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ELC Newsletter - Spring II 2011

ELC Newsletter - Spring II 2011

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Published by ODUELC

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Published by: ODUELC on Apr 14, 2011
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A Publication by the University Preparation and Advanced I-A Students for All Students at the English Language Center 
April 2011
Spring 2 
The next TOEFL Exam is April 27 at 1:00. Summer I begins May 9! 
“100 attendance”
In the UP’s schedule, I will not
have an excuse to skip anyclass. Why should I have toskip classes if they start at12:00 p.m.? I personally havenot been absent in this course.Also, during the last session Igot 100% attendance. In addi-
tion, with UP’s schedule, I get
enough time to sleep. I do notfeel sleepy during classes and Ialways wake up at 11:00 a.m.What an amazing schedule!!(by Mansour Alameri)
“Pros and Cons”
There are negative things and positivethings in the UP schedule. We startclasses at noon and we finish at 7 p.m., sowe avoid morning rush hour and eveningrush hour. Also, we do not have to sleepearly. We can go to parties or chat withour families or friends in our countries.However, we do not wake up in themorning. Also, because we finish our classes late, we do not have enough timeto go shopping. In addition, governmentoffices close at 5 p.m., so if someoneneeds to go to one of these offices, he hasto miss one of his or her classes. (byMusaad Alzahrani)
Do you want to be a night per-
son? Try UP’s schedule. Manypeople do not like UP’s schedule
because it starts at 12:30 andfinishes at 7:00 p.m. Basically,your life is going to be a night
person’s life. Most of the peo-
ple would sleep at night so thereis no time to meet some friendsin the morning. Furthermore,there is no time to lay at thebeach or hang out during theafternoon. (by Faysal AlBalushi)
A majority of English Language Center students and teachers wentto the zoo on Thursday, April 7. Alex and I saw our relatives. It wassuch a different experience for us! (photo by Füsun Alpay)
Everyone shows their traditional clothes in ODU Interna-tional Festival! (photo by Qiao Liang)We are classmates, but we are more like family!(photo by Qiao Liang)
Please pay attention to interesting events on cam-pus. International Cafe is usually held in WebbCenter twice a month. Everyone who participatesin this event can be warmly welcomed as well asfeel an intimate atmosphere. It is a good opportu-nity to meet and interact with people from allover the country. Participants can also taste deli-cious food, such as fruits, bagels, coffee, and bis-cuits. Additionally, participants have the chanceto present about their own country. If you go toWebb Center, you can enjoy all of them freely.How about joining this event? (by Yeonhee Son)
The ELC is moving!This summer, we are moving from Spong Hallto the newly renovated Dragas Hall! Pleasecome visit us later on in our new
Spring 2, 2011 Newsletter ContributorsUP Writing:
Ali Alabdullah, Mansour Alameri, Faysal AlBalushi,Musaad AlZahrani, Lu Cai, Fahad Ghamdi, Sunmi Hwang,Soo Jeong Kim, Sangjin Lee, Yeonhee Son, and Hyeshin Yoon
Advanced I-A Listening/Speaking:
Bejad AlMaddah, Füsun Alpay,and Qiao Liang
Editing & Layout:
Jamie G. Sturges
We have a lot of fun in class! (photo by Qiao Liang)
In this world, people consider fashion as an important part of this society because
people’s dress has always been used to denote their social status; as a result, peo-ple’s looks have become increasingly more significant. The fact shows how much
people care about their clothing. I found some interesting things out about Ameri-cans and Koreans having different clothing style. Of course, both Americans andKoreans like fashion, especially women, but I realized Americans prefer to wear amore casual style than Koreans at normal times. Koreans enjoy wearing fancyclothes and high heels almost every day. However, in the U.S., people dress upwhen they go to parties or only for special days. For example, when I was in Ko-rea, most college students wore high heels when they went to school and alwayspaid attention to personal grooming, while in the U.S. most college students wear sneakers when they go to school and wear a comfortable clothes. I cannot saywhich one is better, but this difference was most interesting to me among the other differences. (by Hyeshin Yoon)
Homesickness is an emotional reaction of that corresponds to the feeling of miss-ing family, friends, home, and culture. This feeling is more common among inter-national students. Actually, this feeling is temporary, but most of the studentsdon't know how to avoid getting homesick or even deal with it. There are somesymptoms that start to appear on the person who is homesick. One of thesesymptoms is finding difficulties to communicate smoothly with other people,especially those who belong to the new culture. Moreover, a student who ishomesick feels that they are different from others who seem to be having a goodtime. If they don't know how to deal with this, they may become introverted. Toavoid getting homesick, there are many tips that help those students to feel bet-ter. International students must know that homesickness is normal, and all inter-national students have experienced homesickness. In addition, they should getinvolved in campus activities. Homesick students should know that ignoring theirfeelings may cause many problems, so they have to talk with their friends orfamilies about what they feel. (by Fahad Ghamdi)
Are you fond of takinggood pictures? If youare an ODU student,you have many great 
chances! Let’s go to
Powhatan. There aresome trees andbenches so you cantake a rest. There isgreat shade because of the Powhatan building, so you can avoid the sunshine in theafternoon of summer.Behind thePowhatan building,there is a big river,the Elizabeth River.It is a good place forthe blue sky in theafternoon. You cansee many yachtsand lovers. In addi-tion, the ElizabethRiver is great to seethe red sky in the evening. After it becomes dark, you can seesome light reflected on the river. When you go there, you canfeel not only the passion of young people but also peace of the night.If you are interestedin another place,then find otherplaces in ODU byyourself. I am surethat you will besatisfied with manybeautiful pictures.(article and photos by Sunmi Hwang)
This is how students feel when teachers givehomework. (photo by Bejad Almaddah)
 They are so hungry. (photo byBejad Almaddah)
On April 7th, the students at the ELC (English Language Center) went tothe Virginia Zoological Park. It was a sunny and hot day. It was an eventprovided for students instead of classes. All the students gathered near Spong Hall and headed to the zoo. There were various kinds of animalslike tigers, monkeys, eagles, bears, otters, ostriches, giraffes and ele-phants. According to a student, the most impressive animal in the zoo
was the meerkat. She said, “There were other interesting animals,
though, those come first of my mind. One of them was looking around atthe audiences and the other one was just sitting on a stone. They were so
cute.” The animals like lions and some birds were not there yet, but they
are supposed to come out soon according to the signs. (by Sangjin Lee)

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