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Thinkers(M05M06)-Question Set 2

Thinkers(M05M06)-Question Set 2

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Published by Pok Chek

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Published by: Pok Chek on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
Ethnic Relations Multiples choice Test 
Group Name: Thinkers Name:Class: M05/M06 Date:Period: 2pm to 4pm Results:
This test consist three parts of multiples choice. Answer all questions.
Part I: Concept of Ethnic Relations
is a social organization in which diversity of racial, ethnic or cultural groups is tolerated
a. Racistb. Multi Societyc. Pluralismd. Emigrant2)
is conditions between cultural groups that are not predictable based on the number of group members present in the general population
a. Disparityb. Unityc. Integrityd. Culture3)
is social policies that directly or indirectly keep races or ethnic groups apart
a. Discriminationb. Amalgamationc. Racismd. Segregation
Page 2
Part II: Ethnic Relation throughout the timeline
Which is NOT the main factor British came to Tanah Melayu?
a. Religionb. Gloryc. Goldd. Generation2)
Who is the first Governor of Malayan Union?
a. Sir Edward Gentb. Sir Harold MacMichaelc. Frank Swettenhamd. George Maxwell3)
Local authoritieslaunched thewarexpelthe Portuguesefrom theMelaka. Whyaretheydoingso?
a. Portuguese manipulate trade at Malaccab. Portuguesearroganttolocalpeoplec. Portuguesewant todominate the economyd. Portuguesehate all theMuslim traders4)
Atthe time ofthe Industrial Revolution, working-classpovertyissocial problemsinBritain.Based on theviews ofRobertOwen, what arethemainfactorsproblem?
a. Behaviorandcharacter oftheworkersb. Restrictions to establishKesatuan Sekerjac. Flexibilityof the laborlawd. Free economicsystemLaissez-Faire
Page 3
Part III: Moral Realism
Who established the New Economics Policies(NEP) and also known as the father of development?
a. Tun Abdul Razakb. Tan Cen Lokc. Tunku Abdul Rahmand. Tun HussienOnn1)
One key difference between contemporary moral realism and traditional moral realismis that contemporary moral realism:
a. bases its moral realism claim on special powers of moral intuition.b. bases its moral realism claim on special powers of moral intuition.c. is much more modest in its claims concerning objective moral truths.d. claims that moral truths are absolute and categorical.2)
Contemporary moral realism maintains that real moral facts and objective moral truths:
a. are a meaningless concept.b. may possibly be discovered and proved.c. have recently been discovered and confirmed by research in psychology and sociology.d. have been known and understood for many centuries.3)
In response to the ethical nonobjectivist argument from simplicity, moral realistsrespond that:
a. both scientific and ethical issues often involve complex judgments.b. ethics is more complicated because it involves the complexity of human behaviorc. it is never possible to make accurate judgments of simplicity.d. simplicity is a false standard in all areas of inquiry, including both science and ethics.

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