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Canadian Citizen Groups Launch Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Safety Initiatives

Canadian Citizen Groups Launch Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Safety Initiatives

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Published by omeganews

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Published by: omeganews on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WhatsYourTech.caDr. Devra Davis' book, Disconnect, warns about cell phone
fromacid rain to sick building syndrome, and now,
PR.com (press release)According to the British government's
smart meter 
roll plans the deployment of some 53 million
smart meters.....
http://www.pr.com/press-release/312410FIFTY THREE MILLION more RF devices constantly sending strong bursts of dangerous wireless radiation!--------
Mysterious Rumbling Has Local Residents BaffledProvince searching for source of vibrations
by Dave Battagello, The Windsor Star April 8, 2011http://www.windsorstar.com/Mysterious+Rumbling+local+residents+baffled/4579874/story.htmlMost of those reporting sound phenomena experienced it for 20 to 30 minutes andsome said the ground was vibrating. Several of them also saw flashes of light inthe sky. Reports have continued to come in since this map was posted and thoselocations are not plotted on this map, neither is the one for Florida or Windsor.Map of incidents -http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread678017/pg1Lavone--------
The Harper Conservatives took home an F for failing to protect children's
cell towers and
in schools," announced Francois Therrien,
Be it resolved that BCCPAC call on Boards of Education to cease to install
and other wireless networks in
where other (safe)networking technologyis
Canadian Federal Election
Below are some questions that we have written which should prove provocative atpublic or private meetings, or in communication with candidates for election. Youmay have others which you would like to share. These are intended to identifythose candidates who would be supportive of our efforts to change Federal policyregarding many issues involving the telecommunication industry, as well as thosewho won't.We will be asking the Leaders of the parties to respond, and to include theseissues in their platforms.Please provide any feedback you obtain from candidates so that it can be postedfor all to read on the Council's website. Also if you receive no response, thatshould be posted as well. As responses are received, website report cards for each party will reflect positions taken.The Council Team1. Parental Rights to Protect ChildrenPreamble:It is a legal fact that parents by virtue of their relationship have the legal right andmoral obligation to protect their children from potentially hazardous or dangerousexposures.Question#1
Given that there is gold standard science (peer reviewed, published, replicated)showing ill health effects from microwave radiation, do you believe it is the parentsright to provide their informed consent and waiver of liability before their childrenare exposed every day to microwave radiation in the school system?Question #2Do you believe that any institution, business, or government authority should beable to force children to be exposed to microwave radiation without informedconsent from parents?
2. Employee's Right to Protect Self 
Preamble:If a worker has reasonable cause to believe that equipment, physical condition of the workplace or the work itself is likely to create an undue hazard, they have theright to refuse to carry out that work in accordance with Occupational Health &Safety Regulation (OHSR) . Reasonable cause is defined as the employee on anindividual basis exercising normal and honest judgement believing that thecircumstances present an unacceptable degree of hazard.Question #1Given that there is gold standard science (peer reviewed, published andreplicated) showing ill health effects from microwave radiation, do you believeemployees have the right of full disclosure and informed consent with regards toworkplace exposure to microwave radiation?Question #2Would you support full disclosure regarding health risks of microwave radiationand informed consent procedure for employees who are exposed while at work?
3. Public Health Surveillance System
PreambleHESA (the Parliamentary sub-committee responsible for Health Canada) hasrecommended there be independent assessment regarding potential healthimpacts of exposure to rf emr, including an examination of electromagneticsensitivity.QuestionGiven that a growing number of Canadians claim serious health impacts fromexposure to wireless technologies, would you support a public health surveillanceand reporting system for adverse health effects in order to properly assess thisemerging public health problem?4. Electrical sensitivity or Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)Preamble-- Electrical sensitivity, also known as microwave sickness or electrohypersensitivity, is an often debilitating condition where the sufferer experiences intense 'allergic' reactions to electromagnetic emissions (wireless,

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