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Dedicated Decades Summer 2008

Dedicated Decades Summer 2008

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Published by arulforyou
Dedicated Decades Summer 2008
Dedicated Decades Summer 2008

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Published by: arulforyou on Apr 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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uture historians will look backover the course of the past centuriesof Christianity and discern 3 greatepochs: Pagan Rome, the BarbarianHordes and Modern Materialism.In the first era of the Caesars camethe early triumph of the Church. Inthe second era of barbarian invasionsof civilized Europe, there came there-conquest of the world for Christ.We are, today, living in the third era forwhich there remains vast possibilities.Little did the haughty Caesars deemas they looked upon the Christianvictims staining the sands of the arenawith their blood that, from thoseprecious drops, would spring theconquering army of the Cross of Christ.
he deluge of barbarism swept like atidal wave over Europe. New
“lordsof the earth”
had taken their placeat the banquet table of the world.Amid the wreck of civilization, theChurch survived, sublime in beautyand strength,
girding Herself 
thesecond spiritual conquest and thesocial reconstruction of the worldin Christ. Wild and willful childrenof nature, untamed, filled with greedand with the lust of battle in theirblood were subdued, their mindscultivated with learning and theirhearts formed in the meeknessand humility of Christ. It was along and weary task, but the Churchdid not fail or falter. Can this wonderbe thrice repeated?
t is a far greater world war beingwaged today for no less a purposethan the domination of all theinstruments of human power for useagainst Christ and His Church in theservice of the world. Christ is notalways directly under attack, for thisdark empire it is sufficient to over-look Christ. The rest would follow.Materialism is the new idol andPaganism has won its third greatvictory, not over the Church, but
by Rev. Joseph Husslein, SJ

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