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E commerce to m commerce

E commerce to m commerce

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Published by rajnigarg37

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Published by: rajnigarg37 on Apr 12, 2011
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====================================E-COMMERCE TO M-COMMERCEThe past ten years its seems, have brought a century’s worth of change in the wayhumans interact and exchange goods and services. The richest man in the world, billgates, once said “ In every one or two decades there comes a technology which changesthe way humans carry out their daily lives forever”. The television that change humanentertainment in the 1950’s forever, the computer in the 1960’s that change humans work habits and the internet in the late 1970’s that changes the way humans wouldcommunicate, learn, advertise, conduct business and so on. As a result of this, animportant human chore was digitalized, like a number of others, - commerce. Thus, e-commerce or electronic commerce came into pictures.The present day is the witness to the wide reliance of man on M-commerce.Companies can make online catalogs of products and services so that mobile users canaccess that catalog from their mobile devices. Mobile commerce is still in its earlystages. It can potentially provide customer satisfaction, help generate businessopportunities, facilitate greater profits, build good relationships with customers andprovide quick access to anywhere. Using m-commerce is an efficient method to reach thecustomer. It is used for various services like financial service—mobile banking or m-banking to access accounts, bill payment and remitting money, brokerage through thephone or mobile brokerage etc. They follow you wherever you go, making it possible toaccess the Internet while walking down the street with friends and family or whiledriving, looking for a nearby restaurant or gas station. As the Internet finds its way intoour purses or shirt pockets, the devices we use to access it are becoming more personaltoo. Realizing the plethora of opportunities available, organizations are making a radicalshift towards embracing mobile computing in their business practices. Mobile ServiceMarketer is an SMS-based marketing service that increases the use of the mobile servicesbeing advertised, thereby raising the revenue they bring in. For the service providers,Mobile Service Marketer is a useful advertising solution that respects the privacy of themobile users. Using the Mobile Service Marketer Service has proved to be an excellentexperience. Mobile text Messaging, or Short Message Service (SMS), as we all know it,is the ability to send and receive text messages to and from mobile telephones.
====================================E-COMMERCE TO M-COMMERCE
Commerce is the trading of something of value between two entities. That somethingmaybe goods services, information, money or anything else the two entities consider tohave value. Commerce is the central mechanism from which capitalism and all other economic systems are derived. The process of transforming something into a commercialactivity is called commercialization.Commerce has its origin from the very start of communication is prehistoric times.Trading was the main facility of prehistoric people, who bartered what they had for goods& services from each other. Peter Watson dates the history of long- distances commercefrom circa 150000 years ago.Later, currency was introduced as standardized money to facilitate a wider exchange of goods & services. Currency solved this problem by allowing values to be assigned tothings so that goods & services can in a way be effectively collected & stored for later use, or split amount several providers.Today commerce involves a complex system of companies that try to maximize their profits by offering products & services to the market, which consists both of individuals& other companies at the lowest production cost.
====================================E-COMMERCE TO M-COMMERCE
Electronic commerce or e-commerce consist primarily of the distributing, buying salvingmarketing, and servicing of products or services over electronic systems such as theinternet and other computer networks. The information technology industry might see itas an electronic business application aimed at commercial transactions. It can involveelectronic funds transfer, supply change management; e-marketing, on line marketing,online transaction processing, electronic data interchanged, automated inventorymanagement systems and automated data collection systems. It typically uses electroniccommunications technology such as the internet, extranets, e-mail, e-books, data basesand mobile phones. 
Electronic business
or e-business is any business process that is empowered by aninformation system. Today this is mostly done with the web-based technologies, the terme-business’ was coined by Lou Gerstner, CEO of IBM.Electronic business methods enables companies to link their internal and externalprocesses more efficiently and flexibly, work more closely with suppliers and partners tobetter satisfy the needs and expectations of their costumers.In practice, this involves the introduction of new revenue streams through the use of e-commerce, the enhancement of relationships between clients and partners and improvingefficiency from using knowledge management system. E-business can be conducted over the public internet, through internal internets and over secure private extranets.It is more than just e-commerce. It covers business processes along the whole valuechain: electronic purchasing (“e-procurement”) & supply chain management, processingorders electronically, Customer service & corporation with business partners. Thisapplies to traditional & virtual organization. Special technical standards e-businessfacilitates the exchange of data between companies.

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