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Published by: api-53265230 on Apr 12, 2011
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Creative Writing Poetry/Lyric Anthology
Looking at common theme based poetry
This Unit will be based on an exploration of common themes inpoetry/lyrics. Throughout the unit, you will be asked to look at lyrics by afavorite recording artist and the common themes that artist uses in their lyrics. You will then be asked to write several poems based around thatsame theme. Keep in mind that
is a “broad stroke” concept that many
can fit under. For instance, if I am writing on the theme of 
“personal responsibility”
there are many specific
that I canexplore under that theme from
“being a good family man, husband, and father” to “making amends for past mistakes” to “struggling with a difficult decision trying to decide what’s right”._____________________________________________________________ ___________ 
Part I: Comparison/Contrast Essay:Choose a recording artist and research their background.
Things you should look for -where they came from (personal background)- What types of influences they have had in their lives (personaland musical)- What themes they write about in their lyrics and why
Then, examine those types of things in your own life.
Things you should examine-background-influences-why you believe in what you believe inYou will use these ideas to write a
3-5 paragraph, 500-700 wordcomparison/contrast essay
between you and your chosen artist. The essayshould compare the things you examined about your artist and you, point outany similarities and differences, and discuss the importance of the theme youare focusing on in both of your lives.
This part of the project will be due:Tuesday, April 26 (by 3:00)
Part 2
Poetry/Lyric anthology:
This part of the project will involve your writing of poems in class, findinglyrics from your chosen artist and compiling all of these into an anthology of work. All of the poems you write and the lyrics you collect must fit under the theme that you have chosen to explore. (When you collect your lyrics,DO NOT just print from a website and staple that into your anthology. Youmust type all of the collected lyrics in the same font, and cite where you gotthem from)I will teach/review several different aspects of poetry with you and give youspecific formats/lengths in which your poems need to be written. (So don’tjust go and start writing poems on your own and assume they will work for the project). We will draft/edit/write several poems in class, and then youwill choose your favorites to include in the anthology.
Part 3: Personal Reaction:
You will also need to write a personal reaction
to the poetry you wrote andthe lyrics you collected. The reaction should be 300-500 words long anddiscuss 1. How the poems/lyrics fit with the theme you chose to explore. 2.What you like/dislike about the poems/lyrics. 3. Successes/difficulties youexperienced in writing the poems for the project.
Parts 2 & 3 will be due:Thursday, May 5th (by 3:00)Guidelines/Format/Specifics
Your anthology should be compiled in the following format:
- cover page (your name, artist’s name, theme explored)- Original Poems (Each poem on a separate page)- Collected Lyrics (Each poem on a separate page)-Personal Reaction--The essay should be written in 12 font, times new roman, doublespaced. All of the other poems can be typed in any font you like as long as Ican read it. Remember, you can not just print a poem from a website andstaple it into your anthology. Also remember, you must cite where you gotyour collected poems from (just give the website in parenthesis on thebottom of the page)Grading:Maximum of a C: 4 original poems/50 lines of poetry (minimum)Maximum of a B: 6 original poems/75 lines of poetry (minimum)Maximum of an A: 8 original poems/100 lines of poetry (minimum)Required for all grade levels: 5 collected lyrics…if you have less than5 you will automatically lose one grade for each missing lyric…in other words if you include enough original poetry for a possible A grade, but onlyinclude 4 sets of lyrics, I will grade you based on the B scale.________________________________________________________ 
Part 4: The Presentation:
You will be required to present your work at the end of the unit.Here's how that will work. You will need to construct a Prezi that includes:1. Your name2. Your artists name3. Your theme4. Two of your original works5. One of your artists sets of lyrics6. Your reaction that you already wroteWhen you present your work, you will take us through each "slide"and introduce yourself, your artist, your theme, read your two originalpoems, hand out hard copies of the lyrics you included in your Prezi to eachof us in the audience, and play the song that you chose to include. After thesong is done, you will need to "summarize" your reaction to the unit fromthat "slide".
Presentations need to be ready on Monday, May 21st.

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