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"PPP Epitomises Backwardness" by Malcolm Harripaul

"PPP Epitomises Backwardness" by Malcolm Harripaul

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"PPP Epitomises Backwardness" by Malcolm Harripaul
"PPP Epitomises Backwardness" by Malcolm Harripaul

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Published by: Brigadier David Granger on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Guyana Observer - Monday, 11 April 2011By Malcolm HarripaulOn Monday 4th April 2011 the PPP finally announced that its 15man executive committee had selected Mr Donald Ramotar as theparty¶s presidential nominee after the other 5 contenders hadwithdrawn from contention and had supported MrRamotar as theconsensus candidate. On Saturday 8th April the PPP executivecommittee hosted an Essequibo County Conference to presentMrRamotar to the party¶s membership. The exco will also do thesame in Demerara and Berbice.This is the epitome of the PPP¶s democratic centralism. Thehandful of PPP leaders decide what is best for the membership and imposes their decisions onparty members. This is communism in action. It is very similar to fascism. It is PPP dictatorshipover its members. Such dictatorial and fascist practices are carried over to the government. It isthe nature of the PPP. As I have written before, the PPP is like spoilt milk. In the PPP the creamdoes not rise to the top.In 1962 the Jagans rigged the PPP elections to deny Balram Singh Rai the chairmanship of theparty. In 1997 the PPP leaders resorted to subterfuge to exclude Moses Nagamootoo and imposeBharat Jagdeo on the PPP membership and Guyana. It proved to be the worst man-made disaster to visit Guyana. In 2011 Jagdeo and Ramotar have sidelined NavinChandarpal, MosesNagamootoo, and Ralph Ramkarran. Not that I have much respect for Ramkarran. I previouslywrote that Ramakarran was Janet Jagan¶s hatchet man and that the democratic centralism whichhe subscribed to would kill his presidential ambitions.The continued practice of communist tenets in the PPP does not augur well for the future of IndoGuyanese. Indians must ask themselves how come the PPP does not attract the cream of theIndian society, and therefore never nominates the best person for the presidency. Are we going tobe represented by mediocrity all the time? Why can¶t our leaders be of the same caliber asSattaurGafoor, ToolsiePersaud, Professor Clem Seecharran, Sir ShridatRamphal, LionelLuckhoo, and Maj Gen Joe Singh?The PPP loves to remind us of the ³28 years of PNC dictatorship,´ but at least the PNC hasbegun the process of democratizing itself, and Afro Guyanese gets to elect their leaders from thecream of their society. The democratic process employed by the PNC was in total contrast to thatof the PPP. The PNC¶s presidential hopefuls were presented to that party¶s membership. PNCmembers were free to question their prospective candidates. The party groups sent delegates to aspecial congress. Free and fair election by secret ballot was held, and the best candidate waselected by the party membership.The respective practices of the PPP and PNC are reflected by their presidential nominees. ThePPP¶s communist democratic centralism has resulted in a candidate who pales in comparison to

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