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Connections Spring 2011 v7

Connections Spring 2011 v7

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Published by lgloor1109
Spring 2011 Parent Newsletter
Spring 2011 Parent Newsletter

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Published by: lgloor1109 on Apr 14, 2011
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Spring Tr!
ll residents must move out o residence within 24 hours o thedate o their last exam, as determined by the registrar’s oce.Once the room is in the same state as it was when they movedin, students should then either nd their RA or contact the rontdesk to begin the check-out process.Te process consists o veriying the cleanliness o the room as wellas checking or any damage that may be present. All room keys,including mail box keys, will be collected at this time and studentswill then sign that they agree with what has been documented onthe check-out orm. I any money is outstanding or community oor damages, this would be the time to pay as well. Your laundry card remains your property; but i you no longer have a use or it,residence staf will recycle them. Please allow approximately 20minutes on your move-out day or the actual check-out procedure.
Your student should have received a checklist outlining check-outpreparations. Here are the most pertinent points pertaining tobedroom requirements:Clear all walls, windows, ceilings, mirrors and doors o any 
personal efects.Remove all waste and recycling materials
Return all urniture in your bedroom to its original position.
Empty all shelves, desk drawers, dressers and closets. Do not
leave anything behind. Any unwanted items should be disposed
InsIde ThIs Issue
s the all/winter term comes to an end, the spring/summerterm begins. Tis is the nal newsletter you will bereceiving rom us. We hope that the newsletters have beeninormative and useul as you have navigated through the rstyear experience with your student.We are preparing to welcome a new group o rst year studentsand their amilies over the next ew months. I you would like tostay current on what is happening, eel ree to access our ParentBlog at:
. Tere is alsoa Parent’s Page of o Western’s Homepage:
Wishing a successul end o term or you and your students!Sincerely,
Leslie Gloor Duncan
Coordinator, University ransition ProgramsTe Student Success Centre
UCC 210, The University o Western Ontario, London, OntarioTel: 519-661-3559 Email:
Volume 1, ISSue 3 SPRING/SummeR 2011
Wat abtt Mv-t?
Western Connections Spring/Summer 2011
o and not let in your room.Remove all bedding rom bed. I a
mattress pad was provided then itshould remain.Check that your phone, RezNet
and cable V jacks are not loose ordamaged.Return all urniture in the common
areas to its original position.Make sure your re extinguisher is
present and the plastic locking tag isintact.Check that your phone is in working
order; it should be without cracks inthe display or have buttons missing.Remove all ood rom room.
Properly dispose o unwanted items.
Sealed, unused, non-perishable items 
may be donated to the Food Bank at the collection point in the lobby.Unwanted clothing that is clean and 
in good condition may be donated toGoodwill at the collection point in the lobby.
For more inormation about check-out procedures, please reer to Page41 o the Residence Handbook andUnderstandings 2010/2011:
Wat abt tMv-t?
irst year is over and though September may seem ar away, there are a number o important items to accomplish over the summer in order to prepare or SecondYear. Course registration and OSAP/nancial assistance applications must be lledout, tuition must be paid on time, and you may want to look into potential jobs orthe school year. Te ollowing is a list o helpul tips and resources to aid in a smoothtransition between rst andsecond year.
Course Registration
Summer course registration canseem like a daunting task. Many rst year students would havebeen assisted with last year’sregistration process, especially those who attended SummerAcademic Orientation. Tisyear, while there are resourcesavailable to guide you along theway, course registration is anindependent task.
Appointment times:
Randomly assigned based on academic year o study. (2nd year course registration1.appointments will start on July 14th, however your individual appointment may begin later).Will be emailed to you and available in the student centre.2.Indicates your rst opportunity to register or your desired courses, but you can3.make changes rom that time onwards.Be prepared beore your appointment time to ensure a smooth registration4.experience
Plaig Aa
Getting Ready or Second Year 
Western Connections Spring/Summer 2011
Plaig Aa – Gttig Ray r sc Yar
Review the timetable and see when you courses are available.1.Make sure to look at all o your courses ull year and all andwinter hal credits. You should register or all o your coursesduring the summer period and make changes throughout theyear, i need be. Make sure that you pay close attention tothe add/drop deadlines. For important dates see link:
Use a spreadsheet to plan your schedule and ensure that all o 2.your lectures, tutorials, and labs are accounted or. Note theclass numbers (4-5 digit number, highlighted in yellow in theonline timetables) so you can input this inormation whenusing the online registration system
Remember – i a registration error message indicates a timeconfict, it is correct. The system will tell you the conficting courseand is always correct.
Helpul Resources:
Online imetables
Web Registration*–
*this is also where you will check your nal marksStep-By-Step Guide to Registration –
Academic Calendar**–
 **Ofers basic course descriptions as well as degree/moduleoutlinesRegistration Helpline –519-661-2100
A fnal piece o advice…
When in doubt, talk to an academic counsellor in your homeaculty.Science –
 (519-661-2111 ext. 86152)Social Science –
(519-661-2011)Arts and Humanities –
(519-661-3043)Engineering –
(519-661-2130)Health Studies –
(519-661-4119)Kinesiology –
(519-661-3092)Nursing –
(519-661-2111 ext. 86564Music –
l(519-661-2043)Faculty o Inormation and Media Studies
Financial Assistance/OSAP
It is important to ll out nancial assistance and OSAPapplications on time, in order to receive unding is a timely manner. I you plan to pay tuition with OSAP, the onlineapplication must be lled out by June 30th!Western Bursary, Work Study & Need Based Award programs areall based on nancial need, and are all applied or via the onlineFinancial Assistance Prole Application, which is accessible via
. Look or the Financial Assistance section undermyPresent to nd links to the applications. Application deadlinesvary by year, so check 
or up to date inormation.
Important Websites:
Student Financial Services –
Step-By-Step Guide to OSAP –

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