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Published by: drivershandbooks on Apr 15, 2011
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1150 Foster AvenueNashville, Tennessee 37249-1000615-741-3954
General Information:
Your driver license examination will consist of a visiontest, a knowledge test, and a road test.Driver license tests are given at all driver licensestations except for the express service stations. Theknowledge tests are administered on a first-come, first-served basis.Due to the length of time to administer, road tests aretaken by
.Road tests are not given in extreme weather (heavyrain/snow, dense fog, hail, high winds, icy roads, etc.)During winter months road tests are not given in thedark.No test may be repeated on the same day.Mandatory 7-day waiting period is required after failingthe knowledge test.Mandatory waiting periods are required when anapplicant fails the road test for the original issuance of a Class D license.When you return to take a test over, you must bringback all of the original documents you are required toprovide.You will be required to pay the $2 application fee eachtime you take a test and fail. This fee applies to PD, Dand H tests.
To determine if a driver can see well enough to drive, ascreening test is required before any license or permit isissued. An applicant is required to have at least 20/40 vision ineach eye individually and both eyes together. This may be withor without your glasses or contact lenses. If you cannot see thiswell, you must have an eye specialist of your choice fill out aneye statement for the Department to evaluate.
You will be given an exam covering knowledge needed todrive safely. The test will consist of multiple choice questionsbased on information contained in the Tennessee DriverLicense Study Guide. Roughly speaking, you can expect thetest to cover the following areas:Traffic signs and signals—25 percentSafe driving principles—25 percentRules of the road—25 percentDrugs and alcohol—25 percentThe knowledge tests are administered in either a written orcomputerized format depending on the station visited. As arule, stations that are equipped with the computerized testingmachines routinely require that the test be taken in that formaton the first attempt.Stations that have the computerized testing are also currentlyable to offer the test in 3 alternate language formats of Spanish, Korean or Japanese. Applicants for whom English isnot their first language may also use a translation dictionary aslong as there are no notes or other handwriting visible withinthe pages of the book. Electronic Dictionaries or PersonalDigital Assistants (PDAs) such as Palm Pilots are NOTallowed during testing. Interpreters are NOTallowed to assistwith any of the driver license testing.Oral tests are available by appointment at selected stations forapplicants who have a learning disability or cannot read. If theapplicant requesting an oral test is under age eighteen (18), awritten statement from a physician or educational specialiststating that the applicant has a medical condition or learningdisability will be required before the test can be administeredin the oral format. In the event the applicant requesting an oraltest is deaf, the Department of Safety will furnish a certifiedsign language interpreter to assist with the administration of the exam.Any form of cheating by an applicant on a requiredexamination will result in an automatic failure and theapplicant will not be allowed to re-attempt the test for thirty(30) days. Forms of cheating include, but are not limited tothe following:Use of any form of written notes (including notes on paper,clothing, body, digital pagers, etc.)
Determining Which Tests Are Required:
Original License
Class D orClass H
Full Tests:Vision, knowledge, road
Class PD
Vision and knowledge tests
Exchanging PD to D
Vision and roadDuplicate, RenewalNo TestAdding For Hire Vision, knowledgeEndorsementNew residents, Vision only, if out-of-state license iswith out-of-state licensevalid and has not expired; otherwise,full tests.New residents, Vision, knowledge and road testfrom other countries(or no prior license)
: See Motorcycle Manual for Class M tests, and CDLManualfor Classes A, B, and C
Talking during the examination (includes cell phone use)Attempting to allow another person to take the examinationAll cell phones, pagers or text messaging devices must beturned off during both written and road test administration
When You Don’t Pass the Knowledge Test
In order to encourage the applicant to thoroughly study the
 Driver License Study Guide
and cut down on repeat visits byapplicants who are not yet prepared for the examination, amandatory 7-day waiting period is required after failing anydriver license knowledge test.All applicants will be required to wait a minimum of sevendays before returning to any Driver License Station to attemptthe knowledge examination again. The date and information onfailures is keyed into the Driver License computer system toensure that all locations are aware of prior test dates andscores.The
waiting period outlined above will also be appliedto wait times between additional re-testing if the applicantdoes not pass the examination on the second or subsequentattempts.
Appointment Required forRoad Test
It is mandatory for all applicants needing a road test to make apre-scheduled appointment at the Driver License Station of their choice. These appointments may be via telephone ormade using the Driver License Appointments system found onour Internet website at: www.tennessee.gov/safety/.All testing locations will allow 30 minutes for each road testappointment. The appointments will be available beginning 30minutes after the station’s official opening time with the lastappointment slot ending 30 minutes prior to the station’sofficial closing time.
NOTE: because road tests are notgiven in darkness these times will be adjusted duringwinterhours to compensate forthe shortened daylighthours.)
Most offices will have appointments available throughstandard lunch hours. However some of the smaller locationswith 3 or less staff on duty will not be able to provideappointments for up to 2 hours during mid-day to provide forstaff lunch breaks as required by federal labor laws.All applicants will need to be aware of the followingguidelines for road test appointments:You must have successfully passed the required knowledgetest(s) prior to your road test appointment. If you arrive foryour road test appointment and have not passed theknowledge test your appointment will be cancelled.°Because of the mandatory 7-day waiting period forretaking failed knowledge tests it is advisable to makesure you successfully pass this well in advance of yourappointment date.You will be able to make your appointment up to 90 days inadvance of your desired test date. When scheduling keepthe following mandatory requirements in mind:°You must be at least age 16 prior to or on the date of your scheduled appointment.°If under 18 years of age you must have held a validlearner permit for at least 180 days by the date of yourscheduled appointment AND you must provide the 50Hour Driving Certificate at the time of your appointment.°If you are 18 or younger and exchanging a learner permitfrom another state, there are additional Motor VehicleRecords requirements and proof of schoolattendance/progress that you will have to bring to yourappointment.If you do not already have a valid Tennessee learner permityou will be required to bring proof of U.S. citizenship orlawful permanent residency with you to your appointment.(When getting a CFD (Certificate for Driving) you willneed current proof of temporary resident status orTemporary Legal Presence (TLP).)You should plan to arrive at the Driver License Station atleast ten (10) minutes prior to your scheduled appointmenttime to allow for paperwork processing and review of yourrequired documentation mentioned above.You must speak and understand enough of the Englishlanguage to communicate with the Examiner during theroad test.You must provide your own vehicle for use during the roadtest with all the operational equipment and safety featuresas outlined in the next section on vehicle inspection.If you are five (5) minutes or more late for yourappointment time your test will be cancelled and you willneed to reschedule for a later date.The Department of Safety reserves the right to cancel roadtest appointments for emergency situations or dangerousweather conditions. Road tests will be given in light tomoderate rain, fog or snow. However, they will NOTbegiven in heavy rain, thunderstorms, thick fog cover, whenroads are covered/packed with snow and ice, during severeweather warnings (i.e. tornado) or other similarly dangerousdriving situations.
Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection
The motor vehicle you bring for the road test must meet allTennessee motor vehicle registration (valid tags) and safetylaw requirements and have equipment in proper working order.In addition, applicants will be asked to demonstrate theirability to use each of the following eight items.
Seat Belts.
Any passenger motor vehicle manufactured orassembled in 1969 or later must be equipped with safety beltsand must be in good usable condition for both the applicantand the examiner.

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