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Trading Post Countries

Trading Post Countries

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Published by Joyce Seo

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Published by: Joyce Seo on Apr 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Europe Trading posts in Africa and AsiaDutch  Batavia [Island of Java]Getting access to the goods  transportingThe Trading CompaniesWhy was this an advantageMain players  British East India Trading Company [1600]Dutch United East India Company [Voc]  1602Privately owned ships, government supportGiven rights to trade, build posts, even make warExtremely profitable!  people came back and would come and work laterSpanish conquered the philppines  manila became major port citySignificant missionary activityDutch concentrated on spice trade in IndonesiaEstablished Batavia, trading post in JavaLess missionary activityIn part due to the fact that the Dutch were Protestant and not Catholic  Catholic had amore extensive missionary project going on  JesuitsVery little missionary activity in India  which becomes a British colonyThe Seven Years War [1756-1763]Causes  European politicsCommercial rivalries between empires at seaGlobal conflict  fought in Europe, India, Caribbean, North America  the worlds first world warOn so many different continentsNorth America: French and Indian War, 1754-1763Battles in the Caribbean, etc.The British were victorioius  more direct control over India [Primacy in India, Canada]Social Trends  Population trendsPretty steady growthNutrition imporves  overall mortality ratesPeople who are moving/migraating because  need jobs, landSteady population growth in Europe, India, China,In Europe  was tripling in EuropeEarly CapitalismDefinition: private, not government hPrivate parties offer gods and services on a free marketOwn bmeans of productionPrivate initiative, not government controlSupply and demand determines pricesBanks, stock exchanges developedJoin-stock companiesRelationship with empire buildingLike VOC  initial companies were profitable  government pressure to relax themonopoly and othersMedieval guilds declined

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