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chapter-9test political parties

chapter-9test political parties

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Published by Jennii

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Published by: Jennii on Apr 13, 2011
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Political Parties
Ans: DPage: 198Type: Conceptual10. Which of the following statements about political parties in theUnited States is true?a0. Parties in this country are relatively new, having emerged onlyafter the Civil War.b0. Parties today are relatively strong, but they are not strong in allareas of the country.c0. Parties in this country have never been as strong, or meant asmuch, as in many European countries.d0. Parties today are relatively weak, but they are not weak in allareas of the country.e0. Parties are relatively strong today although loyalties are spreadmore widely.Ans: CPage: 199Type: Conceptual20. The key term in the definition of a political party isa0.
with the purpose of giving the party clout.b0.
to provide clear policy choices for the party.c0.
to give a candidate party identification.d0.
to create a strong national party.e0.
to enhance party strength.Ans: CPage: 199Type: Conceptual30. Party identification among voters is one way of gauging the strengthof a party. Another cited by the text is thea0. number of parties that appear on the ballot in a nationalelection.b0. use of a party label or symbol on ballots in municipal elections.c0. strength of the organization that recruits and campaigns for candidates.d0. protection offered to individual parties by the U.S.
.e0. amount of attention given to parties by the media.Ans: EPage: 200Type: Conceptual40. The federal system goes a long way toward explaining why U.S.parties are ________ than their European counterparts.a0. more ideologicalb0. less ideologicalc0. more aggressived0. more centralizede0. more decentralized
Ans: APage: 200Type: Conceptual50. One reason why political parties in the United States today areweaker than in Europe is that, in the United States,a0. party leaders do not typically select people to run for office.b0. local party leaders rarely have as much power as national ones.c0. political parties organizations are highly centralized.d0. Congress reserves the right to select the chief executive of thegovernment.e0. party leaders have become less ideological.Ans: CPage: 200Type: Factual60. In most states, candidates for office are chosen bya0. the people.b0. party leaders.c0. primary elections.d0. conventions.e0. delegations.Ans: EPage: 200Type: Factual70. In Europe, almost the only way a person can become a candidate isbya0. winning a constituency referendum.b0. being nominated by a member of the executive branch.c0. winning in the primary election.d0. hiring his or her own campaign organization.e0. being nominated by party leaders.Ans: BPage: 201Type: Conceptual80. What role do political parties play in the lives of most Americans?a0. U.S. political parties dominate a variety of associations towhich a person may belong.b0. Most Americans separate political parties from other aspects of their lives.c0. Most Americans are highly partisan in their politics, and thispartisanship affects more than just their voting.d0. Fewer Americans than Europeans think of themselves aspolitical independents.e0. a and c.Ans: CPage: 201Type: Factual90. George Washington’s view of parties may have been influenced bya0. the absence of a strong federal court system.b0. the success of the electoral college in the first two elections.c0. the constant quarreling between Hamilton and Jefferson in hiscabinet.d0. the failure of the first national bank.e0. his experiences with treaties.
Ans: APage: 201Type: Conceptual100. Why should George Washington, among other Founders of ounation, have been so opposed to political parties?a0. Because disputes over policies and elections were not easilyseparated from disputes over government legitimacyb0. Because the U.S.
made clear the dangers of partisanship in governmentc0. Because political parties during the early years of the republicwere both strong and centralizedd0. Because political parties during the early years of the republicrepresented clear, homogeneous economic interestse0. Because the presidency was vulnerable to the influence of rivalfactionsAns: EPage: 201Type: Conceptual110. The Founders saw political parties asa0. an important aspect of democracy.b0. effective only in raising money for campaigns.c0. appropriate for a direct democracy but not for a republic.d0. a means communicating public opinion to the president.e0. factions motivated by ambition and self-interest.Ans: APage: 201Type: Factual120. The first organized political party in American history wasa0. made up of the followers of Jefferson.b0. organized by Alexander Hamilton.c0. organized by the Federalists.d0. ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.e0. formed under the
Articles of Confederation
.Ans: EPage: 202Type: Factual130. Some were so distraught by the election of Thomas Jefferson thattheya0. prepared constitutional amendments that would radically alter our system of government.b0. argued for even greater restrictions on suffrage.c0. challenged the results of the election in Washington.d0. refused to certify votes in dozens of counties.e0. organized to have New England secede from the union.Ans: BPage: 202Type: Conceptual140. During the founding period of U.S. history, political parties could
be characterized asa0. national coalitions in which large, raucous party conventionsplayed a major role.b0. small coalitions based more on geography and class than oncommon economic interests.c0. instruments through which debate over the legitimacy of thenew government could take place.d0. bureaucratized, well organized, and well financed.e0. national coalitions which were well organized by impersonalbureaucracies.

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