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Published by Sam Buhaisi

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Published by: Sam Buhaisi on Apr 12, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 In a world where days begin with schedules already full; it would be really sokind and thoughtful of you to give of your time. The world where people have notime to tell those whom they love that they care for them. No matter what thefuture conceals .. no matter how the unknown will be, just tell quickly those whom ulove that you really love and will always love them. Indeed, the worst experience isto live all life long without feeling the power of LOVE inside you, yet this may leadsadly to the destructive peak... If you wanna see what I mean, consider this DUALstory and then Judge.
Such a scary words in a deep darkly night.. It was a largecemetery next to the balcony of a wrecked house. Oh.. I've always said that I'munlucky, yet I should pass through the cemetery every time I return back from themain city as far as I'm alone in a country that is not my mother. Later, I had mybest memorable moments in there; some were worthy to enjoy listening to, andsome were tragical and scary but useful for life expectations.
used to getting my dinner from the downtown so that I can pay some bellsand visit some friends there. Over and over, I feel terrified, walking through thedead although I have such strong realistic views that I'm sticking to. The view ofthat mysterious wrecked soundless house that no one can neither in day time nor atnight get closer to. I was new there, and I've been living there for nearly twoweeks and I got used to that situation.
owever, the third week is the most vividly I can barely remember. There,at that weird rainy night, a man hardly seen laying besides a recent built grave. Ididn't care at all, I mean I'm in a cemetery. I just kept my eyes on my steps and.. suddenly, I felt as if someone has taken my heart off.. the strange man shoutedsoftly"hey Frank, come and see your destiny", but I was paralyzed that I couldn'tgive the order to my head to turn. Uhh .. I could feel every inch in my bodytrembling involuntary. Again, the voice repeated" Frank.. Frank, come and seeyour destiny". I was looking at the gate of the cemetery, imagining that I'mstanding on the place where I'm looking at. Definitely, I was crapped at thatmoment. Then, I decided to show response for that voice was increasing loudly. So,I turned to have sight on the grave and the strange man, unfortunately, that wasthe only source where the voice is coming from. Carefully, I stepped forwardtowards there, and once I reached, I said" hhhello.. isss ththere something that Ican do, sir", but there were no response at all. A man in a dirty long overcoat anda tattered scarf covering all his head and almost his face."Oh my God"I said, asI thought this must be the undertaker in charge here. Woooooof.. along breaththat I could hardly exhale when something terrible happened. It feels like whensomeone shoot you in the head, so hard and so belligerent...
e stepped back to face the grave. He, at once, stared at my eyes. Aconfusing look made me feel like I'm mysterious and unidentified.. he took a stickand pointed to the concrete mass on the front of the grave, and there I wascompletely shocked. I shouted surprisingly and came to my mind my entire life in atwinkle of an eye. Uhh.. nooo," what da .. impossible, how could that happen,..
who are you?, what you want from me?, where am I?, oooohh.. plllzzzzz", Ishouted at the strange man.
.. what else blue can't I see at such miserable night of my life. AllI remember is totally blindness, everything is as dark as the inner of that grave. Igot down on my knees and said" why ? ", ennn "how?"." hahahah..heeeeei..hhahha", I started laughing with my tear-drops on my face. Itreally hurts so deep when you realize the painful truth but you try in vain tovisualize merely the opposite. So, I said to myself," it's ok, it's of course not theonly grave that has the name FORLAN MARK written on it...",'...But.. but.. but..how do you kno...!!"I continued looking at both the grave and the man.
was about to get mad when the strange man said:" Frank! Let the one youlove knows that you really love him...", and he repeated:" Frank! See yourdestiny.. tell the one you love that you love him".
was confused and paralyzed at all levels, I don't know whether this is realor fake, what is happening to me?, and why?. At that moment, the man stoodhardly on his feet and it looks like he was planning to leave. I shouted again," heydon't leave me like this plzzzz.. tell me who are you, how did you get to knowMARK, and what you mean by destiny.. oh plzz come back". Uhh, the man couldabsolutely utter just one word, it was 'TOMMOROW', and he disappeared insidethe darkness of the cemetery.
hesitated, I don't know what to do, and that naughty question was killingme slowly; I was wondering all the time, is this really something I know?, is itreally something belongs to me?, must I be here or not?. All was just dark.. and Ilost consciousness.

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