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The Black Death

The Black Death

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Published by Joyce Seo

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Published by: Joyce Seo on Apr 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Black DeathLittle Ice Age in Europe  peasant unrest, faminesBeginning to move away from feudalism (wage labor)Crops began to fail, peasants were having a hard time supplying their needs and meeting theirfeudal obligations to their lords  a move away from serfdom and being tied down to the landDecline in population  tried to tie people down [feudal lords]  peasant rebellions-enormous economic dislocation100 years war: (1337-1453)  France and England , most of it was fought in France.-can see the standing armies deployedThere are archers, infantry, etc  large battles with large numbers of troopsDisease was the thing that killed the most  likely to die from the wound-unstable time-Joan of Arc: fought on the side of France, helped rally the French troops, captured and burned at the stake  as a heretic  church changed sides, etc.Normans  north men who had settled in NW France  tried to invade EnglandStill land owners back in France  king of England, duke of NormandyUnder the feudal model, the duke is technically subject to the duke king.Didnt want to be subject  felt as though they had enough power to be king over Franceas well.  ended in the middle of the 1400sMongol Domination of Eurasia [13
century]Persia [Ilkhanate]China [Yuan Dynasty]Russia [Golden Horde]-Mongols themselves were weakening as empires  allowed for unprecedented tradePlague started in China and all the thingies traveled via the trade routes and decimated all thecivilizations.Bubonic Plague-transmitted by fleas and rodents [vermin]
fleas bite rodents
rodents traveled along
infect thelarger population in each place.-began in Central Asia  spread to China (1330s)  trade routesThe populations that were infected were already weakenedMiddle East/Europe (1340s)Cities  resurgence of urbanization, more people living together in close proximities  allowed people topass the plague more easily.Septicemic Plague: affected the later Roman Empire/Han DynastyEffects of the PlagueDramatic Population Decline  30% was average in affected areas-no one was there to make enough money, etc, lessened the desire for luxury goods  aka no longdistance tradeLessened the tax burden, tax burden went up proportionallySocial: cities went down, depopulated cities, changed the way people interacted.Cultural effects:Religion: some people believed more, some less; increase in religiosity or not.Needed to atone for the sins of humanity as well as your own.Flagellants: people who whip themselves-this turn away from religion presaged the Renaissance  shifted away and more into this earthlyworld defining characteristic of the Renaissance.Behavior: allowed for new cultural forms as people grew away from the religion

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