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The Civil War

The Civil War

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Apr 12, 2011
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 The Civil War's 150th Year Anniversary (1861-2011) 
So many times and eons passed to make this day a reality. Even now, the Civil War divides peoplealong numerous lines. It kind of defined a lot of culture and history of America to this very day. The warpitted church against church, family members against family members, and spread into other causingother divisions in America. I am an American, so we always in our schools were taught about the CivilWar. Emotions and different perspectives about the war develop in the psyche of people. The truthabout the Civil War has come out (
without deceptive revisionism. Modern revisioniststhough believe that all sides in the war were either all honorable men or one sideis completely guilt free of critique or criticism. In reality, Secret orders and othergroups like the Jesuits, the secessionists, & the Scottish Rite of Freemasonryagitated both sides. This agitation contributed to the existence of the Civil Warin the first place).
The Civil War caused as high as 620,000 soldiers to die including up to 50,000civilian causalities. That number is equivalent to the slaughter of Americans in the Revolutionary War,the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, and the Korean Warcombined.Times are rapidly changing in the planet Earth. In our generation, we will have to execute our ownthinking to find the truth and develop subsequent solutions to poverty, oppression, and any form oftyranny. Also, it’s important not to let the world to exploit human beings. We have to wish successamong any human beings, but we should support moral absolutes in society. The truth of the matter isthat there is nothing wrong with the government helping people. Yet, we will have to do things too inimproving our communities, helping our families, and assisting the interests of our own people.
We havean enemy. We know exactly who is the enemy is
. In spite of that, we should have joy,happiness, and a sense of purpose in moving forward with our lives
. Also, weshould not worship the physical or monetary wealth. There is nothing wrong with improving our health,but we need to improve our spirituality too. For you can be a very strong person physically and live along time with money and still have wickedness. Another person can live a short period of time, can bepoor, and make lasting contributions for society.
So, money is a tool not a god. In my life, I stillrespect the diversity of humanity, yet the unity of our values that we all share. I honor
the equality that exists amongst our different sizes, ages, heights, and backgrounds.We should follow the Lord since in our time. The anti-God crowd is getting more andmore bold to overtly express hatred of God & his children. Some essences ofspirituality are the belief in a Creator, the necessity of man needing a Savior, and theoutline of morality for us to follow. The body may suffer at times, but the spirit will liveon forever if we follow the truth. So, it’s vital to get our lives right before we die, forgiveeven our enemies, make amends, be careful on how we treat people, and showcompassion towards any human being. There are certain people in this world that just
hate anybody that are different. So, it’s our imperative job to not devolve ourselves intothat prejudice mindset. We should appreciate the diverse appearances, personalities, &images of the whole human race with respect & sincere love. Balance is certainly adecent quality to adhere to. You have to find that balance between having fun andseriousness in order to incorporate a more enriching life.Balance means something. Itmeans that all of us should promote the ideal of women and men to be progressive intheir outlooks, intelligence, social abilities, and overall intentions. For if either genderisn’t progressive in their rights or liberties, and then society is badly having a case ofproblems or deterioration. Also, we need a Plan B if things don’t go into plan. Also, onelesson in life is that sometimes, the loudest person in the room is the most insecureperson around. It is better to act strategically than constantly reveal over exaggerateand brag about your so-called “accomplishments.” If you beg for your liberation, youwon’t get it in full. You have to demand it and create your own solutions independentlyin having true liberation.
Bloodshed and tons of controversy consume the era of the Civil War. The Civil War in a way wasinevitable since there couldn't be a means to end slavery except by a huge conflict or a miracle. Therewere bigots that wanted to preserve the institution forever basically. The issue of slavery, trade, andcultural differences were major causes of the Civil War.
That is why the Cornerstone Speech andmany documents from the states of Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina pretty muchadmitted that maintaining slavery was one crucial reason for their secessions in the first place
.So, it's obvious that slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow oppression are all wrong and all immoral. 
 The North and South had strong disagreements on how to conduct theirstandards of living. Token compromises like the Missouri Compromise and the Nebraska/Kansas Actdidn't solve the issue of slavery in a real fashion. The European elites and the Papacy saw the divisionsin America. They utilized the Civil War in an attempt to divide up America and economically control theNorth American continent. Even the leadership of the Confederates was supported by the Papacy andthe British.
Some obsess about states rights. Yet, even states have done immoral acts before fromenforcing fugitive slave laws to Jim Crow. States rights can never trump basic human rights. Somestates were wrong to buy, sell, rape, whip, and lynch human beings
. Fort Sumter took place evenbefore Abraham Lincoln could take office.The SOUTH attacked Ft. Sumter. The SOUTH was and ispart of the USA. Lincoln could not have attacked his own country. It has now been more than 130 yearsafter the attack on Fort Sumter. 7 states that started with South Carolina seceded from the Unionbefore Lincoln took office. This existed beyond a tariff issue as historical revisionists maintain was thebiggest cause of the Civil War.You can't discuss or understand about the Civil War without learning about Secret Societies.Both theUnion and the Confederate side of the Civil War were influenced heavily by Freemasonry. For example,the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite was based in Charleston, South Carolina. Albert Pike andmany Confederate leaders were Masons just like Union Colonel William C. P. Breckinridge of Kentucky.Anton Chaitkin documented a strong Masonry presence in the South as well. John Brown was once a3rd Degree Freemason.He became anti-Mason (because William Morgan was murdered by Masons in
1826) and turned into an Abolitionist. He wanted to abolish slavery by force. He worked with others totry to seize the government arsenal at Harpers Ferry, VA to cause an insurrection of slavery. Thegovernment captured him and his allies. He was convicted of treason and hanged in December 2, 1859.There were the Knights of the Golden Circle and the Young America organization that existed in theantebellum period too. At least 16 Freemasons were appointed by Lincoln during his administration likeEdward Bates, Anson Burlingame, William B. Campbell, Edward R. S. Canby, and other people.Confederate Leader Jefferson Davis was not a Freemason. His father Samuel Davis and his brotherJoseph E. Davis were indeed members of the Craft.
Jefferson Davis wrote that: "...I regard thefraternity with respect and have never felt any disapproval of it other than that whichpertains to every secret society. Viewing Freemasonry from a distance, and judging the treeby its fruits. I have believed it to be in itself good."
I guess Jefferson Davis omitted about thedeath oaths, secret rituals, and occult components of the Order of Freemasonry. The ex-Secretary ofthe Treasury Howell Cobb and Vice President John C. Breckinridge were members of the Scottish Riteof Freemason. The economy was in a Depression according to Henry C. Carey. Carey was one ofLincoln’s closest collaborators and economic advisers. One of the promoters of Reconstruction namedThaddeus Stevens accused Buchanan’s cabinet of promoting the interests of slavery.
When you think about it,
the U.S. Civil War
could of developed into a worldwideinternational conflict that would of involved the nations of
Great Britain, France,Mexico, Russia, Spain, and Prussia 
Russia came to the aid of the Union in order to protect American forces in New York and San Francisco.Czar Alexander II freed million of Russian serfs and Abraham Lincoln witnessed the freedom of about 3million slaves.
The Russian Tsar Alexander II had liberated the 23 million serfs of the RussianEmpire in 1861
Both men were killed by assassination. Alexander II revoked Papal Rome’s Concordatwith Russia. He twice broke diplomatic relations with the Papacy in 1866 and 1877. Alexander II helped

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