokanu: The Blog). Discovering yourself is the firststep in finding your passion and tribe. If you don¶t know who you are you will have no idea whatkind of tribe you want.Now comes the good stuff, tips on how to find your tribe. If you are tribe-less, don¶t fret,many people haven¶t found theirs yet. The first thing that will help you is to think of the qualitiesyou want your tribe members to have. Some examples of these qualities are; treats people withrespect, listens but doesn¶t judge, lives with passion, is interested in the same things as you, or isloyal and trustworthy´ (³How to Build Your Tribe ± Finding µYour People¶´). Then, you need tothink about what kind of activities you want your tribe to engage in. Your tribe could be involvedin sports, art, reading, cooking, or whatever interests you. Be sure to listen to your inner voiceand trust your instincts about who you let into your tribe. As Marc says, ³Sometimes you¶ll meetsomeone new and you¶ll feel drawn to them right away, almost as you were old friends´ (³Howto Build Your Tribe ± Finding µYour People¶´). That¶s the type of person who will be a positivemember of your tribe.One way to find your tribe is to use Social Media to create an online tribe. Today thereare so many ways to connect with people that we should have no excuse not to have a tribe. ³For example twitter allows you to search for people who share your interests and who actively talk about these interests´ (³How to Build Your Tribe ± Finding µYour People¶´). There arenumerous online sites you can use to connect with people like Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn,
Johnson 3Ning, or blogs. Blogs are a wonderful way to start your tribe. You can create a blog about your interests and see who follows you. Then, you can get together with these followers and host ablog meet-up so you can get to know them. You could also do something as simple as typingyour city and interests into Google and see what comes up. Most of the time a numerous amountof clubs or groups will come up. Get involved in one of these clubs and you are sure to find atribe sooner of latter. Another easy way to meet people with the same interest is to join a groupor start a group. You need to seek out local organizations that share the same interests as you.³These can be small business groups, artist co-ops, environmental groups, church groups, ect.take your time to get to know these people´ (³Ten Ways to Find Your Tribe´). If you aresurrounded with people who have the same interest and values as you, you are sure to connectwith a few of them. These people you connect with will become part of your tribe. You couldalso just start your own group, it could be offline or online. You could start an Art group, for example, and make flyers to advertise it. You are sure to get some people to join your group whomay possible become your new tribe members.Now that you know how to find your tribe you need to know a little bit about how tokeep your tribe. You need to put effort into your tribe so it doesn¶t fall apart and you lose allyour tribe members. Tribes don¶t just happen, you have to spend time nurturing them andbuilding your tribe up. If you do this you will end up building up strong relationships, ones thatwill last, with the members of your tribe. According to ³One Woman Wolfpack: Finding Your Tribe,´ ³There are so many ways to nurture and cultivate your tribe, but the most important oneis to spend time´ (³Stylishthought.com´). This is so true, spending time with your tribe is thebest thing you can do for the tribe and yourself. You should feel good and encouraged whilespending time with your tribe. So why wouldn¶t you spend time with them?

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