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The Latest Romancing Erotica ebooks

The Latest Romancing Erotica ebooks

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Published by Beau to Beau Books
The latest from Romancing Erotica ebooks. Website - http://www.beautobeau.com.
The latest from Romancing Erotica ebooks. Website - http://www.beautobeau.com.

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Published by: Beau to Beau Books on Apr 14, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Romancing Erotica (Beau to Belle) stories:
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Penny, a seductive divorcee, will stop at nothing until she gets what she wants. What Penny wants seemsto change as often as her many wild moods. After a number of failed relationships, Penny thinks she hasfound the one man who will fall easily into her well devised trap. This is a man who is unfamiliar withthe manipulations that Penny has perfected over the years.Seduced into the world of the muse by the exotic and erotic mystery that surrounds it, Carly enters thehome of the very influential Mr. Harshworth with high expectations. The man seems nice, if perhaps a biteccentric, but when Carly learns what truly inspires him she realizes that she is not prepared for the manwho demands a very peculiar type of muse.
A young bride, Jan is eager to begin her life with her new husband. When Jan’s husband is away on anextended business trip, his sexy younger brother shows Jan every kindness, reminding her of the carefreedays she enjoyed as a single woman. Time spent with the fun loving brother is a welcome reprieve fromthe lectures of proper behavior given by Jan’s mother-in-law. Stern warnings by the older woman to stayaway from this man go unheeded by the newlywed, drawing Jan closer and closer to the brother whoseintentions are not as they seem and whose identity is a closely guarded family secret.Mandy has been a lifesaver to Daniel for many years, helping him out on the farm and keeping the weightof the world from killing him. The man who has worked hard for years fears that he is being used by hisown family as a pawn for their personal gain. When Mandy discovers secrets that Daniel has keptcarefully hidden for years, she fears not only for his safety but for her own safety as well.
On a dare one night, Jenny does the unthinkable, and as a result she somehow ends up in a wheat field.When the owner of the land finds Jenny hiding in his prized crop, he calls her by name, but by the wrongname. For some reason, the man thinks that Jenny is a woman named Lisa, and he immediately gives her an ultimatum. She can either come home with him, or he can have her arrested for trespassing. Jennythinks the man is sexy and very intriguing, though he also seems to have a dark side to him that frightensher.Twenty-one and separated, Janie is determined not to get serious with anyone for a long time. There isone man, however, who Janie cannot resist and tonight she has planned his seduction. This man, theobject of Janie’s desire, has known Janie for a long time and thinks of her as nothing more than a kid. Adetermined yet inexperienced seductress, Janie quickly finds herself in unfamiliar territory and perhaps intoo deep with a man whose maturity and experience are far greater than young Janie’s.

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