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Austin Homeopathy and Acne

Austin Homeopathy and Acne

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Published by Noel Peterson
This article describes what acne is, offers some homeopathic remedies that will help people who experience acne, and offers a successful case study from personal practice.
This article describes what acne is, offers some homeopathic remedies that will help people who experience acne, and offers a successful case study from personal practice.

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Published by: Noel Peterson on Apr 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homeopathy & Acne
James was a good kid who excelled in school. He was a dedicated and meticulousyoung man who demanded the best from himself. Well liked in his high school; he hadmany friends and spent many hours in groups, clubs, and sporting events with hispeers. He even led some of them as president and even captain of his sports team.James frequently pressured himself to be the best. He had an internal desire to beseen as ‘having it together’ so he could be liked amongst his friends. He tried very hardat this, but was terribly disturbed by the facial acne he had developed recently. Howwould he be liked now? Who would still see he was a good person inside with all theseblemishes on his face?The questions in his mind and the resulting stress were enough to make him feel verydown and blue. Despite his natural attractiveness through his character and personality,he wasn’t convinced he was good enough. He became easily irritable with the slightestthings and pushed himself even further to make sure he was perceived as a smart,athletic, and a ‘put together’ young man.Such a discrepancy between his inner feelings about himself and the outer image hewas trying portray created a terribly distressing state. He was easily irritated, highlyperfectionistic, obstinate with his parents, and suffered from acne. What was he to do?The above scenario is a common circumstance many of our young people suffer intoday’s culture. In fact, it’s a story straight from my own practice. (Of course, all namesand specifics are held in strictly confidential manner). Many clients inmy practicewhoseek treatment for acne are adolescent teenagers who may tell stories similar to James’.The totality of James’symptomsare what led me to select the homeopathic remedy  Silica to help him. This selection wasn’t based on the fact that his chief complaint wasacne, but was based on the entirety of his overall character and demeanor,
in addition 
tohaving acne.In homeopathy,
acne is considered just one aspect of the whole individual. We arewhole people, not just the sum of our parts.
‘You’ are not your arm anymore morethan your leg. And even without your arm or leg, ‘you’ are still you. This is in directcontrast with conventional western medicine thinking which views disease as isolatedsymptomsfrom specific parts of the body.Even so, what is acne? Acne is defined as an inflammatory disease of the sebaceousglands and hair follicles. Acne is marked mostly by:
Papules (circumscribed, solid elevation of skin with no visible fluid)
Pustules (small collection of pus in the skin frequently in sweat glands or hair follicles)
Homeopathy & Acne
Comedones (small, flesh-colored, white, or dark bumps that give skin a rough texture -otherwise known as a ‘blackhead’)It occurs on the:
Face (most often)
BackAcne can affect people of any age, but most frequently occurs adolescents ages 14-20.Western medicine sites the cause of acne to be unknown. Research links it to hormonalchanges that affect the sebaceous glands. Additionally, food allergies, endocrinedisorders, psychological factors, fatigue, and the use of steroid drugs may also beprecipitating factors for acne.Despite the ultimate cause to be unknown, when it comes to acne, homeopathy iscrucial choice. This is because
homeopathy is effective, gentle on the body, andaffordable.There are hundreds ofhomeopathic remediesthat can help people with acne.
What a trained homeopath will do is understand the specific physicalsymptomsof theacne, then view that in light of the whole person; their emotional character, their mentaldisposition. Such subtleties will influence which homeopathic remedy is selected.As in the case with James, I took into consideration his ease at becoming irritable, hisobstinacy with his parents, internal drive to be perceived in a certain way, feelings ofdepression, and of course the acne.The following is a list ofhomeopathic remediesto consider for homeopathy and acne.Please keep in mind that we are unique individuals who experience our uniqueexpression of symptoms, just like James did above. Therefore the homeopathic remedythat will help you the most may not be listed. It’s always best toconsultwith a qualifiedhomeopathic practitionerfor your needs.
Hepar Sulph
: The acne is very sensitive and quite painful and usually appear as‘blackheads’ on the forehead or lips. The person is generally hypersensitive,emotionally, to all external impressions and are very intense people. In general, theyfeel very cold and are sensitive to cold temperatures.

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