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Published by theycallmemoo

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Published by: theycallmemoo on Apr 13, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UNTITLEDwritten bymary kate kroliczakScrippedscripped.comREVISION 1045April 13, 2011Copyright (c) 2008-2011mary kate kroliczakAll Rights Reserved
INT. HOUSE EARLY MORNINGJack, a middle aged man, routinely begins his day bydiligently ironing his clothes. He staggers down the stairs,shoves his feet into his shoes and grabs his dog's leashfrom atop the banister. The dog comes running. He gentlyacknowledges his dog by giving him a slight pat on the head.Before heading out the door he glances in the mirror, a hintof a white collar sticking out above his jacket. He quicklycombs his hair.FATHER JACK(murmuringunder hisbreath)Where has my youth gone?INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNINGPriest unlocks the front doors to the church. Mrs. Giavannienters.MRS. GIAVANNI(in a very provocative voice)Good morning Bishop.BISHOP ALGood morning Mrs. Giavanni. Howare you this lovely morning?Bishop Al leads Mrs.Giavanni into the Priest's offices.EXT. STREET EARLY MORNINGJack stumbles along the street as his dog pulls him towardsthe park. An ambulance comes roaring past him and blowsgarbage over his freshly polished shoes. Jack lets the dogoff his leash and eagerly approaches the corner coffee shop.The sound of a couple arguing in the background can beheard.INT. COFFEE SHOP EARLY MORNINGLeah perks up in her seat at the sight of Jack. She smileswidely.LEAHGood morning Father! The usual?FATHER JACKYeah the usual. What else is new?LEAHLovely morning isn't it?
2.FATHER JACKIndeed it is.LEAHRead the news lately?FATHER JACKI try to stay away from all that.It's too depressingLEAHYeah, it's an awful reminder.Remember when this neighborhoodwas safe?FATHER JACKYeah, it wasn't all that long ago.LEAHYou have a good day, Father.FATHER JACKYou too.Leah slumps onto the counter and gazes at Jack as he crossesthe street.INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNINGBISHOP AL(to Mrs.Giavanni)So I suppose you've come to repentyour sins?MRS. GIAVANNIYou could say that.Mrs. Giavanni crawls over the desk onto Bishop Als lap.INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNINGFather Jack enters the church and takes a deep breath.EVA(organ player)Good morning Father!FATHER JACKGood morning!

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