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The False Light of Lucifer

The False Light of Lucifer

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Published by Patty Thomas
Many churches today do not realize that they are so busy seeking the supernatural, that they have invited in the false light of lucifer. The examples given will help you to discern!
Many churches today do not realize that they are so busy seeking the supernatural, that they have invited in the false light of lucifer. The examples given will help you to discern!

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Published by: Patty Thomas on Apr 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Patty Thomas-The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry www.PrayOutLoud.com  ©Copyright, 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
There is such a profound seeking for manifestations of the supernaturaltoday, that deceptions run rampant in our churches and homes. Making
regular “sold
out” appearances, lucifer is hard at work deceiving even the
elite.With an awakening hunger, people are beginning to cry out for God, only to
see the false manifestations of a usurping devil. Worse, he’s not only
stealing their souls, but their worship, too. Thousands of years after he
was cast out of Heaven, he’s still trying to ”play God,” and find people who
will worship him. The mask is off, lucifer! you are being exposed!Why is this happening, now, more than ever? There are two main reasons:1) It is nearing time for Jesus to Return, and 2) People are not willing topay the price to get their lives in order before the Lord. This leaves them
with unresolved issues that block them from receiving God’s Highest and
Best. Sin blocks blessings. Yes, Jesus Forgave us our sins, past, presentand future, but He Expects us to turn from our former ways, weeding sinout continually. He Still Wants a holy people, to worship Him, with honor,respect and reverence.In some churches, the lights are turned off during worship. Why would
Jesus Want a darkened church? Answer: He Wouldn’t. But, the great
deceiver would. In other churches, the worship team has gained rock-starfame and recognition. This is of the human flesh, or ego. Too often,worship has become all about performance. The musicians then, areseeking and taking the glory that belongs to God. This opens a door for thedemonic.Then, there is another situation that needs to be addressed. Swept up in atide of warm and fuzzy feelings during worship, very few take the time todiscern. False doctrines, false prophets and false signs and wonders are
everywhere. Like innocent lambs led to slaughter, are the congregants of some of the churches today.What pastor has been trained to know the false from the Real? What pastorunderstands the mechanisms, ploys and tactics of the evil? Where andwhen have these things been taught to your average pastor?There are other reasons as well. In television programs and the movies,psychic skills, witchcraft and sorcery are being taught at an ever-alarming
rate. On satan’s highest feast day of Halloween, parents are dressin
g theirchildren up as witches and sorcerers. They buy school and every dayclothing, accessories and paraphernalia covered with skulls and crossbones,demons and other satanic images. Video games today, are filled withdemonic creatures, and abject violence. The Harry Potter books havebecome a huge phenomenon, with a theme park now open at UniversalStudios in Orlando.Why is this a problem? These things indicate an alignment with the satanicforces. That means, an acceptance of them. It must be stated clearly here,that such an alignment or acceptance, is a rejection of Jesus Christ and HisSalvation.
We must wake up, church. We must become aware of the false, so that we donot fall prey to it. I'm going to give you three separate examples of the falselight of lucifer. The church today, is being deceived into accepting the falselight and thinking it is God. There are many manifestations of this light. TheLord Tells us that His People perish for lack of knowledge. Let these examplesbe a beginning guide for you.
I walked into a church that was in the middle of worshipping. The churchseemed to be filled with golden light. The atmosphere seemed all warm andfuzzy, and inviting. Finding a seat, I stood to worship, but everything in mejust stopped.
I just “shut down.”
I sat down and prayed in the Gift of Tongues. Within a few moments, I feltHoly Spirit Rising up within me, like a Fountain. Ah, the Well of Living Water!My thoughts hadn't even connected, but I just
what to do. When thesteps of the righteous are well-ordered, Holy Spirit Sometimes Puts you onautomatic pilot, if only briefly. At that moment, you are surely abiding in Him.Just using my thoughts, I took authority in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.I cast out the spirit of lucifer. Immediately, that golden cloud rolled out of 
that church. I could physically see it leave, like a wave that rolled out of theroom.The pastor immediately jumped up, and picked up the microphone. He wascompletely unaware of what was going on. What you as a pastor are notaware of.....is deadly, for you as the shepherd, for your church, and for everyindividual and family represented there.
That “golden light” was a demonic manifestation. The people thought they
 were worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, and in their hearts and minds, theyprobably were. However, the sin that was present there, was the open doorfor the demonic to arrive. That particular church actively soughtmanifestations of gold dust, gemstones, prophetic words and more. Emptycoffee cups, water bottles and a miscellaneous mélange of things were oftenfound on the seats and floor of the sanctuary as people left. Because theywere not humbled before the Lord, satan had a field day.One thing I had noticed about that church, is that they were not doing weeklyaltar calls, or weekly communion. They were busy chasing the supernatural,
and that’s what they found. Only, it wasn’t the supernatural of God that they
Some months ago, I took a call from a friend. She told me that in less thanhalf an hour, a service was to begin just a few minutes from me. A "prophet"had been invited in from another state. She felt that I needed to go, and thatperhaps there would be a word for me and the ministry. Reluctantly, I gotmyself together and went to find this place. I was leery, having seen so muchfalse prophecy. God Works in Mysterious Ways, so I went, watching for Him.As I entered the darkened room, the oppressiveness was overwhelming.Someone was beating on a large drum. It seemed more like a pagan gatheringthan a church.
Again, I ask: “
Why, are pastors turning the lights off inchurches today?
Some of them look more like a seedy night club than aHouse of God! There is never, ever, a reason to turn the lights off! Is thisbeing done to "highlight" the worship team? NO!!!! They are not to be madeidols! The only "atmosphere" you need is that of the Presence of HOLY Spirit!Let me say that again, "HOLY Spirit."I took a seat, and again, sat and prayed in Holy Spirit's Gift of Tongues.Immediately, I was doing spiritual warfare, taking authority over, and castingout the demonic that had invaded
and pervaded the “atmosphere.” satan is
the prince of the air.

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