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The New Age Movement is Designed to Destroy True Biblical Christianity

The New Age Movement is Designed to Destroy True Biblical Christianity



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Published by Jeremy James
The New Age movement is really a modern, disguised form of traditional witchcraft and eastern religion. This paper shows how the real face behind the 'angelic light' of the New Age is Lucifer.
The New Age movement is really a modern, disguised form of traditional witchcraft and eastern religion. This paper shows how the real face behind the 'angelic light' of the New Age is Lucifer.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Jeremy James on Apr 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The New Age Movement is Designedto Destroy True Biblical Christianity
by Robert Pye
Many Christians have heard of the New Age Movement but are unclear about its philosophyand its purpose. They don’t understand that the various cults and ‘isms’ which have beencreated in the past fifty years or so have been established as part of a plan to draw peopleaway from Christianity. This plan is well-funded and carefully co-ordinated by generationalLuciferian families and occult groups. They are trying to undermine and destroy the remnantsof true Christianity in the world today and bring about a New World Order. A major goal of the New World Order confederacy is the creation of a One World Religion. This will likelyhave some semblance of Christianity but will be antichrist in spirit and substance.If one is to understand the dangers posed by the New Age movement, it is vital that everyborn-again Christian be able to recognise the countless ways in which New Age ideas areinfiltrating modern thought and culture. It is happening so subtly and in so many guises that itis difficult to address effectively unless one understands the mentality behind it.In this paper I will describe the main elements in the New Age philosophy and where they areleading. Please bear in mind that every one of the beliefs in the ‘New Age Deception’ section(below) are false. They are utterly unbiblical and poison of the worst kind. I feel it isnecessary to say this since some New Age beliefs can actually seem quite plausible if onecomes upon them in a new or unfamiliar setting. For example, some Christian leaders andpastors have recommended the movie,
, without realizing that it is intensely New Ageand filled from start to finish with Luciferian philosophy. In my experience, many sincereChristians today already subscribe unwittingly to a few New Age beliefs, never havingconsidered where they came from or that they may possibly be in conflict with Scripture.Among these beliefs are universalism, ecumenism and modernism (We will discuss theselater). Remember, Satan is the Great Deceiver. He knows his job – and the human heart – extremely well.
I have already written about the dangers of the New Age movement in my earlier paper,Eighteen New Age Lies – An Occult Attack on Christianity. The purpose of this follow-uppaper is to describe the New Age system as a coherent world view and so make it easier for born-again Christians to understand it and to recognize its countless manifestations in modernculture, the media and elsewhere.
- New Age Deception -
WARNING: A summary of the New Age deception starts here 
1. Soul is divine. Man is a god but does not know it. Only the body dies. Death isnatural.
2. There is no need for salvation since no-one is damned. Man is not fallen and hasno need to repent. He is on earth to gain experience. The Supreme Being neveintended that even a single soul would perish. All are going back to the high heavenlyworlds, at their own pace.
3. God never judges man. All men are basically good but lacking in spiritualmaturity. An impersonal law of cause and effect is in operation which helps to bringman to maturity. We reap only what we sow. The law of karma is impartial,mechanical and universal. All souls eventually work through all of their karma andreach the high levels of heaven.
4. The universe is filled with a spiritual energy which is both supremely intelligentand infinitely creative. This is the Force (cosmic energy, cosmic intelligence,universal spirit, prana, mana, elan vital, prakriti, manitou, etc).
New Age methods for contacting the Force
5. A New Ager can contact the Force in three ways: (a) imagination or visualization;(b) meditation, contemplation or yoga, and (c) specific rituals such chanting, sacreddance, rosaries, ascetic practices, invocations, astrology (including rites linked toastrological charts or the astrological calendar), mandalas, vision quests, shamanicrites, and the use of charged objects such as talismans and crystals.
6. All creation is dualistic, yin-yang or a blend of positive and negative. Thuseverything must balance. Balance leads to harmony. Spiritual growth comes throughthe harmonisation of opposites and inner balance. There are many levels of creation,the ‘Earth Plane’ being but one of them.
Changing one’s reality
7. The Force is responsive to our thoughts. Thoughts are ‘things’. To change hisreality the New Ager believes he must change his fundamental thinking processes.This is sometimes referred to as a change in consciousness.
8. The New Age movement attaches great importance to degrees and initiations. Eachdegree or initiation is meant to lift one into a higher level of consciousness. Thepromise that he will ‘take the next step’ if he persists along the path is a keymotivating factor for every New Ager.
Unity of Consciousness
9. Even though all things are dualistic in manifestation, the whole of creation isspiritually One, a unified field of pure consciousness.
Good and Evil are Relative
10. Since everything is one, good and evil are only relative terms. Therefore weshould not judge or condemn others since they are operating from within their ownlevel of consciousness. At some stage they will gain enough ‘experience’ to make aleap in consciousness and advance to a higher level.
Soul’s journey over many lives
11. Soul reincarnates over many lifetimes in order to gain enough ‘experience’ toreach the level of spiritual maturity known as ‘God Consciousness’ or ‘GodRealization.’ There are even levels beyond this which only the most spirituallyadvanced souls or Masters can reach.
Living and Ascended Masters
12. The New Age teaches that soul was extremely immature when it first came toearth. Then the cycle of reincarnation began and it gradually ‘unfolded’ into highelevels of consciousness. The Supreme Being (who is NEVER identified with theLord God of the Bible) arranged for some highly evolved souls to come back to earthto ‘guide’ the evolution of mankind. These are often referred to as ‘Masters.’ Jesus isusually portrayed as a ‘master’ but not a very high one.
Age of Aquarius
13. The so-called Masters are trying to lift mankind as a whole to the level where allviolence and discord are universally banished. The divinely ordained threshold,known as the Age of Aquarius, is fast approaching where mankind will make thismomentous leap in Cosmic evolution. Peace and tolerance will reign everywhere.However some members of mankind will resist this quantum transition into a higher state of being. They will cling to the old ways. In doing so they will prove themselvesunfit or unworthy to receive this new state of consciousness. Their resistance mayeven pose a threat to the rest of mankind by contaminating the planetaryconsciousness. If this is the case then they will have to be removed, relocated or re-educated (depending on the branch of the New Age one follows).
Man cannot communicate personally with God
14. The Masters are one’s only bridge to the Supreme Being. The Absolute is utterlyunknowable by puny man. Only the Masters have seen and spoken with the SupremeBeing. Thus man can only communicate with the Force and with the Masters until hehas unfolded spiritually to a sufficiently high level where direct contact with theSupreme Being becomes possible.

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