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Question Bank- Materials Management

Question Bank- Materials Management

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Published by: MY NAME IS NEERAJ..:):) on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Question Bank – Materials Management- Sunil Raghav
Q. No1. Organisational set up of Materials management in NTPC is based on :
(A)Location.(B) Function(C)
Location & Function
(D) None of these.
Q. No.2 Advantages of integrated materials management system ensures better :
(A) Accountability(B) Co-ordination(C) Performance
(D) All the three parameters.Q.No.3. What’s the name of newly included 7 R in 6 R’s list :
(A) Right behavior (B) Right Aptitude
(C) Right Attitude
(D) None of these
Q.No.4. What does EOQ stands for :
(A) Economic Order Quality
(B) Economic Order Quantity
(C) Efficient Order Quantity(D) None of these
Q. No.5. The term CPM stands for :
(A) Contract Planning & Management
(B) Construction Plant and Machinery
(C) Construction Planning and Maintenance(D) None of these
Q.No.6. In case of PSU’s and Co-operative Societies what is the maximum amount an Indenter can go for direct purchasing……
(A) 20,000
(B) 25,000
(C) 30,000(D) 35,000
Q.No.7 In case of other than PSU’s and co-operative Societies what is the amount an indenter cango for direct purchasing pertaining to sundry requirements….(A) 10,000
(B) 12,000(C) 9,000(D) None of these
Q.No.8 In case of Sundry requirements if the amount exceeds the permissible limits the indentingdepartment will be having an representative of which department in the team….
(A) Finance Department
(B) Materials Department
(C) Purchasing Department(D) None of these
Q.No.9 In case of materials required through indenting by an department exceeds amount 2 Lacsof Value then it will be routed through which committee
(A) Works Committee(B) Purchasing Committee
(C) Screening Committee
(D) None of these
Q.No.10. Screening Committee will comprise of members from :
(A) Materials Management(B) Indenting and Materials Management(C) MTP
(D) All the above mentionedQ.No.11. The Matarials Management Process Includes the following aspects :
(A) Material Cost(B) Material Supply(C) Material Utilization
(D) All the above mentioned aspects.Q.No.12. Inventories Comprise almost how much percentage of the Working Capital?
(A) 70%(B) 80%
(C) 90%
(D) 100%
Q.No.13. Purchasing activity is an integral part of Procurement process :(A) Yes
(B) No(C) Not Sure(D) None of these.
Q.No. 14. Which of the following is not a constraint to effective material management :
(A) Inflation(B) Availability and Deliveries(C) Absence of Integrated approach
(D) All these mentioned above..Q.No.15. Materials account for almost what percentage of production costs :
(A) 60 %(B) 70 %(C) 80 %
(D) 60-70 %Q.No.16. Pertaining to responsibilities of a materials manager which of the below mentionedfactor has the maximum impact in percentage terms :(A) Inventory Control
(B) Purchasing(C) Receiving

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